World is moving fast. So is the creation and spread of data. Billions of pieces of contents are created and distributed all over the web in just seconds. As the amount of data to be read and absorb is increasing day to day, the time for doing so is decreasing severely.

So in this hush and rush, what can you do to ensure that your content is getting noticed?

Infographics! Yes that’s the solution. Simple, fun, attractive; they are information conveyed in a mix of text and graphics, which can visually communicate complex issues, simple and fast. It is catchy, captive and powerful enough to evoke an action, just like a story. Well, who doesn’t love a good story!! Right?

Whatever it is, infographics are a great way to simplify, attract attention and tell your story. If you are new to website designing, infographics is one serious component you want to consider and give importance to. Why? Well, let’s find out.

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#1. Quality content

Although people do not have time to read all the information provided, they still makes decisions after carefully researching and evaluating. So the aim while creating the infographics must be, providing short, clear, and condensed data. It also should be relevant and logical. 

The prime factors and key features demonstrated with attractive and quality designs makes the perfect infographics. It should be specific, short but at the same time, should answer all the questions they are asking.

#2.  Easy to read, simple to grasp

Humans are easily attracted to visual elements. According to studies, 90% of information stored in the brains of humans is in visual form. No wonder we can memorize all the dialogues in a 2 hour film, but not a 2 page text.

If you can present your data in simple words, making it colorful, interesting and engaging, that will be 100% more powerful than a full page description. As people does not have time to go through all the details, better make it short, logical and attractive enough to make them stop and grab a glance.

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#3. Tendency to go viral

The short, attractive and condensed form of infographics has the ability to create curiosity. A simple infographics often can deliver powerful messages in short words. This not just makes it engaging, but also leads to sharing and spreading to more people. 

The main aim is not just sharing information, but to make it get noticed. An infographics can do that, and sometimes more. An intriguing infographics has the tendency to go viral and become a trend, more than an image or text message.

#4. Increase in brand awareness

It’s true that a picture is worth a thousand words. Most of the companies make good use of this fact by including their brand name and logo in infographics. It just takes less than a tenth of a second to capture a visual in their mind. This will make both your infographics and brand widely recognisable. 

Thus, along with the data conveyed, the name and logo of the brand is also registered in the minds of people. And as the infographics has the tendency to go viral, so has your brand. So including your logo in infographics can spread your brand to new heights and widths.

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#5. Search engine optimization.

A good infographics stops and attracts people, which results in strong engagement, which ultimately leads to high traffic and conversions. Infographics can become the main source for engagement and back links, especially if they become viral.

 You have to produce quality designs which can be used in different platforms, with right text, hashtags, meta tags and links.

So if you can create a good infographics, it means you can receive good traffic, which gives you high ranking. That not only means recognition and boost to that single infographics, but also your brand or business all together

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An infographics is the art of presenting a lot of data in a single, colorful frame. In a time where everything is quickly accessible and forgettable, the challenge with infographics is creating catchy and quality infographics. 

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