Do you know that it just takes  half- a- second for people to decide whether a website is good enough to spend their time? yes. you heard it right. The fate of your website is decided within the blink of an eye. And most of it is based on the website design.

 Your website design is the face of your brand. It is what attracts the attention of viewers and the major factor in converting  visitors to customers. Basically, it decides the success of your website. All the works, layout and detailing  in your website should come together to make an impact within just 0.5 seconds. Sounds tricky right? 

Well, with the right plan and knowledge of best practices in website designing, it is not that tricky. Lots of factors are involved in designing a website. Here are the top 8 best practices to be considered for the perfect website design in 2020. Keep all of this in mind to create an optimized website which converts.

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1. Reduce Text Content

Don’t fill up your website with lots of words.

Yup. That’s right. Well, you must be really excited to share about you, your brand and how amazing your products are. But hello… the world is moving faster. If they can’t find what they are looking for within seconds, then they are done. 

To grab the attention of visitors in those mere seconds, you must keep text minimal in your home pages and landing pages. They must deliver what you want to offer and what the visitors are looking for. If you can do it with the fewest words possible, the better.

2. Use Short Sentences

Keep the sentences short and easy to read. Your website is not the platform for showing your language skills. It aims to convert. So know your audience and keep your text short and understandable. Also keep the paragraphs short. Start each paragraph with interesting info, so that visitors keep reading.

 Consider using lists and bullet points instead of cluttered paragraphs. Studies show that people choose to read lists with precise points over other formats. Avoid unnecessary info and focus on the purpose.

3. Let The Pictures Tell The Story.

A single visual has the capacity to convince the viewers more than a 1000 words. A picture can give a deeper explanation and meaning to your product. something the text may fail to deliver. So rather than boasting about the product in complex words, just simply show it. That will register in my mind in an instant. 

If you can convert a viewer to customer with just a picture and a punchy call to action, then why the burden of lengthy texts?

4. Choose A Layout Which Screams Your Brand. 

Your website is your online identity. The colour and layout choices for your website has great importance in its success. The overall feel and impression a website gives within 90 seconds decides the future of your website.

 You must choose a warm, welcoming  and attractive layout, all the while representing your unique brand attitude. The design choices should match the logo and brand image, which not only attract new customers, but also satisfies the loyal existing ones.

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5. Focus On The Call Of Action

Make your CTA clear and obvious. With all the other details, don’t forget the purpose of the website. To convert. CTA’s must be big, clear and powerful and should stand out as the next step the visitors should take next. CTA’s must be different and easy to spot. So it is better to put somewhere the visitor should see instantly or expect it to be. Make sure that your CTA is the same, clear and consistent in all pages. So that whenever the reader wishes to take action, the option is right there in front of him.


6. Make SEO The Prime Priority

Whatever and however we do things, always make sure it is SEO optimized. Everything you do in the website must ensure search engine optimization. Not only the viewers, but the search engine boats are also attracted to the website. Add all important keywords into your website. Give alt-text to images as well. Focus more on on-page optimization. Create an XML site map so that the crawl bots can easily spot your website.

While creating the website, make sure you do enough to attract both people and boats so that it can convert.

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7. Ensure Easy Navigation. 

A visitor on your website should find what they are looking for easily. Nobody likes to get lost or confused, both in life and a website. So keep your navigation simple and easy. Place the menu bar at the same and easily accessible position. Keep it as simple as possible and make sure  it can take the visitor to whatever they want.

 if the visitor is not comfortable in your website, all they have to do is leave and look someplace else.

8. Make Sure Accessibility From Anywhere.

Mobile browsing is the new normal. So it is obvious to ensure that your website is optimized for mobile devices. The mobile accessibility of websites must be easy and fast. This is also vital for SEO purposes as  well. Another thing to consider is the page loading speed. People won’t wait for your page to appear. So make sure the page loads fast while designing. Increase the loading speed by reducing the size of images and minifying files.


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