Facebook is the most popular platform for online marketing all over the globe. Well, considering the fact that over 20% of the world population practically lives inside Facebook, it’s no wonder.

What makes Facebook the ideal platform for marketing is nothing but information.

Yes. Facebook knows you, your likes and dislikes, favorites, behavior, social status and probable more than you know about yourself. This means delivery of targeted and relevant ads and contents to users. And if used accordingly, it is much more powerful and effective.

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1. Quality content, continuously

First and foremost, the same old basics; content is king. The most successful Facebook marketers are those who can produce beautiful content. And that’s not enough; it should be produced continuously, on a daily basis. The more content you produce, the more you’ll have engagement, traffic and success.

There is a reason content marketing rocks! So to top content marketing, be a content machine!


2. Increase the amount of visual content

A picture is worth a thousand words. That’s why people prefer a good image or video than written 100 word content.

Visual information is registered I human brains fast and clear. That’s why they can attract more attention towards them. So user more pictures and videos in your content, it can help achieve more followers and deeper bonds.

As capturing attention in Facebook is becoming hard, try do it in the short, simple and colorful way. That may work.

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3.Make use of pinned posts

Facebook gives this amazing feature for its users that allow them to pin a post at top of their timeline. So if you want your visitors to see something that you think will definitely attract them and can get likes and leads use the pin. You can select the most attractive post in your page and pin it at the top

Offer your best at first. Nothing is better than a first impression, right?


4. Post at the right time

There is something more important than posting on Facebook, its knowing when to post. Post when your target audience can see them. Know your audience and the time they will be on Facebook the most. And post your content at the exact time.

Posts are meant to be seen. As they don’t come in search for it, always put them within their eyesight.

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5. Drive existing traffic from website to Facebook

Your website is your online identity. So if you have an active website, you can use it to increase your Facebook followers and traffic.

Include your Facebook id in your website. As the number of people searching for things is huge, when they reach your website, they should be automatically navigated to your Facebook page.

By doing so, people will further connect with your business creating a long and strong relationship.


6. Integrate your social media accounts

Social media is the breathing air in online world. It is the most powerful tool of marketing too. The top social media platforms are connected to each other.

So, to really succeed on Facebook, integrating all social media platforms across everywhere your company shows up can be a huge help. As Facebook dominates among the all, by sharing your social media profiles widely will get you more leads from Facebook.

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7. Increase engagements

Facebook is the largest and fastest information centre in world now. So everyone in it is your potential client. And to convert that potential into reality, start engaging with everyone. Engage with your potential clients, engage with other Facebook pages, like and respond to them. Join more Facebook groups to reach out to new people.

Explore Facebook and create new, strong relationships through engagements. Give and take always works.


8. Boost your page through advertising

Don’t just set up a page and live it there in hope of getting lots of followers miraculously. You have to spread and promote it to your potential clients.

Facebook ads can help you with that. Promote your page and posts with Facebook ads. That way you can boost both your page and your product at same time. They are comparatively cheap as it charges you only when someone likes your page.

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9. Track your performance and improve.

Track and analyse how you are performing time to time. understand the variables and analyse yourself with tools like Facebook insights to know how are you doing, how far have you reached and what is to be improved. Online world is constantly evolving, keep up with the changes simultaneously.


Facebook is with no doubt the best marketing tool available now. With the right knowledge of how to use it and the tools and techniques available, you can be the master of Facebook marketing. Take advantage of Facebook marketing and lead your business to new heights.


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