Leverage the highly robust open-source structural framework of AngularJS to create aesthetic web-based and mobile apps at most cost-effective rates!Are you looking out to build a robust application with a strong structural framework that will allow consistent performance with swift compilation times and excellent modularity features? If your answer is affirmative for the above, opt for AngularJS development and outsource your AngularJS development service needs to an expert service provider like WTS.

With enormous experience of over 7 years, WTS has grown to be one of the leading providers of AngularJS development services in India and has assisted the clients with their custom mobile and web applications with AngularJS. We have catered to the needs and requirements of various global firms across varied industries and verticals and assisted them in building powerful applications for all their needs.

AngularJS Development Services Offered by WTS

AngularJS rates are high as one of the most best open source structural frameworks in the contemporary market that is extensively used to build dynamic mobile/desktop apps, webpages. The leverage of HTML as the primary template language and powered by the MVC framework makes development through AngularJS the most revered platform to code as it can run on almost all platforms and has enhanced portability features.

WTS has an extensive portfolio of Angular JS development services, which include the following -

1. AngularJS Mobile & Web Application Development

The presence of Angular routing and dependency injection features in Angular JS enables the minimal requirement of coding when compared to other frameworks and also enables multiple usages of code.Thus, thereby opting for application development through this robust platform, you will be at the advantage of receiving an app swiftly at minimal costs. The team of AngularJS developers at WTS is well acquainted and proficient with the HTML language, which is the primary language in the AngularJS and can assist in creating aesthetic, dynamic mobile, and web interface.

2. AngularJS Cross-platform App Development

WTS has a team of expert programmers, developers, and coders who are proficient and experienced in developing a full-stack cross-platform application or the mobile app prototypes by leveraging Angular JS, Java, and HTML5.

3. AngularJS Portal Development

We possess the required expertise to cater to your varied and custom needs. We can also perform the decking of floating panels with the drag &drop option and build highly robust, aesthetic, and dynamically appealing portals through our AngularJS development services.

4. AngularJS Code Migration

WTS team of experts can assist you with the best migration services of the app codebase to Angular JS. Furthermore, our team of expert Angular JS developers can also assist you with the integration and deployment of the codes in the AngularJS framework.

5. Custom Widget Development by Leveraging AngularJS

One of the prominent and unique features of Angular JS is that it offers reusable components that can be used in the widgets, and this would, in turn, allow you to control the page the way one wants. We assist you and design and develop custom-widget in your web or mobile apps through our AngularJS development services.

6. Plugins Development using AngularJS

The inclusion of additional functionalities in applications is usually done through the plugins. The presence of the same is separate in Angular JS development, makes the creation of plugins feasible and practical, and enhances the functioning of the app. The team of AngularJS developers at WTS can design & develop your app framework in a way that it will support the plugins you want to add in the app and enhance the functionality of the same.

7. e-commerce Development through Angular JS

Lately, the change of nature of the client-side app and the browser to highly robust has offered the provision of building an eCommerce website or an app with the AngularJS. This facilitates an exceptional browsing experience for your end customers. Besides, we can always rely on the flexibility that is offered by the Angular JS development for multi-platform deployment, even for the omnichannel setup. The team of developers can also assist you and remodel the front-end of your website and can add specific functionalities.

8. Shopping Cart Development

The presence of a powerful client-side development technology that enables Angular JS to develop a scalable and highly flexible shopping cart platform is the unique feature of Angular JS and makes it highly preferred by online businesses. The team of expert AngularJS developers at WTS can help you in creating a host-customized shopping cart solution along with the back-end integration, which functions seamlessly.

9. AngularJS Consulting

The team of WTS consists of more than 200 software designers, developers, consultants, and testers, and with the help of them, we can cater to all your needs and provide you with the best Angular JS development solutions related to framework design, directive creation, deployment, integration. Troubleshooting, etc. along with expert consultation.

Our AngularJS Development Process

We at WTS, ensure that we follow a systematic AngularJS development process that allows us to offer our services seamlessly and on the agreed timelines. The WTS process of Angular JS development includes the following -

1. Requirements Gathering for App Development

We initialize the process of development by understanding the purpose and goals to be achieved through your application.

2. Designing of the App

Once our project managers and developers arrive at a common point of how to go about the development and various aspects of requirements and deliverables, our team of designers will start the designing of the app and will implement any features or functionalities, if necessary.

3. Development of the Application

This is considered a crucial juncture as the actual development of the app starts during this phase. The team of AngularJS developers will commence the hosting the codes and post your approval; they will start the development process.

4. Testing of the App

Upon the completion of Angular JS development, the testing team will start a comprehensive evaluation of the codes and will fix the bugs, or any gaps that are present in the app.

5. Deployment

Once the testing is completed, the developers will carry out the deployment of the app in a live environment and also release the app for your customers.

6. Support & Maintenance

Upon the completion of the deployment phase, we will not leave your hand; instead, we will provide constant maintenance and support services to ensure that no glitches pop-up and you get the maximum business.

AngularJS Development Tools We Leverage

It is to be well-understood that during the entire life-cycle of the Angular JS development project, varied tools and technologies are required. The team of Angular JS developers has enormous experience in varied tools that are contemporary and are used by them to add specific functionalities in the app, execute test scripts, perform builds, etc. The following are some of the tools that are leveraged by our team of experts to provide AngularJS development services for your requirements-

Advantages of Choosing WTS for AngularJS Development Services

We at WTS have an expert team of designers, UI engineers, programmers, testers, and consultants who possess extensive and in-depth knowledge of HTML, CSS3, JavaScript, and AngularJS. WTS team has the capabilities and required skills to develop and deploy highly scalable, powerful, beautiful, and flexible Angular JS development solutions. The benefits of choosing us over others include the following-

1. Highly Cost-effective AngularJS Development Services

We offer the most flexible and budget-friendly pricing options for our clients, and at the same instant, we do not compromise on the quality of the app being delivered. The pricing model of WTS is a flexible model as it includes various factors like a number of resources needed for the project, shift-coverage, location, duration, project scale, etc.

2. 100% Information Security

We understand the importance of clients' data. We are an certified company and that speaks volumes of our strong commitment to protecting your business data at all instances. The employees working with WTS are also mandated to comply with ISMS regulations at all times.

3. State-of-the-art Infrastructure

We understand the importance of infrastructure in terms of achieving results. Hence we have ensured that all our AngularJS developers are equipped with the latest tools to provide AngularJS development services. Besides all our, All our workstations and offices have inbuilt IT redundancies, continuous network supplies, 200% power back up, Telco-grade data center, etc.

4. Quality Assurance

The process of AngularJS development is completely in adherence with 9001:2015 quality management standards, and we have an established multi-level QA process that enables us to create a high-performing and completely secure AngularJS applications for all our clients.

5. Expert Team

We have been in this industry for almost above 7 years now and have been providing AngularJS consultation services right from the instance it was introduced in the market. The WTS management teams possess an overall experience of 100+ man-years, and we have more than 200 developers, testers, coders, and UI experts. Thus, by choosing us to provide you with AngularJS development services, you will be in receipt of highly practical and efficient services from us.

6. Follow-up & Maintenance

We ensure that we always constantly follow-up with all our clients and take their feedback to find out the gaps if any. Besides, we also pro-actively participate in the AngularJS community to learn and keep our knowledge bank updated with the latest developments, design features, and plugins.

7. 24/7 Availability

You can reach out to our call center support executives who are always available on a 24/7 basis. Irrespective of the time zone difference, you can always raise any request or resolve your queries.

8. Swifter TAT

We emphasize a lot on the turnarounds, and that is one of the prominent reasons as to why we follow the Six-Sigma methodologies and implement it at each stage of the AngularJS development life-cycle. Thus in this way, we aim to save a lot of time and energy and allow us to deliver the end product within a stipulated time.

9. Dedicated Project Manager

We assign a dedicated resource as a single point of contact, who acts as the authorized contact person to address all your queries and clear them. This way of assigning a single point of contact ensures you get attention and save a lot of time and energy for you. All these can be availed once you partner with WTS.

10. Option to Scale-up

The presence of abundant resources, both in numbers and quality, enables us to swiftly enhance the deliverables or handle any spike in deliverables. In case you want us to speed up the delivery time, we can also do that. This would also not add any compulsion on your side to hire new resources or make changes in your current infrastructure.