The availability of abundant features like functional programming patterns, Closures unified with function pointers, Generics, etc., Swift, is considered to be a fast, safe, and modern macOS, iOS, watchOS, and tvOS programming language. It also delivers robust and stable codes and also accelerates the app development process by relieving the limitations that appear with Objective C.

Wethink Solutions is a pioneer Swift app development company that offers cutting-edge Swift solutions for the vary of industry verticals, which include retail, healthcare, enterprise, education, manufacturing, finance, real state, and technology. Collaborate with us today, if you are looking to improvise your ROI by creating a high-performing and cost-effective Swift application.

Swift Application Development Services Offered by WTS

Swift, the current version and the previous versions, is an open-source language that enables the iOS developers to share the source code, thereby allowing them to test & amend the codes and release when they are completely foolproof. Enlisted below are few Swift app development services that we are capable of offering-

1. Customized iOS Swift Development

We are capable of providing you with highly customized iOS apps suiting to all your needs with a rich UI, cleaner, and safer codes. WTS has the availability of an able developing team that can build a completely new iOS app with Swift, or we can also modify the existing code and implement customized features as per your requirements by putting into practice our 4 years of domain expertise in Swift language.

2. Socket Framework

Without sending a request from the app, it is highly complex to receive any data from the server but, WebSocket can ably communicate with the server through the client-server logic. While the theoretical part explained here seems trouble-free, the ability to implement the same requires expertise and a handful framework, i.e., Socket.IO.We at WTS, have the required expertise of assisting companies in exploring the benefits of Socket and making the Swift development more consistent.

3. Objective-C Apps to Swift Conversion

Are you planning to shift your existing Objective-C app to Swift? We can help you do that through our swift application development. We can assist you to migrate a full app by developing the architecture, logic, and performance by inserting the relevant pieces of code wherever necessary.

4. Swift Apps Testing and Porting

When we receive the outsource request of app development with Swift to us, we can assist you by writing a unit test code that can evaluate the performance of Swift. One of the major features of Swift that is a limitation to the change of implementation methods of Swift objects is - it doesn’t have mocking frameworks. Yet, our skilled team of iOS developers and testers can design object, and use the protocol to design the mock object, and can test the data & the behavior of the object by using the technique of Dependency Injection.

5. Support and Maintenance

The development of Apps with Swift requires a robust coding style, and we have honed our skills in providing Swift iOS development services to globally renowned clients. When you opt for app development using Swift from us, you will receive flawless support and maintenance services, and also we ensure that you receive useful improvements and optimization at each phase of app development using Swift and in the future as well.

6. On-demand Swift Professionals

Do you want to build a project under your guidance? Collaborate with us to hire our top Swift engineers, developers, consultants, architects, and programmers. Our skilled and professionally superior Swift experts can help you with customized swift app development to deploy & debug Swift programs, store data, and interface with other web services, and bridge Swift and Objective-C and work as per your requirements.

Swift Application Development Process We Follow

Wethink Solutions is one of the leading and pioneer Swift iOS application development company that can develop a variety of apps catering to the specific needs of the clients. Our range of services to various industry verticals include eCommerce, retail, fashion, education, social networking, travel, food, restaurants, health & fitness, real estate, music, and multimedia apps. We are highly passionate about the iPhone apps and offer app development with Swift that ensures your apps turn out to be successful in the market. We have excellent and highly professional and competent iOS developers & designers, who follow an approved Swift application development process. The steps involved in the development process are-

1. Analysis of Requirements & Conceptualization

The app development with Swift is started initially by defining the objectives of your app, analyzing your goals, and determining your target audience. We will also assist you by carrying out a feasibility analysis of your app's idea and then arrange the gathered information to plan the next step.

2. Preparation of Design

We shall start the process of preparing a design with building a sitemap in which we include the app's main functionalities and design procedures. We will then ask for your approval of the design layout, and based on the approval; we shall proceed further to iOS app development with Swift.

3. Coding

The phase in which your idea will come to life is this. Once we complete designing the primary software architecture, our developers will connect the app to the server by scripting the first set of codes and integrate it with the server.

4. Testing

In order to test the app, we will write a set of unit codes, which would give the confidence to add other features when required.

5. Deployment

The next step is the app is launched for internal teams in order to test and make sure that the app meets the intended potential to be met by it, which is done following a streamlined deployment process.

Swift Application Development Technologies & Tools we use at WTS

We at Wethink Solutions, use the latest version of Swift to build custom iOS applications for our clients to suit their specific requirements and we have expertise in the following technologies -

✓ Objective C.
✓ PhoneGap.
✓ Codename One.
✓ Crayons.
✓ Gitter.
✓ Appcelerator Titanium.

✓ Swiftify.
✓ Cocoa & Cocoa Touch frameworks.
✓ Interface Builder.
✓ XCode IDE.
✓ Database API & Location API.
✓ Parsing HTML, XHTML, XML/JSON based REST web services/SOAP.

Benefits of Choosing WTS for Swift Application Development

At WTS, we bring to the table a range of benefits through our extensive expertise in Swift application development. Enlisted are a few of them-

1. Cost-effective Swift Application Development Services

We implement an omnichannel approach to develop the Swift app, which would allow you to make your effective mark in the industry. We emphasize on enhancing your brand loyalty by providing cost-effective & time-bound swift app development solutions.

2. 100% Information Security

Wethink is an organization, which emphasizes our commitment to establish, implement, maintain, and improve the information security management system within the context of your organization. We also strive hard and put in our best efforts to make sure we keep your legal, financial, personal, technical, or business-related information secure and safe at all costs and at all times. In addition, we also ensure that all our team members comply with all the major industry regulations.

3. High-end Infrastructure

Wethink solutions believe the access to the best in class infrastructure facilities will facilitate seamless services by the service providers, and hence all care has been taken, and we have ensured our offices have state-of-the-art infrastructure and the latest equipment necessary to provide our services. We have superior VPN technology, independent Internet Leased Circuits, built-in IT redundancies, 200% power back up, etc. the availability of the infrastructure and superior technology has enabled us to provide services to our clients within the agreed timeframe.

4. Multiple Delivery Centers

With a global presence of over 10 delivery centers and four offices spread across has allowed us to render the best support to our clients. Furthermore, our global presence also ensures that we utilize competencies that are specific to local markets.

5. Quality Assurance

Wethink solutions is an multi-level quality assurance process in place.The process of QA and testing are all done by our highly experienced and skilled testing team, who uphold the delivery of excellent end-product design.

6. Expertise

Wethink solutions has 100+ man-years of combined management experience and a total experience of 4 plus years in providing our clients with swift app development services. Wethink solutions has got the requisite expertise for the fact that they have been associated with a wide spectrum of industries and verticals, and upon entrusting the Swift app development to us, we will ensure the delivery of high-performing app that can increase your ROI.

7. 24/7 Availability

When you choose to work with Wethink solutions, we will assign a dedicated project manager, and you will also receive 24 X 7 support services. The dedicated project manager and the call center executives and sales team ensure consistent availability, and you can always give them a quick call to raise any query or discuss your doubts.

8. Scalable Solutions

We are an organization with the availability of multiple and efficient resources, and we can professionally handle any spikes in your business processes. This feature would allow you to prevent you from overpaying on certain capability levels and successfully meet the rising and falling demands.