The advent of Apple Watch has revolutionized the wearable technology with its unique and super cool features like interactive notifications, health & fitness tracking, apple pay, communication, remote control, etc. amidst its growing popularity, as the time is passing by the marketers are now concentrating on creating customized solutions that fit well and aptly in the Apple’s tight ecosystem. Besides, with Apple announcing the native app development for WatchOS2, the scope of the Apple watch has rose above to its pre-existing level.

Wethink Solutions, a ground-breaking software development company, has the expertise and is capable of providing you a comprehensive Apple Watch App Development services to persuade your organizations’ innovation by allowing you to focus on time value and gaining a competitive in the wearable technology world.

Apple Watch App Development Services offered by WTS

Apple watch is known for offering an elegant interface and inimitable user experience, yet, as it needs to be coupled along with the iPhones, it is of paramount importance that the developers while developing the app must keep in mind the ins and outs which come along with the small screen and how to include all of them, in a single way in your overall product strategy. The team of Apple watch app developers have years of expertise and proficiency working with wearable technology and developing apps that make the user engagement high and would enable the users to fall for the product.

Few of the Apple watch development services we offer are included below –

1. Apple Watch App Design

Upon your decision to outsource apple watch application development services to us, we will carry out a viability analysis of your iWatch app concept and carry out extensive research on your target audience. Our UX/UI designer will carry out a detailed analysis of your goals and your users' expectations. Subsequently, they will create inventive designs by implementing the lean approach, which will make the final user interface structurally engaging, which will offer the best artistic design. Our team of experts at WTS has design expertise in the following areas:

✓ Health & fitness.
✓ Sports.
✓ Productivity.
✓ Payments.
✓ Navigation.
✓ Travel & Leisure.
✓ Instant messaging.

2. Apple Watch App Development

Our apple watch application developers have the required expertise and can assist you in building innate, reliable, and engaging apps that can be customized according to your specific requirements. The following are a few types of apps that they can build:

✓ Glanceable apps – the Glanceable app provides upfront information by making use of a custom notification interface.
✓ Actionable apps - It anticipates the user's needs by pushing only the appropriate details.
✓ Responsive apps - These type of apps provide immediate feedback about what the app is going to do and then uses notifications to deliver progress updates at a later stage.

Our developers at WTS make the best use of WatchKit SDK to create Apple Watch apps, integrate the Apple Watch apps with the iPhone, and manipulate the interface of a watchOS app while keeping up the users' privacy and control at the same time slot.

3. Back-end Systems & API Development

The team of developers at Wethink Solutions have got the expertise in providing Apple watch app's back-end and API development services. Our developers can break down the iOS app and carry out the development process to include the features based on your needs - easy enough for your user to accustom in a watch form. Our team will ensure that the services you obtain, get paid off in terms of boosted engagement, and better ROI.

4. App Development Consultations

With the presence of experts in the team and if need be, the assistance of external expertise is also taken, so that we can help your Apple watch app gain strong visibility on the Apple Watch space. If you require any additional expertise, our Apple Watch app consulting services, and our partner service teams are always available to help.

5. Support and Maintenance

Wethink solutions has an integrated approach towards the Apple app watch the development needs of the clients, which allows us to maintain our defined standards always. Post collaboration with us, we will provide our clients with after-sales support and maintenance services as well. If you wish to tweak the UI of your Apple watch app or need assistance on its functionality, we can cater to those needs of you as well, irrespective of the category or scope.

Our Apple Watch App Development Process

Wethink Solution is a pioneer amongst eminent Apple watch app development companies and the one which follows an authenticated development process. We put the best of our efforts in imparting the features as per your needs, which you wish to have in your Apple watch app. We make every effort to accommodate all the concepts which you visualize for the app. We adhere to the process enlisted below to develop an Apple watch app-

1. Carrying out the Feasibility Analysis of your Apple Watch App Concept

We initialize the Apple watch app development by carrying out a viability analysis of your app's idea.

2. User-Interface Designing

In this phase, we head on to design the UI elements after comprehensive research of your goals and target audience.

3. App Development

Under this phase, your idea will come alive. Our Apple watch app developer leaves no stone unturned to build a robust app to suit your requirements.

4. Testing

Post the development phase, we will carry out thorough testing of the Apple Watch app to verify its workability and efficacy.

5. Release

Finally, if everything is sorted out and verified, we shall release your Apple watch app.

Apple Watch App Development Tools We Leverage

The year 2018 has become a turning point for wearable technology as more and more industries have started showing interest in Apple Watch apps development. We recognize that Apple Watch apps must be realistic, handy, and interactive, and we have effectively built many iWatch apps that have enhanced our clients' brand value. The list of few tools we mainly rely on are enlisted below-

The Intelligible Benefits of Choosing WTS for Apple Watch App Development

With the announcement of Apple of the native app development for iWatch OS - Series 1, 2 & 3, the scope of the Apple watch has risen above significantly. Hence the need for solutions that will not only survive in the rigid Apple's apps ecosystem but also would cater to the exact needs of your users, artistically appealing, and highly functional has become inevitable. There are numerous intelligible benefits you will be able to access when you collaborate with us as your preferred apple watch app development company. They are enumerated below-

1. Highly Cost-effective Apple Watch App Development Services

We follow a single-channel approach to developing the Apple Watch apps, which would allow you to make the most efficient mark in the wearable tech industry. Wethink solutions emphasize on enhancing your brand loyalty by providing you with cost-effective & time-bound Apple watch app development services.

2. 100% Information Security

Wethink is an organization, this very certification acknowledges our commitment to keep your legal, financial, personal, technical or business-related information secure and safe at all costs and at all times. In addition, we also ensure that all our team members comply with all the major industry regulations.

3. High-end Infrastructure

Wethink solutions always believe that access to world-class infrastructure will enhance the capabilities of such service providers to its clients. Wethink solutions has access to state-of-the-art infrastructure and the latest equipment necessary to develop inventive and robust Apple Watch apps.

4. Multiple Delivery Centers

With a global presence of over 10 delivery centers and four offices spread across has allowed us to be open, transparent, and render the best support to our clients. Furthermore, our sales and customer support teams work across all different time zones and are readily available to provide their services.

5. Quality Assurance

Wethink solutions is an multi-level quality assurance process in place.The process of QA and testing are done by our highly experienced and skilled testing team who uphold the delivery of excellent end-product design.

6. Expertise

Having worked with a wide cluster of industries and different verticals, which include retail, e-commerce, Information Technology, hospitality, electronics, telecommunications, etc. has enabled Wethink Solutions to be one of the unique providers of Apple watch app development across India. When you delegate your Apple watch app development needs to us, we will ensure the delivery of a high-performing app that enhances your business outcome.

7. 24/7 Availability

When you choose to work with Wethink solutions, we will assign a dedicated project manager, and you will also receive 24 X 7 support services. The dedicated project manager and the call center executives and sales team ensure consistent availability, and you can always give them a quick call to raise any query or discuss your doubts.

8. Scalable Solutions

We are an organization with the availability of multiple and efficient resources, and we can professionally handle any spikes in your business processes. This feature would allow you to prevent you from overpaying on certain capability levels and successfully meet the rising and falling demands.

Outsource your Apple Watch App Development Services to Wethink solutions

Wethink Solutions is a pioneer in providing Apple watch application development services and a string of other services, including iPhone App Development, iPad App Development, and iOS application development services to clients who have a global presence. Wethink solutions has an extended group of apple watch app developers who can provide you with a high-level of ascendable& flexible solutions that can be customized based on your requirements.

The advantages of having in-depth knowledge and understanding of the wearable technology and continuously upgrading and streamlining our apple watch application development process with regards to the latest technologies has helped us to deliver immeasurable services to our clients. Contact us today for reliable, efficient, and cost-effective apple watch app development services.