One of the most neglected but a potential region for the mobile market in the Middle East region which has to be tapped into by businesses. The increase in Arabic Mobile users by a staggering 30-fold through the years from 2000 to 2012 is justifying the same fact.

However, the furthermore surprising fact is that though there are more than 41% of the users from Saudi who use the internet and are on Twitter, only less than 1% of the total web pages and even lesser apps are available in Arabic. By addressing this issue through the use of the latest technologies and developing apps in Arabic, which prove to be helpful and suit all the needs of the Middle East mobile market, you can increase your market share.

Wethink’s Arabic Application Development Services

With a team of proficient developers and professionals, Wethink solutions has catered to the needs of various companies based in the Middle East and developed some government-licensed mobile apps too. Our WTS team believes that it is equally important to understand the culture and language apart from being able to develop the apps aesthetically.

Listed below are some of the Arabic app developments services we provide :

✓ Apps for Government in Arabic.
✓ Business Apps in Arabic.
✓ Arabic e-Learning Apps.
✓ Enterprise Apps in Arabic.
✓ Quran and Prayer Recitation Apps in Arabic.
✓ Arabic Calligraphy Apps in Arabic.
✓ Educational Apps in Arabic.
✓ Game Apps in Arabic.
✓ Arabic Photo Editing Apps.

✓ Arabic Service Apps.
✓ Arabic Multimedia Apps.
✓ Lifestyle and Luxury Apps in Arabic.
✓ Utility Apps in Arabic.
✓ Arabic Music Apps.
✓ Arabic B2B Apps.
✓ Retail and Fashion Apps in Arabic.
✓ Shopping and e-commerce Apps in Arabic.
✓ Healthcare and Fitness Apps in Arabic.

Arabic App Development – How are WTS Services differ from the Rest

There is a paradigm shift in the App development process. Arabic mobile application development can be very different as compared to regular app development in English. It is of paramount importance to understand the language and its usage along with the culture followed in these regions. There is always a definite need to take care of a few things while developing apps for such culturally different audiences, and the WTS team of highly experienced mobile app developers understand that well. Listed below are a few things that are taken care of while we develop Arabic apps-

1. Navigation -Right-to-left (RTL)

A predominantly known fact is that the Arabic language follows a right-to-left reading convention which needs to be incorporated in the app without any error whatsoever, so as to ensure that the Arabic users are comfortable with the app layout and the sliders etc. With a team that is highly trained and experienced to work with precise APIs and RTL frameworks, we cater to the needs and provide the app with the required navigation scheme.

2. Usage of Fonts

Arabic font has got a uniqueness that differentiates itself from the other languages, and there is a need that the compatibility of the same is ensured while the app is developed. There are some online fonts available in the market; they come with a shortfall of not being well designed. Hence we at Wethink work with high-quality purchased Arabic fonts which are of high-quality and are approved prior by our client for in-app use.

3. Usage of Specific Images

We, at Wethink, recognize the importance of using apposite images in the Arabic apps, and we do not use the same images for both Arabic and English versions. We believe that a horizontal flip cannot be the solution for the problem; rather, we use highly specific images for the same. The usage of incorrect images can often result in consumer misunderstanding and may lead to various other severe problems.

4. Typesetting in Arabic

Sufficient care is to be taken while creating bilingual apps as both the language typefaces need to match visually so as to make look the pages similar in design. However, it is to be borne in mind that Arabic font is wider and shorter as compared to Latin alphabets; hence the typefaces are to be considered while developing the layouts. In case if the app needs to be built in multiple language platforms, we ensure that app users are comfortable with the Arabic layout and typesetting too.

5. Multilingual Apps

It is a well-known fact amongst the app developers that the Arabic apps are one of the toughest types of apps to be coded, and further making it in multilingual platforms becomes even tougher. With a team of Arabic developers, we ensure that we assist you in developing high-quality Arabic apps which feature smooth transitions from one language to another.

6. Precise Quality Checks

We at WTS perform thorough and rigorous quality checks of the apps before they get published. Furthermore, to the rigorous in-house testing, the developed apps are also evaluated and tested by the client to ensure if all their requirements are incorporated or not.

7. Cultural Influence, Laws, and Regulations

We, at Wethink Solutions, respect the cultural aspects of the Arabic community and look to incorporate them into the app. We understand there is a significant difference between the Western and Arabic culture, and also sufficient care is to be taken to ensure that the regional sentiments are not hurt. Furthermore, we follow stringent procedures to ensure that WTS adheres to all the local laws and regulations, in addition to being providing the users with a great experience.

iPhone App Development in Arabic for a Technology Company

WTS has assisted a UAE based technology company by developing a multi-functional i-phone app by carefully carrying out word-to-word translation for its website. We have facilitated easy online payments by creating a common admin panel for the company’s website and the mobile app, and they were backed-up with a secure back-end facility.

Charity iPad App

Wethink solutions had developed a charity app which stands out to be the only government-approved charity app in the UAE. This app is a bilingual app that has facilitated ease of making donations online and also gets the status of the latest projects. This app has received a lot of applaud and appreciation as the app was functioning well in online and offline.

Tools and Technologies that are leveraged by WTS for Arabic App Development

To develop the best Arabic apps by completely fulfilling the client’s requirements and also catering to a great user experience are achieved by leveraging cutting edge technologies and making hiring good resources. It is of paramount importance that the app should have a constant workflow and should seamlessly function on various unique devices and platforms. In order to achieve the same, we leverage certain tools and technologies which include:

Why should we Choose Wethink Solutions for Arabic App Development?

Wethink solutions has been a pioneer in providing high-quality apps while ensuring all the business needs of the clients are met, and we ensure the services within quick turnaround time. reasons why you should choose us for your Arabic mobile application needs:

✓ WTS has access to highly qualified Arabic translators.
✓ WTS team of Arabic app developers is highly skilled in using the latest tools and technologies.
✓ We at WTS follow an exclusive combination of a process that is consultation, proposition, confirmation, and execution.
✓ Wethink solutions has access to a team of highly experienced and skilled developers who can develop apps on different platforms such as ios, Android, and Windows, etc.
✓ We offer high-quality app designs which are as per the latest design guidelines.
✓ We provide a Faster time-to-market at the most cost-effective prices.
✓ We follow ISO 9001 certified processes which ensures reliability and high-quality workmanship.
✓ Delivery on time is our guarantee.

Hire Wethink Solutions for highly Flawless Arabic Mobile App Development services

We have been in the mobile app development domain for almost and about a decade now, and we have catered to the needs and demands of various brands and companies. We ensure to make your brand stand out of the crowd of those service providers with unmatchable expertise in Arabic app development. Furthermore, the WTS team is also trained to develop apps on different platforms such as Android, iOS, and Windows, etc.

We have worked closely with numerous companies and brands from UAE, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia, etc. and have assisted them in turning their ideas into realities. Have an app idea? Feel free to reach us, and we will assist your brilliant idea to turn into reality. Get in touch with us now.