The success of a product or a service is phenomenally dependent understanding the probable target group of customers, the necessities and expectations of the customers. This will help you not only in the market aspect of your product but also the design and implementation of the product or service. A professionally amassed business research would assist you by providing all of the above information and would keep you risk-free by letting you make informed decisions.

Add the advantage of the Wethink solutions and avail business research services by us. We not only have years of experience, well experienced and skilled data analysis experts but also we have most dedicated resources on board with us who will help you in assisting achieve the desired or aimed goals of all your business.

Services offered by us

We offer the following services and solutions to our customers to ensure they opt the aptest research service for their needs

1. Business Intelligence Dashboard Creation

With Our BI visualization services or Business intelligence Dashboard Creation Services we allow you to make rapid data-driven decisions and focus on your KPIs, with the help of spotlessly created dashboards for your needs.

2. Media Research

We will assist you in becoming a priority for your customers by letting you know what your customer expects from the business. You can transform accordingly and become a priority service provider for all their needs by adapting and implementing your business accordingly.

3. Business Market Research

By utilizing the latest market and research tools and technologies, we will help you by providing accurate and high-quality business market research services.

4. Business Development Support

We will foster your relationships with the audience, stakeholders and partners by offering value additions. We will assist you in building strong ties with people having similar interests.

5. Trend analysis of trends

By making use of prediction tools and technologies, we will assist you in determining the best strategy for the business by analyzing past and current data.

6. Perceptual Mapping Services

With an emphasis to enhance the brand performance, we aid you to understand how your brand is perceived by the customers through our perceptual mapping services.

7. Primary & Secondary Research

With the help of our professionals, we cater to your needs of analyzing the past and current data and help you in making influential decisions in your business.

8. Business Plan

Get started with your business and keep it going in a short span of time by outsourcing business plan services to wethink solutions. We will assist you in analyzing the market background, competitor's information and other allied information and help you make the best decisions.

9. Industry Profiling

The team of research analysts at wethink solutions will carry out and present you with a detailed report on competitor analysis, trend analysis, customer analysis, etc. prior to your entry into the business in an industry to ensure the success of your venture.

10. Business Competitor Analysis

We provide you with an inclusive analysis report pertaining to the business of the competitors, of their resources, their strengths and weaknesses in comparison to yours.

11. Media Monitoring over social media

By keeping an eye over the social media helps companies to get the desired information of the respective target groups of customers and keeps updated about the latest trends of development. With our services, we help you monitor, analyze and generate detailed reports with an emphasis on key factors and help you to keep your marketing efforts on the right track.

12. Competitive Business Analysis Services

Stay ahead of your competitors all times with our Competitive business analysis services. With our team at wethink solutions, we provide you with services such as analysis of economies of scale, SWOT, PESTEL, Strengths of key players, profiling of competitors and forward and backward integration.

13. Company Profiling Services

Create the right marketing message for the targeted audience by associating with our team of enormously talented and skilled marketers and research analysts in helping you by carrying out company profiling services.

14. Online Business Research

We can help you by developing a detailed report of your business and the range of opportunities available through online research of competitors, the target group of customer behaviour and present buzz.

15. Business Report Writing

We will produce detailed, industry-specific business reports which clearly define the findings which have been found in our research and for further reporting to the executives.

16. Database Creation (of database) Services

We can formulate completely customized databases to compile and analyze all key points gathered during the research stage, both qualitatively and financially.

17. Business Research Survey

We can create and issue surveys which measure the probability of a prospect becoming a customer, measure brand recall and many more.

18. Risk Assessments

We are capable and efficient enough to provide you with detailed, in-depth risk assessments based on various factors such as your international marketing campaigns, the potential expansion assessment and your current operations.

19. Target Screening and Market Sizing

We will help you to verify the heftiness of your potential market and develop a screening system for the prospective target customers and help you to allocate your budget accordingly.

The innate Values of Properly Planned & Conducted Business Research

Information is reckoned as the most powerful tool you can have as a business in a crowded marketplace. You can prepare for any consequence with the help of information gathered on the understanding of the requirements and expectations of the potential customers and the probability of stiff competition.

A Properly planned and executed Business research will help you to identify likely markets in the field and to develop a sturdy strategy for approaching those markets, considering the requirements and expectations of your target audience and the attributes of present products from competitors. Through the Use of techniques like SWOT and PESTEL analysis, we can assist you in determining where your best opportunities lie and what transformations you can and should make to best position yourself against the competition.

Business research offers resourceful data on how best to pack and deliver the products and services to customers and at what price to sell those products to be attractive and competitive in a crowded marketplace. Through industry and competitor profiling, we can also know who would present the best opportunity for collaboration and give you the data needed to go on and develop those collaborations.

6-step Business Research Process We Follow at Flatworld

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1. Fill our “contact us” form and send it to let us know your query

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2. We will contact you within 24 working hours.

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3. Apprise the business manager regarding your requirement details.

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4. Our business manager makes sure that all the exact nature of requirements specified by you are understood by the research and analysis team.

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5. Our team works and complies your instructions.

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6. Upon the project completion, we share the final copy in the preferred format by you.

Why should you Outsource Business Research Services Wethink Solutions?

Avail the advantage of collaborating with a partner who emphasizes on understanding the importance of business research for the growth of your organization. With a team of committed research and analysis experts, we ensure that we meet your expected standards by understanding the exact nature of your requirements. Quality is of paramount importance and being an ISO 9001:2015 certified organization, we give high priority to quality, and Our Quality Analysis (QA) team performs a stern quality check of every project that we undertake to ensure that you receive best quality services.

To know more about our full vary of business research services get in touch with Wethink solutions. Our teams of business research experts will ensure you are provided with the right data to make the best decisions related to the business.


One of the most recent and huge developments in the internet arena is the integration of social media as one of the major factor in marketing and customer relationship management. The availability of free data excessively on the social media can help you understand the needs and requirements of your target group of customers, perception of your brand and the present status of the market for you and your competitors.

We at Wethink solutions help you by offering a comprehensive social media monitoring services which are designed to in-depth analysis of all the above factors and more as related to your business's brand, products and services. Get in touch with our team this moment, to learn more about our monitoring services and how they can benefit your company.

The Value of Effective Social Media Monitoring

An effective social media monitoring will assist you and offer key benefits to your company depending on the industry to which your company belongs to and the data you need to gather from your target audience.

A well planned social media monitoring aided with clear implementation allows you to understand the current reach of your brand, the brand recall of your company in social surroundings, finer details pertaining to the cross-sell and up-sell opportunities within your market and in new or emerging markets, as well as the share of voice you hold and the voice of the customer and the consequent impact it has on the development of that market.

With all these details you will be guided by our expert team of how best to segment your market and use tools like text analytics and affiliation rules, we are also capable of providing you with in-depth analysis of what the market is doing as it happens. Much quicker, unrefined and more exhaustive than any form of secondary qualitative or quantitative research on the subject, social media monitoring offers real-world results from an open field of data that we can access on your behalf. Glance through this thoroughly researched article to know how Internet of things (IoT) can help in social media monitoring.

The Methods of Social Media Monitoring we follow

We offer our social media monitoring services as part of a three-part process. This includes monitoring, analysis, and generation of detailed insight reports with which you can make decisions regarding such as allocation of marketing budget and future development of new products and services.

1. Monitoring

We develop unambiguous queries for mobile phones and social media interfaces and run them occasionally to collect data the monitoring stage, and create dashboards that capture and present data based on the latest happenings relative to the topics in your industry.

2. Detailed Analysis

During the second stage, we develop a preliminary category model and start classifying and grouping the data gathered from the data gathered at the 1st stage. From there, we check the data and tune it to the specific opinions of your audience.

3. Generation of Insights and Reporting

In the final stage, we develop reports that highlight the effect that public buzz and sentiment within your market have on your business and that of your competitors as well as advanced analysis of what this data means.

Other Services You Can Benefit From

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