Times have changed, and in an era of easily available call center outsourcing solutions, there still exists an inevitable need to understand the customers’ apprehensions. It is always a matter of concern for a whole lot of customers as to how they can feel safer and assured of transmitting their official and confidential information to another company that exists in a different country and continent. It is the responsibility of any service provider so as to instill the sense of faith and trust in the customer, which enables him to entrust you with the fulfillment of his requirements without any worry for the data or security of the same or loss of data or the value for money.

We at Wethink solutions believe in addressing the problems or issues face-to-face. We stress upon a transparent environment and ensure the presence of operational transparency so that our customers are aware of what exactly happens, as it happens. The unfiltered information of what we do assures our customers of the highest standards of professionalism, quality, and integrity we adhere to.

Transparency at every Phase

We understand the concern of our customers, and the same fact has made us adhere to an “open-door” policy through which our customers can be assured of ease of accessibility and a well defined transparent process. We let our customers watch our call center operations. We adhere to international standards with regards to the security of data, and our openness curtails any doubts the probable customers may have related to our call center operations. We ensure highest standards of operational transparency and lead by an example, by providing access to our customers ranging from accessing our database to receipt of a detailed analysis report, from hearing of any call of their choice to training our agents.

100% Recording

We at WTS believe that every single call is important, and on the contrary to the majority of the outsourcing service providers who provide customers with 10-20% of the calls which are successful sales conversions we provide our customers with 100% complete end to end call recordings for a detailed analysis and research. We understand the fact that a single call can make a huge difference; we leave no stone unturned. Our agents constantly improve their performance through a detailed analysis of calls that do not turn out to be successful.

Through the use of contemporary infrastructure and advanced software, we at WTS carry out the analysis of each call against 128 parameters and organize it precisely so that it can be recalled at any given point of time for research purposes. The voices of customers and agents are recorded on different channels along with pitch and amplitude graphs to enable a better understanding of situational responses and improvise the process constantly. All these calls are accessible to our customers to listen to and provide their feedback.

Ease of access to Call Center Operational transparency

WTS provides our customers with web-based access to all our call center operations. We enable our customers or remote users the real-time access dashboards, trend analysis reports, and review interviews on a regular basis. This feature provides them with the capability to make decisions in a timely manner and remotely and enables them to focus exactly on the required areas, which helps to improve the quality.

For ease of saving the calls and call recordings locally for any further action, remote users are provided with VPN access. Based on the data tagged with the call with various specifications like keywords used, the previous number of calls made by the customer. Queries asked, voice pitch, and amplitude the calls can be analyzed. We also enable our customers to view the voice envelopes of both the agent and customer separately in order to understand the various situations that arise, the methods followed in response, and recommend steps for improvement.

Outbound service – Remote Accessibility

✓ Enables remote users to log in to the dialer.
✓ Enables Access to voice by calling the 1-800 number.
✓ Can choose the agent to monitor.
✓ Can train the agents remotely.

✓ Take control of the call.
✓ Agent’s screen is visible along with the voice.
✓ Allows remote monitoring of complete agent activity.
✓ Can monitor call flow and data capture.

Inbound Service – Remote Accessibility

1. Supervisor

✓ Provision of logging in as a supervisor for Remote users using a softphone.
✓ View call information and agent status.
✓ Alter the status of an agent.

✓ Quiet monitoring.
✓ Train through Chat Messages.
✓ Monitoring of Queue.

2. Reporting

✓ Ease of access for Remote users with web-based Reporting.
✓ Historical and Real-time reports.
✓ Supervised thresholds.

Fly with Call Center Services from Wethink Solutions

We have been catering to the needs of our customers through the easier process of providing access to information specific to the process and thereby developing call center operational transparency at and that has resulted in constant expansion of the circle of trusted customers. All these customers have experienced and enjoyed the benefits of outsourcing their services to us for many of their many projects. Enable us to provide wings to your Call center operations needs while ensuring 100 percent operational transparency.

Quality Assurance and Monitoring of Call Center

The prime goal of the call center industry is ensuring the satisfaction of the customer and one of the prime contributors to the growth of any business, and it is also important that the quality of the services being rendered is uncompromised. At Wethink solutions, we ensure that we would render the best in class service with our call center Quality Assurance (QA) services. Having been in the industry for the past 15 years, we have catered to the needs of reputed clients through our call center quality monitoring services. This fact has made us find a place among the leaders in the industry. With a highly committed, dedicated, and motivated team, we have been able to serve each and every customer with the utmost courtesy and have catered to their needs with the best in class services duly aided by our highest QA standards which are well above the industry average.

Call Center Quality – how excellent are we?

At Wethink Solutions, we believe in quality as an imbibed quality in all walks of life.

✓ We are an ISO 9001:2000 certified organization and have multiple partner certifications with organizations of good repute.
✓ Our stringent adherence to Six Sigma methodology has constantly enhanced our productivity levels and the quality of our performance.
✓ We amend our process while timely acting on the feedback we receive from our esteemed customers thereby increasing our quality levels and providing them with services that suit to their precise requirements.
✓ Through a well defined and planned call center recruitment, training and induction procedures we ensure that all newly recruited agents perform at pre-determined levels of efficiency and productivity.
✓ Our well qualified QC team constantly reviews all the sampled calls for all our training needs.

Quality Monitoring Measures implemented by WTS

WTS call center quality monitoring procedures and management systems are a result of extensive research and analysis and years of hard work. WTS call center quality monitoring procedures extensively cover all areas of call center quality assurance, and we aim consistently for improvements at every stage of the practice. We have designed our teams in such a way that each team is completely independent and contributes to the company as a whole, which is contrary to the commonly observed hierarchy amongst various other peers in the industry. The high success rates and high-quality standards are achieved as a result of our well-designed and structured process flow. Read to know more about our Call Center Process Flow.

Contemporary Infrastructure

The presence of Contemporary infrastructure at WTS is what differentiates us from our competitors and gives us a competitive edge over them. Listed below are the features which set us apart –

✓ Ascendable distributed technology architecture.
✓ Numerous levels of redundancy which ensure data transfer and continuous access.
✓ Deployment of Graphical User Interface (GUI) to check all calls for quality.
✓ Measurement of the performance to agent level, supervisors and centers through Witness software.
✓ Analysis and research of all calls through 100% complete end-to-end recording.Read more to know about our 100% Recording policy.

Transparency and Feedback

We at WTS emphasize the customer-centric approach and focus on service of the best quality, and in this regard, the access to our performance records speaks volumes about our approach and focus.

✓ We provide complete access to our database.
✓ We provide a well explained and detailed analysis reports.
✓ We provide access to data tagged with the call for analysis.
✓ You can listen in on any call with no restrictions.
✓ You can even coach our agents!

Elevate your call center quality standards with Flatworld!

WTS sets the apt benchmark for call center quality standards. We have assisted our customers in increasing a significant growth in their businesses through our call center quality monitoring services. To know more about WTS call center Quality Assurance at work, read some of our Call Center Case Studies.

The Case Study of Product Support Services for a Leading Company

The Customer

A prominent and leading information management and network security company located in the USA required a firm support setup to assist its product sales team. There was an immediate need as the company’s operations have expanded to other locations in different countries, and it was getting difficult to manage the support function.

The Challenge

✓ The company was not able to provide support services after regular working hours.Thus, after having outsourced product support services to Wethink Solutions has facilitated the provision of product support round-the-clock.
✓ TAT for resolving queries of the company’s Non-USA clients was huge. It was to be brought down, especially with respect to its clients in Asian and European countries.
✓ The company was spending heavily to cater to meet the ever-increasing demand for providing product support services.

Wethink solutions has formed a committed and well versed and highly qualified team of product support engineers who possess proficiency in operations in domains like Oracle, Networking, Operating systems and Network Security. And then, a dedicated support center was started, which was equipped with email, voice, and internet facilities. This support center was very much ideal for hosting a test simulation environment.

Wethink Solutions has executed the support operations in a phased manner –

✓ Product support services initially were provided during the night after the regular working hours and, at a later stage, were extended and provided round the clock.
✓ Only E-mail support was extended at the start of the project, and over a period of time, chat support and voice support were also included and provided.
✓ The customer query resolution process was classified based on Severity levels.
✓ The process of escalation of critical defects pointed out by the customers to the engineering team in the USA was set up and thereby ensuring only critical defects reached the team of engineers of the company while lesser critical defects were solved by WTS team.
✓ A call tracking system was put in place to record all call-related data.
✓ A formal training program was also formulated to improve support operations. The operations were also enhanced by the introduction of a dashboard and MIS.

The Results

The requirements of the customer were met precisely by the WTS team within a period of 6 months of implementation of the project. During the 6 months, the special support team from Wethink solutions was able to improve the quality and standards of its customer’s support operations, including the business process as a whole. Few key areas which were considerably improved were-

✓ The huge Workload of the company’s support team in the USA dropped significantly as the WTS support team was managing the mass queries with ease.
✓ The availability of 24X7 support operations has helped the company to manage its clients in a better manner, especially those located in Asian and European countries. This resulted in enhanced customer satisfaction.
✓ A significant decrease in overall costs was achieved by the company as they opted to outsource their product support services to WethinkSolutions.

Outsourcing of BPO Services Helped a Leading IT Services Company – A Client Achievement Story

The Customer

A highly reputed and a leading IT services company’s BPO division was facing a range of difficulties in processing mail order fulfillment for millions of orders each month. Wethink Solutions has assisted the company by designing a distinctive BPO platform meant for mail order processing and has assisted the firm to succeed.

The Challenge

Some of the challenges faced by WTS were-

✓ The Company’s BPO division was focused more on delivery and needed immense training in BPO platform management.
✓ The existing in-house IT support was not in accordance with BPO platforms.It was focusing more on desktop management.Additionally, the support team was not familiar with to BPO domain.
✓ The TAT to respond to customers’ queries had to be improved.

Wethink solutions has formed a committed and well versed and highly qualified team of product support engineers who possess proficiency in operations in domains like Oracle, Networking, Operating systems and Network Security. And then, a dedicated support center was started, which was equipped with email, voice, and internet facilities. This support center was very much ideal for hosting a test simulation environment.

Wethink solutions was entrusted with the job to provide the following technical support services

✓ Providing of daytime support as per USA timeline.
✓ Performance of regular cleanup and maintenance activities at the support center.
✓ Wethink Solutions had extended its support services to 24 hours during a peak period when there was a surplus of processing requirements.
✓ Along with necessary applications installation at the support center, WTS had also catered to provide regular upgrades to the installed apps.
✓ The databases were maintained and updated from time to time.
✓ Rectification of All kinds of application errors were done regularly.

The Results

The firm was satisfied and was elated with the services provided by Wethink solutions as we were successful in resolving several performance-related issues faced by the firm earlier and has lead to a significant increase in the firm’s productivity.

Lead Generation Services Case Study

The Customer

A Swiftly growing e-logistics company that has a very strong presence in the USA and which runs its transportation business with close to 100,000 trucks and which has a huge customer base with 2500 clients wanted to generate a large number of sales leads to improve their pre-existing conversion ratios. Further, they were also looking for a professional organization to outsource their operation of updating information about sales on and also lead generation services to a proficient organization.

The Challenge

The highly skilled and committed team of market research experts completed the tedious task by collecting information from specific websites and derived raw lists from all possible sources. However, it was a very tough and challenging task to unify the raw, inaccurate, and unstructured data into a single format, which was done by the expert team of WTS with minimal efforts. The team was also successful in uploading the data on at the right times. The accomplishment of the above tasks by the WTS team of experts has made the customer’s sales team focus on the only sales process and improve the conversion ratios appreciably.

How did they accomplish it?

The team of experienced professionals of WTS has designed an efficient and fool-proof process to generate potential leads. The leads were suitably generated based on various parameters like type of industry, the geographical location of the company, core-products of the company, and the annual turnover of the company and were regularly uploaded on The entire lists of raw data were tailored to suit all needs of the customer and were later unified into a single format and were available importing from the website.

The End Results

✓ Significant enhancement in efficiency and conversion ratios in the sales process.
✓ Deals that were in the pipeline were successfully closed.
✓ Achieved significant cost-savings attained due to a reduction in operational costs.