✓ Specialized call monitoring system.
✓ Synchronous reporting by qualified professionals.
✓ 100% QA in call recording.

Do you feel your business is in troubled waters because of scarce customer support? We at Wethink solutions will assist you in reducing the gap between you and your customers through our 24×7 call center phone answering services. Experience an enormous growth in sales and increased conversion rates and the benefit of having the most satisfied and content customers. We at WTS have multi-channel call centers that have unique features like real-time reporting and 100% recording facilities. Irrespective of the magnitude, i.e., small/midsized/large enterprise or volume of your business, we can deliver you with various call center services such as Cloud Contact Center services, order taking services, and 800 answering services, which would suit to your organization’s needs perfectly. We ensure that your customers are our priority and get undivided attention.

Wethink solutions is one among India’s prominent providers of call center outsourcing services. We are equipped with vast experience in providing voice, e-mail support / live chat support, technical helpdesk, lead generation, and appointment setting services. WTS has the presence of experienced call center agents, and we use promising and current technologies. We assure you that you can experience an enhancement in your sales through our call center outsourcing services.

Experience the most affordable and cost-effective services through WTS outsourcing services and generate new leads, answer customer queries, and help customers solve their technical snags. The most beautiful and differentiating part being, you can get all this at a fraction of your existing operating costs.

It is always a viable option to outsource call center service needs to India, as there are numerous benefits offered and the presence of unique professional service providers like We think Solutions. A few of the said advantages being the ability to provide 24×7 support, well-qualified call center agents, exceptional voice quality, and precise services that a call center service providers like Wethink solutions can offer. In the recent past, India has emerged as the most preferred call center outsourcing place and has become a hub for the same since it has got the ability to offer high quality and cost-effective services. Furthermore, the existing flexible outsourcing policies of India have made it simpler and easier for companies to outsource their work to India.

Pricing Disclaimer

We at Wethink Solutions, ensure that the information published on our web platform is always precise and up-to-date. We put in place the best of our efforts to keep all information on the site precise and up-to-date along with the pricing.

Kindly note that all the prices displayed on our website are for INDICATIVE purposes only. The final price is decided only after considering various factors like the nature of the project, level of complexity, proficiency, and experience of the resources required, the time required for concluding the project, and other terms of the contract. Prices displayed are subject to final approval at the time of order completion and could result in an increase or decrease in the price quoted earlier on the web platform of WTS.

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Wethink solutions has got the required expertise and capabilities to cater to your requirements of superlative call-center services and at the comfort of cost-efficient prices and swift turn-around time.We have provided elegant services to clients with a global presence.

Pricing Structure for Call Center Services

The indicative prices for our call center services are as follows
Telemarketing & Non-Technical Support- at wee prices of $8 – 10 per hour
Technical Support- $10 – 15 per hour
Advanced Technical Support- $15 – 25 per hour.
We can also cater to your customized needs, and our prices can be customized according to various factors like Project Complexity, Call volume. Agents skill set and no of hours or terms of the contract.

Our Pricing Strategy for Call Center Services

  • Telemarketing & Non-Technical Support
    At lowest prices starting from:$8 – 10 /hour
  • Technical Support
    At wee prices from:$10 – 15 /hour
  • Advanced Technical Support
    As low as:$15 – 25 /hour

How Call Center Outsourcing Works?

We will illustrate to you how outsourcing of call center services would work, and the benefits it can offer to you and how collaborating with us can be simple and easier.

A majority of companies consider outsourcing their call center services as a part of the strategies while reducing the cost investments. Many firms understand the cost savings achieved with call center outsourcing, and hence they stand firm on the idea of doing so. Conversely, there are firms that think otherwise and emphasize having the call centers within their vicinity and value their presence.

Are you planning to start a company or head an already existing venture which is looking to outsource customer calls? Then you need to know how call center outsourcing works, the pros and cons of call center outsourcing, advantages of call center outsourcing, and numerous things about contact center solutions.

How Does the Call Center Outsourcing service Work?

Due to an inexorable growth in technology, there is a tough competition amongst industries, and it is growing at a rapid pace and is resulting in issues related to security, compliance, and market. There is a definite need for a rational approach to avoid a breach of the trust of the customers. Furthermore, it requires solid efforts to penetrate into new markets besides having to invest huge sums of money. It always requires a lot of hard efforts to explore new and lesser-explored markets to facilitate the increase in your business. Nevertheless, the outsourcing of Call center services will help you out you with everything, right from the project beginning and planning to execution and timely accomplishment of the same. So prior to making a choice amongst various service providers to outsource your outbound call center services, it is a basic requirement to possess the clarifications to these questions –

✓ How is the track record of your preferred service provider?
✓ Has the service provider got experience in the outsourcing industry?
✓ Are call center services flexible and scalable?
✓ What are the ways in which the service provider can fulfill your requirements?
✓ How can you be at an advantage by outsourcing call center services?
✓ Can the monthly or yearly goals of your business be satisfied with clear timelines?

Handling your needs and requirement is simple and translucent. Enlisted below is an overview of services we do for all our clients –

1. Collection of Customer Details, Requirements, and required Documents

The Wethink solutions team would work along with you closely to understand your business procedures and objectives. Upon completion of the same, our expert consultants and subject experts will review these procedures and operations and would provide any modifications to be done.

2. Offer Flexible Prices

Based on the various factors like the size, Complexity, and type of your project, we provide specific call center outsourcing services at prices ranging from $8 to $25 per hour.

3. Service Level Agreement (SLA) and Process Contract

Subsequently, upon deciding the precise call center outsourcing services from us, we will formally formulate the contract the partnership agreement and SLA will be signed.

4. Initiate Process, Training, and Documentation

Post Contract and SLA signing WTS will commence training to our team of agents to make them familiar with the CRM and tools being used by your company. This is carried out in order to make our team understand the workflow of your company similarly like your in-house employees. We carry out the documentation of the process at every step.

5. Define Tasks to Probable Workforce

Once we complete the formalities and the process for customer support, we will then accordingly filter the agents to suit the cultural fit and assign with responsibilities within the outsourced call center program.

6. Period of Nesting

Upon assignment of responsibilities within the call center, we will enroll our agents into call center nesting. The period of nesting would be around 2-4 weeks. The sole purpose of doing so is to ensure the selected agents receive training from experts on how the call center outsourcing functions. We also use support requests and live calls as training resources to enable our agents to learn your business process.

7. Preparation with Mock Calls and Training Assessment

Upon completion of the nesting period, the agents are verified of their performance with the help of mock calls. The parameters for verification include quality of support, resolution time, friendliness and timeliness, etc.

8. Exhaustive Training for 1-4 Weeks

We ensure our agents are sensitized to temperamental customers, and we provide them exhaustive customer support training to enable them to deal with the same. The selected agents are trained adequately to specialize in various crevices of call center outsourcing activities, which include compliance with corporate culture, cross-selling of products or services, friendly and polite customer engagement, etc.

9. Finalization of Candidates to Onboard

The chosen candidates with a crystal clear understanding of the customer service operations are finally onboarded. Based on the merits of specialties WTS will assist in Map projects and also see it to that we assign mentors to supervise them further.

10. Conduct of Client Interviews

We at WTS offer a highly malleable process of onboarding. We Flatworld Solutions offers a highly flexible onboarding process. We consent our clients to select desired agents through the conduct of interviews by them.

11. Start the Project

Once our agents are chosen and shortlisted, we ensure they are enrolled in the client project.

12. Quality assessment

We constantly evaluate our agent’s performance against standard parameters, which include call response time, oral expertise, clarity of communication and resolution time, etc.

13. Continual Reviews and Assessments

Through the last step, we ensure we constantly and continually evaluate, with the aim to streamline the call center outsourcing services. We also stay in contact on a regular basis and solve any gaps arising during the course, which may affect the project.

What is Call Center Outsourcing?

Numerous benefits are offered as a package through outsourcing call center services; a few of them are economic savings, resources, and time for businesses. Outsourcing of call center services lets you focus more on core activities like product and services development, sales strategies, and content strategies. Hence it is always economical to outsource call center services to companies that provide elegant services that can yield productive results and thereby reduce the hassles of hiring in-house staff for the customer support department.

Efficiency, compliance, and TAT, along with several other factors, are to be considered in the call center outsourcing process. Having been in this industry for more than 15 years and provided outbound call center outsourcing services to a range of clients who have a global presence, Wethink solutions has gained fame as an efficient customer service provider.

What Are the Benefits of Call Center Outsourcing?

You achieve a range of benefits and are open to numerous opportunities. You can experience freedom from various overheads like real estate ownership, hiring full-time agents, employee perks, etc. outsourcing of call center services serves as a one-stop-shop solution with the following advantages-

✓ Saves a lot of time.
✓ Access to a highly talented workforce.
✓ 100% accurate conflict resolution.
✓ Flexible and scalable support.
✓ Easy to monitor and measure.
✓ Clean timelines in meeting deliverables.
✓ Shorter average time for customer support.

✓ Saves a lot of money.
✓ Provides comprehensive control over the project.
✓ Reduction of time-to-market.
✓ Enables you to manage your business in different time zones efficiently.
✓ Cost-competitive edge.
✓ Provides inclusive control over the burn rate.

How Much Does It Cost to Outsource a Call Center?

Wethink solutions offer free support, training, and customer reporting services. The price quote offered by WTS is fair and is customized as per the clients’ requirements, contract terms and conditions, call volume, number of agents, terms, and conditions, the complexity of the project, etc. listed below are the prices of our services-

  • Non-technical and telemarketing support services
    Starts @$8 – $10 /hour
  • Technical Support services
    Starts @ $10 – $15 /hour
  • Advanced technical support services
    Starts @$15 – $25 /hour

Why should you outsource Call Center Services?

Call centers provide standardized, streamlined, and consistent services for customers – and this makes their role vital in any business. The growing popularity of call center outsourcing by various companies is no surprise for anyone as call centers provide an efficient platform for interaction with customers and also serve internal service utilities. Outsourcing of BPO and call center services is no more seen as a cost-saving move, but over the years, it has evolved into a strategy for improving the process and to ensure high-end operational competence. Outsourcing ensures that the parent company would be able to concentrate on its core business activity without worrying about the Call Center Services and BPO operations.

Why Outsource Call Center Services to India?

India is being reckoned as a dream destination for outsourcing, and over the years, it has emerged as a productive location for business process outsourcing primarily because of its inherent strengths and advantages.

• India's well-educated, technoid and English-speaking workforce of mammoth proportion is a Mecca for outsourcing call center services.
• Extremely cost-effective manpower - outsourcing call centers services to India would cost companies about one-tenth of what it would cost them overseas.
• Besides, with over 350,000 engineers graduating every year, there will be no scarcity of tech support for call centers in India.
• And India's 12-hour time difference is a boon for global organizations as it enables 24x7 services for their global customers
• Pioneering IT infrastructure and IT-friendly government policies add to the claim of India being Mecca for all offshore call center services!

The Perquisites

• Increased sales, high conversion rates, and satisfied customers are few benefits you could reap apart from the service providers striving for establishing long-standing partnerships for mutual benefit and a win-win situation for both parties.
• The Availability of abundance of resources, tech-experts, and operational proficiency secure India the laurel of a growing offshore provider of best in class call center services.
• Indian Call centers are famous for their superior Inbound Call Center Services, Outbound Call Center Services, BPO Services, and Telemarketing Services (Inbound and Outbound), which would ensure the utmost customer satisfaction for all your customers.
• The availability of one of the finest offshore call center system technologies has enabled the offering of the best-in-class services to clients. Indian BPO companies are known for multi-tasking and are capable of providing customers with a hodgepodge of services ranging from data entry and software development to telemarketing and web-marketing to customer support services to help desk support.
• Contemporary technologies and communications and availability of best in class infrastructure allows catering to the needs of clients in the most efficient manner.

WTS Associated Services

  • Cold Calling Services.
  • Outbound Call Center Services.
  • Live Phone Answering Services.

Destination India

Productivity enhancement and enhanced quality come as the biggest incentives of added with a low cost when you outsource services to India and additionally customer-centric atmosphere. Three major attributes Cost, quality, and control for any service are found in the best way only in India - the presence of excellent operations centers providing a complete range of high-volume, inbound, and outbound services will give any company globally a competitive edge. The presence of best technology, processes, people, resources, and operational expertise - a wide array of advantages no other outsourcing location other than India can guarantee you with. Hence in order to stay ahead of the pack, outsource to India and enjoy the ride on the wave with the global outsourcing hub!

CALL CENTER SERVICES Global Delivery Centers India, Philippines /strong>

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Benefits of Call Center Outsourcing

Lately, there is an uptrend in the companies which are based in Europe and America, which are looking at Asian countries and in specific India as the most preferred destination for outsourcing their call center services or business process outsourcing services. This factor enables the development as when they outsource their call center operations; they are handled by an offshore company with their own staff and physical infrastructure. The explosion of communication technologies and the internet has boosted the phenomenon of outsourcing to a global scale.

Why do we need Call Center Outsourcing?

The answer is quite simple: The Baseline! A recent estimate says that companies save around 30% to 60% by outsourcing their call center services. Eliminating the call center operations helps the companies to concentrate on the core business activities and become productive, apart from substantially improving the profit margins.

The service quality is generally excellent and smooth flowing when the destination of outsourcing is a country like India, where the call center service industry is firmly established with years of experience and complete adherence to global standards of technical superiority.

Why India?

The majority of the developing countries such as Malaysia, Pakistan, China, Indonesia, Russia, etc. are very eager for a share in the most attractive BPO pie. However, India has emerged on top of the stack as the most preferred BPO destination for the biggest multinational companies in the world. Thousands of top companies from the west have set up their offshore call center services in India, and many more are heading in that direction.

The most astonishing fact is that even government departments of more than 18 states in the USA have outsourced a few of their services, such as welfare benefit calls to India. Outsourcing to India is to outsource to a company in India whose core competency is call center business, and hence you can be assured of perfect professional service. As per the predictions of McKinsey analyst, India is set to earn $17 billion this year alone in the call center business.

The India Advantage

India is the new roaring tiger of the global economy. It has the presence of the largest English speaking population outside the US. The presence of a strong education system is producing more and more Superior quality English speaking graduates every year.

The Government of India has and is very actively supporting the call center services industry by providing tax exemptions, duty-free import of capital goods, etc. The Government has invested billions of dollars in developing infrastructure, transport, communication systems, and broadband computing, etc. Indian call center companies are highly adaptable to global trends.

With huge experience, they constantly keep upgrading to the latest technologies, software, and innovative management practices and set benchmark standards for high-quality services in the call center outsourcing sector. The time difference of 12 hours to the US and 5 hrs to Europe makes India a potential country to set up offshore call center services companies, and the same factor serves the purpose of providing clients in the US and Europe with round the clock and round the year services to customers.

The pay of Indian call center agents is a fraction of what their American counterparts earn,- about $3000 to $5000 a year (in a nation where the per capita income is below $500 a year). This means the best in quality services at a massive discount for businesses opting to outsource their call center services to India.

WTS Call Center Portfolio

Glance through the call center services portfolio provided by the proficient and skilled team of experts of Wethink Solutions.

The Indian Expertise

The contemporary call centers in India provide a range of services and ensure they meet every demand of their customers:

• Inbound Call Center Services – in inbound call center services, the queries by the customers are addressed to a call center based in India and are forwarded to experts in the BPO center who complete troubleshooting and redirect back to the customer.
• Outbound Call Center Services - In this mode of service, outbound calls are made for various purposes like marketing, debt recovery, or survey purposes by call centers in India on request by client companies.
• Technical Support Services – the Complaints or requests of the Customer are attended to and tracked by call center agents or software
• Disaster recovery services – Back-up and Data recovery solutions for large databases.
• Email Support Services – Professional and highly reliable Email support services.
• Chat Support Services – Real-time and Live online technical support services.

How to Choose the Right Call Center Outsourcing Partner

In recent times India has emerged as the favorite and most preferred destination for Business process outsourcing or BPO as it is famously known. As per NASSCOM (the trade body of the IT and BPO industries) estimates, the market is supposed to grow to nearly $20 billion by 2008. The BPO industry The BPO industry covers a range of services ranging from transaction processing to the bread and butter "call center services" in this context it is very much important to choose the right call center outsourcing partner for your business needs.

Factors to be considered while choosing a call center outsourcing partner

There are few factors which are to be considered before you choose a partner for call center services in India especially if you are not a multinational company which typically sets up its own captive unit.

• Primarily you should assess the vendor's outsourcing capabilities. This is a matrix of capabilities, including outbound and inbound call center set up.
• The workforce employed in the vendor's firm needs to have a neutral accent and must be finely tuned to business practices that are followed globally. Talent retention is also an important parameter when it comes to an assessment of the vendor as the BPO industry is — plagued with high rates of attrition.
• The Vendor should have the necessary infrastructure for providing BPO services which include but not limited to - physical location, transportation needs of the employees, bandwidth requirements and network.
• Hiring an outsourcing partner shall provide you with a range of benefits, which include seamless services and reduction in transactional costs with uncompromising quality.This can only be provided by a vendor who has a reliable track record of customer satisfaction.

The various types of call center outsourcing providers

Call center outsourcing service providers are categorized into two categories;they are Inbound call center services and outbound call center services. In order to gain a competitive edge, you should choose an outsourcing partner who is efficient in providing either or both types of services. The requirement of the skill set needed is different in case of the specified categories of inbound and outbound call center service providers. Accent neutralization is of paramount importance in inbound, whereas telemarketing expertise is much needed in case of outbound call center operations.In the case of Outbound Telemarketing Services, it is a volume business, and you should choose a service provider who adds value to an otherwise thin margin business.

Outsource call center services to India

There is a need for validation of the capabilities of the management of the outsourcing vendor is to be carried out prior to deciding to hire him.The above fact is considered of paramount importance as there are many operators who are fly by night operators and it is always considered a wise step to carry out an evaluation of the management of the firm prior to committing service to any service provider.Finally, Call centers in India are thriving due to the availability of a huge pool of workers who are fluent in English and conversant with global business practices.Consideration of the above factors listed above, along with the proof of concept exercise, is always advised, and an amount of diligence is always expected while making a choice.