✓ Project Type.
✓ Inbound.
✓ Outbound – One time.
✓ Outbound – Ongoing.
✓ Email.
✓ Chat.
✓ Service Type.
✓ Select Target Country.
✓ Shift Coverage.
✓ Average Call Count Per Week.
✓ Average Handling Time (Min).

The FTE Calculator for Call Center from We think Solutions is a unique and a FREE online tool that enables you to compute the number of and cost requirements for all your call center operations, with the minimal possible inputs. This calculator is user-friendly and easy-to-use, which is designed to provide you with an accurate answer to your call center expansion needs and requirements. If you need some assistance with our Call Center Staffing and Cost Calculator.

What are the various Services included in Customer Service Outsourcing?

Wethink Solutions provides a broad range of contact center services which include-

✓ Inbound call center solutions.
✓ Outbound call center outsourcing.
✓ Telemarketing services.
✓ Lead generation call center solutions.

✓ CCTV monitoring services.
✓ Super agents.
✓ Technical support services.
✓ Scheduling appointments and many more.

Choose Flatworld Solutions Call Center Outsourcing Services to Collaborate

Wethink solutions has been the pioneer and the topmost service provider amongst leading call center outsourcing companies globally and has been listed as top amongst all of them for the past decade. WTS has more than 15 years of experience and has served clients who possess a global presence and has earned the repute of being a reliable and trustworthy service provider amongst globally present call center outsourcing companies. WTS has established a productive relationship with various global industries that has enabled us to penetrate unused markets through our call center services.

We can cater to your customized needs of call center outsourcing requirements and thereby assist you in determining your company liabilities and infirmities in the present the current workflow setup. Subsequently, we will then assist you in making you understand the pros contact solutions offer. Wethink solutions would elegantly work on the prime requirements of your call center services and strive to assist you in improving your reach on a wider range. WTS strives to ensure to provide you with the best in class contact center solutions through well versed and well-proved process flow, workforce, and infrastructure.

Our Network

We at WTS follow three (3) tier network architecture within our call center infrastructure. Our core design is L3 redundant, and the servers terminate into the core through means of redundant connectivity. The Redundant workgroup switches with L3 capability per floor cave in into the Core. WTS has a network structure with port level physical redundancy and 384 active ports per floor. Call Center Infrastructure – Internet & Network Transport.

Inbound Voice

WTS call center infrastructure houses an inbound voice solution, which is based on the Cisco IPCC (Internet Protocol Contact Center), and this enables your customers to get in touch with us through a suitable and steadfast mode, be it via email phone, or web collaboration. Glance through to know more about our Inbound Call Center Technology.

Outbound Voice

The WTS call center infrastructure has the Presence of a distributed dialer architecture that is firmly integrated with the Cisco voice solution. WTS predictive dialer has 2:1 pacing and real-time calling list management, and this architecture has the presence of DNC management and helps to maintain low nuisance (individual agent pacing, cancel dial, and extent function). Glance through to know more about the WTS outbound Call Center Technology.

See it to believe the deployment of application suite for quality monitoring and contact capture by WTS, the largest call center software company.This application will allow:

1. Business-driven fulfillment rules

✓ Handling of Exceptions – type of calls for evaluation.
✓ Allows for flexibility – broad or granular.
✓ Monitored calls can be guided to the appropriate people.

2. Event-Driven

✓ Trigger monitoring through rich integration.
✓ Customer id, Caller Entered Digits, DNIS, and Disposition code ANI, Talk time, etc.

3. Exception Criteria

✓ Call Flow Exceptions.
✓ Holds, Hold Time, Conference call Length, Transfers, Conference.

4. World-Wide Access and Playback

✓ Provide to Executives, Customers, at Home Supervisors.

5. Spot Trends and Patterns

Unique Features of the Witness System

1. Voice & Screen Capture

✓ 100 percent customer interaction capture capability.
✓ Capture and Access based on customer sign off and confirmation only.
✓ Both side energy envelope display.
✓ Web-based replay.

✓ Extensive Tagging of data (Agent ID, Disposition, Time, Data, Duration, etc.)
✓ Query-based search option.
✓ Download file Option.

2. Quality System

✓ Numerous Selection plans for Quality System.
✓ Multiple Scoring plans.

✓ Ability to change selection plans online.
✓ Graphical reports.

Customer Experience – Sync Audio with Video

WTS has got the facility of being able to record 100% of either dialed/received calls by the agents. This unique feature is extremely vital and crucial, which enables us to track the security of information; compliance issues and also enables us to provide feedback to our agents and enhance the customer service experience for your customers on a usual basis.
This also would assist us in performing detailed analysis based on intelligent tagging, endow with the ability to data-mine and responsiveness for customer escalations. It could also be utilized as remediation and a powerful tool for training to monitor agent activity and compliance parameters.

1. Outsource Services Home.
2. Call Center Services.
3. Call Center Security Process.

Security Process for Call Center Solutions followed at Wethink solutions

With various organizations increasingly outsourcing their core activities with an aim to increase the development of core activities, the placement of high performing security systems in such efforts becomes highly important. We at Wethink solutions follow a process-driven approach to ensure that it improvises the security of our call center IT infrastructure and protects against internal and external threats using researched processes, procedures, and tools.

The in-depth security skill of call center operations we globally follow and furthermore prominent and leading call center outsourcing provider makes us uniquely qualified to assist you and ensure that your outsourcing preparations are not only efficient but also secure. With our expertise, we assist companies not only to determine where precisely their security vulnerabilities exist but offer efficient call center security solutions to help them turn those vulnerabilities into strengths.

WTS professionals understand the call center security needs critical to every high-performance business…

The deep knowledge we possess in the industry has enabled us to formulate the WTS call center security matrix, which is tailored in a way that suits the specific needs of your company. The WTS all-inclusive call center security systems will enable the integration of all security components and business systems to achieve a reliable and cost-effective approach.

The Knowledge Management systems, Employee portals, and e-mail systems of any enterprise form the essential components which are potentially vulnerable and with the WTS call center security solutions we support the exceptional business challenges and cater to providing workers with mobile services built around secure platform and provide seamless access to a company’s information assets The enormous increase in variety of mobile networked communication and computing devices is offering a robust call center security besides the providing of unique features like convenience for remote workers, unmatchable flexibility thereby enhancing the cost-effectiveness and productivity.

We cater to essential services of companies and assist them with planning and outsourcing partnership issues which include the features enlisted below

✓ We at WTS Proactively deal with prospective call center security issues which may arise at the contractual and planning stages which include identification authentication, authorization, confidentiality access control, and integrity.
✓ We constantly monitor various call center security implications of the outsourcing partnership, which are prone to arise during the lifecycle of the contract; our process of monitoring involves several steps, including audit accountability, detection intrusion, .non repudiation, and availability. We implement the necessary corrective action based upon recognition of the response to methodology and through triage, recovery, reliability.

Life Cycle of Our Call Center Security

The current most essential need for call center security needs is the implementation of an integrated security architecture that is designed, tested, built, and deployed with compliance to industry best to security requirements.Security features are to be designed into solutions and to be then managed proactively to maintain business reliability and availability and to meet regulatory compliance. Our holistic solutions assess more than just your physical infrastructure. We can provide you with a comprehensive set of solutions, management tools, and services to meet your call center security requirements.

We plan

✓ Asset Identification & Valuation.
✓ Threat & Risk Assessment.
✓ Security Architecture.
✓ Security Policies.
✓ Security Tools.

We deploy

✓ Analysis of Vulnerability.
✓ OS Hardening.
✓ Deployment of Security Architecture Deployment.
✓ Deployment of Security Policy.
✓ Security Tools Deployment.

We take care of

✓ Proactive monitoring.
✓ Handling Incidents.
✓ Security team.
✓ Vulnerability patches &updates.

We take care of

✓ Proactive monitoring.
✓ Handling Incidents.
✓ Security team.
✓ Vulnerability patches &updates.

We carry out a review of

✓ Assessment of Vulnerability.
✓ Review of Security Architecture.
✓ Review of Security policy.
✓ Penetration testing.

WTS Call Center Security Infrastructure consists of:

✓ Cisco PIX firewall in failover mode.
✓ Secure VPN communication through 3DES support.
✓ Use of McAfee Enterprise suite for Virus prevention and cure.
✓ Spam filter protection for Internet access & mail server.
✓ URL filtering application from surf control.
✓ Veritas Backup Exec Suite with Intelligent Recovery and Disaster Option for speedy recovery.
✓ Controlled Physical access through the use of biometric access control.
✓ VLAN centered network (for different groups, different processes, servers, etc.).
✓ Data Access based on Layer 3 access lists for communication across VLANs.
✓ Restricted Internet Access based on Domain Authentication.
✓ Logging of Internet Access at user level.
✓ No Mail & Internet access at Agent’s desktops.

✓ Profile-based Desktop access, which allows access to only required minimum applications. No data storage access at local machines.
✓ Centralized server-based storage.
✓ User authenticated File system access policy.
✓ With our proactive security management program in place, your business can gain immeasurably.
✓ Downtime minimization caused by Security attacks, and thereby minimizing damage to your business, company brand, customer loyalty, intellectual property of your company and employee productivity.
✓ Make security incidents and crisis management decisions based on real-time.
✓ Prevent or minimize the global spread of security attacks.
✓ Capture internal information for security audits and regulatory compliance.
✓ Focus on business operations, not security incident recovery.

We at WTS are capable and possess the required expertise in offering multi-vendor support for market-leading business continuity and security products. We assist you in designing, selecting, implementing, and managing the precise security for all your business needs while ensuring business agility and employee productivity through our collaborative approach.

WTS User guide on Call Center Staffing calculator

As a leading and promising service provider of call center outsourcing services, Wethink solutions offer a range of reliable and cost-effective call center services to global customers across varied industries, such as Travel, Real Estate, Airlines, and Banking, amongst others. For over a decade, and after having worked with both small businesses and large-scale industry leaders, we have understood that the most common question which clients have in mind before outsourcing is – “how many agents and what sort of budget do I require to support my desired service level?”We at Wethink solutions believe in being a step ahead of the curve Flatworld Solutions, and after observing sizeable requirements for one, we have developed an innovative and only one of its kind Call Center, which provides solutions to a whole lot of your questions, a few are listed below.

An Introduction to WTS Call Center Resource Planning Calculator:-

Through the use of WTS Call center FTE calculator, you would be in a position to analyze the cost incurred per week and number of representatives needed for your program by taking simple inputs from the user like call count, service type, preferred country, shift coverage preferences project type and regular handling time, etc.

The Components of Key importance in WTS Call Center FTE Calculator Are –

1. Type of Project

Through the use of our resource planning Call Center Calculator, you can always determine the precise staffing requirements for different types of project , namely-

1. Inbound Calling.
2. One-time Outbound calling.
3. On-going Outbound calling.
4. Email.
5. Chat Support.

2. Type of Service

Our type of services vary according to the requirements of your project.Presently, we offer the following services for separate project types-

  • Inbound Calling

✓ Customer Assistance Services.
✓ Call Answering Support Services.
✓ Technical Support Services.
✓ Order Taking Services.
✓ Up-selling and Cross-selling Services.
✓ Others.

  • Outbound Calling (One-time and Ongoing)

✓ Taking Requests and Setting Up Appointment.
✓ Services for generating leads.
✓ Services for Telesales.
✓ Follow Up Services for Mail.
✓ Survey Reports Services.
✓ Others.

3. Select Target Country

Based on the country where you want to focus your business offerings by making use of our call center services, you can choose from the listed below options.

✓ Australia.
✓ USA.
✓ UK.
✓ Switzerland.
✓ Germany.
✓ Middle East.
✓ Singapore.
✓ Canada.

4. Shift Coverage

Once you have decided upon the total number of days and work hours for which you would require our services, you can choose from the following 4 options-

✓ 24/7 Coverage – 24 hours dedicated attention, seven days per week.
✓ 24/5 Coverage – 24 hours dedicated attention, five days per week.
✓ 10/7 Coverage – 10 hours dedicated attention, seven days per week.
✓ 10/5 Coverage – 10 hours dedicated attention, five days per week.

5. Average Call Count per Week

Once you have figured out the total number of calls you expect to be made per week while tending to your customers, input the same value in this field (numerals only).

6. Average Handling Time

Once you decide upon the minimum amount of time you would expect our call center representative to spend on a call, input the same value in this field (numerals in minutes only).

Distinctive Domains for Outbound Calling-

1. Single-time Outbound Calling

  • Total Number of Leads

Provide input for the total number of prospective customers (leads), whom you want to be called in a selected time-frame.

  • Total Number of Attempts Required

The Name itself specifies that we have to specify the maximum number of times the call to be attempted for a specific customer. If the customer doesn’t answer the call in the first attempt, the default number of attempts is cut-short at 5.

  • Specific Deadline (Days)

We at WTS would insist our customers specify the number of days in which they require our agents to conclude making the outbound calls to the prospective customers.

2. Single-time Outbound Calling

  • Predictive/Manual Dialing

We at WTS provide our customers with ease of making choices. By opting for predictive or manual dialing, you can know the difference between them and also the rates for both of them. You can also select “Do not know” if you are unsure of the choice to make, and in this case, the calculator would provide you with the tentative rates of both schemes, and accordingly, you can make your best-suited choice.

  • Required HeadCount

You can enter the number of agents you need to work on your on-going outbound call center project…