Irrespective of whether it is easy customization to a pre-existing software or development of customized software from scratch, we can cater to all those needs. Experience the services of WTS to believe it.
Lately, software applications that fulfill the specific needs of the enterprises have taken a prominent place in a major number of industries as the packaged software has been having limitations, apart from being costlier. Contemporary businesses today are expecting customized digital solutions that can meet their needs and accelerate their organization’s growth.

With an elite team of tech magicians, WTS assists clients by designing highly complex applications that come with an amazing UX and UI and let our clients engage their customers successfully and tap the new markets. We integrate custom software applications with features like online messaging, searchable databases, online learning tools, product and process manuals, and thorough software documentation and add value to the customer experience.

Custom Software Development Services Offered by WTS

1. Software Product Development

Through a team of developers who are highly proficient and possess in-depth expertise in trending technologies besides an extensive industry experience, we assist our clients and develop customized software products that suit diverse business processes and enable them to streamline them, enhance productivity, cut costs, and increase profitability.

2. API Development

The team of developers at WTS is highly proficient in building APIs that enable applications to communicate with each other and thereby enhance the ease of use for and also avoid them from providing credentials every time they want to use a particular application.

3. Content Management Systems

The primary use of CMS is to create websites and publish pages to the internet. They also allow multiple users to log-in and contribute simultaneously irrespective of where they are accessing from, as these sites are generally web-enabled.

4. Corporate Intranets and Extranets

WTS has the capability and skill to design and develop corporate intranets that allow employees to communicate, collaborate, and work on their projects. The team of WTS programmers is also highly skilled and efficient at building extranets that perform all of the above and, furthermore, gives controlled access to designated third parties like vendors, customers, partners, etc. who are duly authorized and are not in the company.

5. CRM Applications

WTS can assist you in building a CRM application to help you manage your interactions with existing or potential customers. Thus thereby helping our customers to provide enhanced and better services by recording all the interactions and using the information to offer the existing or the prospective customers of what they are most likely to want from you. This also ensures that our clients can stay connected to their customers, streamline processes, and also achieve an enhancement in the profitability.

6. Enterprise Solutions

The success of contemporary businesses is heavily dependent on reliable enterprise software solutions that can support your operations and enable you to function efficiently. WTS team has the efficiency and expertise to build enterprise software solutions that are scalable, capable of integrating with other software, and incorporating sophisticated technologies.WTS team is capable of building such solutions. Besides, we can also develop mobile apps that assist in customer engagement and help businesses to achieve sales.

7. E-commerce Solutions

The businesses that wish to prove their worth needs to establish themselves on the online platform attract customers, and make the customers agree to buy their products; if at all the business needs to grow WTS team of developers and designers is highly experienced and efficient in creating effective and attractive online storefronts. The team can also build tailor-made themes and templates that exclusively to suit your business.

8. Web Analytics Dashboard Development

It is of paramount importance to understand whether the software built is achieving any of the purposes it is built for- web analytics would give us this answer. Generally, there are loads and loads of data available, and it would obviously become overwhelming to try and make sense of that information. A well designed and built dashboard would provide some vital information to the customers both in a visual format and in a format that is easily understood by them. WTS has catered to the development needs of dashboards for various businesses and gain detailed insights through their custom dashboards.

9. WTS Custom Software Development Expertise

WTS custom application development services include -

✓ Salesforce Consulting.
✓ Enterprise Application Integration.
✓ Application Reengineering.
✓ Porting Applications.
✓ Software Architecture Consulting.
✓ Fraud Analysis Software Development.
✓ Design and Implementation of B2B.
✓ Exchanges.
✓ Capacity and Network Planning.
✓ Web Development.
✓ Website Design.

✓ Web-Enabling Legacy Applications.
✓ Custom Template Design.
✓ Custom Application Development.
✓ Responsive Web Designing.
✓ Software Maintenance and Support.
✓ UI/UX Design.
✓ IoT as a Service.
✓ Agile development.
✓ Solutions.
✓ CRM Applications.
✓ Supply Chain Integration.
✓ Data Warehousing Solutions.

Tools We Leverage for Providing Software Development

WTS has the capability and skill to help clients and create a comprehensive range of software products by leveraging the following technologies and protocols -

Why Should You Build Custom Software for Your Business?

We can reap enormous benefits by building custom software for our businesses, and a few are enlisted below.

✓ It is a well-known fact that one cannot find software that is the perfect match for one's business requirements, and one has to carry out alterations to the version that they get it. By building custom software, we can precisely build it according to our needs, and based on our use; it could be complex or simpler.
✓ Custom software development is highly cost-effective when compared, bringing readymade software directly from the market.
✓ While purchasing off-the-shelf products you will be in need of various solutions to handle diverse operations or aspects of your business, this very problem is eliminated with custom software, as you can get a single one built to handle all your exclusive business requirements.
✓ Scalability of Readymade solutions cannot be ascertained and will be trouble at a later stage where your business grows. Nevertheless, tailored software solutions are scalable and grow with your business so that your operations stay unaffected.

Custom Software Development Methodology at Wethink

We at WTS ensure that we follow the well-defined, mature, and robust application development processes that are designed in a way that they travel through the complete SDLC, starting from business requirements analysis, design, and development to implementation and integration of the custom application with pre-existing systems.

UML diagrams are generated at each stage to represent -

✓ Use Case Model.
✓ Analysis Model.
✓ Design Model.
✓ Implementation Model.
✓ Test Model.

The Agile methodology for software development is followed in WTS, where we release prototypes of the product in iterative mode, and this allows us to completely fine-tune the application after taking the customer's suggestions and incorporate changes if any or requested by them.

We ensure complete transparency at every stage of SDLC in the Wethink application development methodology to facilitate customers' clear visibility and control over the development process of the application. We ensure flexibility in operations by integrating customer capabilities with both onsite and offshore application teams. We provide our customers with complete freedom to choose from our flexible models of engagement.We strive towards a careful distribution of project responsibilities between WTS ODC and customer's developer teams, so as to enable knowledge transfer and unrestricted productive workflows.

Our Custom Software Development Process

The custom software development methodology at WTS includes the following iterative steps -

✓ Gathering of Information.
✓ Analysis of Requirements.
✓ Design of Software Architecture.
✓ Development of Software.

✓ Integration.
✓ Testing.
✓ Deployment.
✓ Maintenance.

Why Outsource Custom Software Development Services to Wethink?

The lack of proper and sufficient QA, custom software projects are prone to fail miserably; besides the other drawbacks that include deadlines overshoot or un-wanted budget increase, and not performing promptly on various parameters. How does WTS differ? We ensure our project managers constantly and closely associate and monitor the status of the project at all stages, to ensure guaranteed success for our clients.

WTS has catered to the needs of various clients and has proven expertise in enterprise application integration techniques, and multi-platform environments, and this feature offers our global customers a unique value proposition in the market. The following are some of the key reasons for you to choose us as your custom software development service provider are -

✓ WTS offers highly Cost-effective pricing model.
✓ Eliminates possible risks of project failures.
✓ WTS follows well-defined and process-oriented software development methodology.
✓ Better-quality documentation processes.
✓ Reduced project costs and cycle time.
✓ The Team of Software engineers at WTS possess rich experience and deep domain knowledge.
✓ Transparent SLA tracking across the SDLC ensured for clients.
✓ Clear communication lines on all aspects of project status.
✓ Better-quality software testing methods.