We at WTS believe in following a comprehensive approach through the inclusion of best development and operations practices and develop adaptable software for your business needs.Are you looking for professionals who can help you with DevOps software development? Do you wish to outsource your DevOps software development needs as this enables the delivery of an application from a process that is operated in silos to a process through automated integration? If your answer is yes, we can help you with our services. We facilitate the development and operations teams to work together to achieve enhanced levels of production through our approach.

WTS is a well-known leader who has the ability to provide top-notch DevOps solutions to businesses. We have a customized approach that applies principles of lean and agile across the software lifecycle, and on the other, make appropriate use of integration and automation to collaborate and communicate.

DevOps Software Development Services WTS Offers

The team of DevOps software developers at WTS possesses management and computer programming experience. This feature enables them to ensure they do system analysis along with project management. They possess high levels of proficiency in end-to-end DevOps execution, i.e., from planning and tracking to the provisioning of infrastructure, from configuring the environment to continuous deployment. With extremely efficient skills, our DevOps software development team can provide you the following services –

1. Infrastructure Management Solutions

With our DevOps software development services, we ensure we take end-to-end care of infrastructure management. We assist you in aligning infrastructure management strategies with your organization goals to enable you to gain complete control over common management challenges such as data acquisition issues, lack of data storage architecture, lack of powerful computing platforms, improper network and connectivity, etc. We help you to eliminate server mismatch, scale-up servers seamlessly, automate provisioning, etc. by collaborating with you. With professional infrastructure management services, we have assisted our clients in enabling on-demand creation of the latest production environment so that the creation of codes and verification of the same can be made on a fast and aggressive schedule, and this has led to enhanced speed and agility.

2. Our Specialized Environment Management Solutions

We ensure that we have designed our DevOps solutions for environment management to create an interrelated environment for the continuous delivery of software. The biggest setback with respect to environment management is to overcome the conventional approach of operating in silos. We ensure that we design our solutions in a way to create a new customs of automating conservative operations so that silos get broken down. With our services, we have successfully assisted our clients in installing error-free configuration, managing all environments by acquiring a single tool, and effectively configure activity reports. As a result of the above, our clients have been able to create standardized processes and have automated frameworks for monitoring environments and managing incidents, etc.

3. Continuous Code Integration Solutions

Continuous code Integration garners its importance for the fact that it offers a full-time view of the original condition of the product development stage. This enables a greater focus and steady commitment of all colleagues, error-free quality estimations throughout the product lifecycle. We have designed our DevOps solutions for code integration in an efficient way so as to enable enhancement and extreme transparency so that everyone involved can track, engage, and contribute to the project, thereby eliminating the need for customary meetings over redrawing strategies. With our services, we have assisted our clients in carrying out integrations on a continuing basis. The same has enabled our clients to create well-tested code; improve quality of code; verify objects for deployment, and generate error-free reports.

4. DevOps Automation

Utilizing DevOps to automate the process of deployment would be of great help and also will mitigate the risks involved in manual and semi-automated deployments, and it would be a boon, particularly if there are various steps in the deployment process. The use of DevOps enables the promotion of deployments through tools and scripts and the entire deployment process with an activation feature. We possess good experience in automating the deployment stages with a single click solution. With our services, our clients have made the deployment process more agile, seamless, and defect-free and significantly reduced the time needed for deployment.

The DevOps Solutions Process We Follow

With an efficient DevOps software development services, we have helped our clients to identify and close the gaps between IT operations, software development, and quality assurance, in a way that has resulted in improvement of efficiency by leaps and bounds and has reduced time and costs equally. As a result, this has helped our clients get better in the overall production culture and promote perfection and innovation. Our process is transparent and simple and is implemented in the following way -

1. System Assessment

We initially assess the current process being followed and existing toolchain, and subsequently, we assign a maturity number with respect to DevOps readiness. The roadmap to transition is drawn based on this number and keeping in mind all the possible bottlenecks that may happen during the process and chart out the best possible way to overcome these hurdles. The complete assessment is assigned with certain metrics so as to constantly measure milestones achieved during the project.

2. Devising DevOps Blueprint

The successive step to the roadmap is the preparation of a blueprint to introduce the basic DevOps set up in your environment. In order to ensure this, we make use of your existing tools with our toolsets for swift delivery. The blueprint emphasizes the key steps needed to automate the process of integration, Test, Delivery and Change Management and also represents the key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to monitor the operational performance of the DevOps system.

3. DevOps Implementation and Management

We ensure that our implementation process is modified to ensure maximum flow and collaboration during the transition phase. It is an uninterrupted process in which we devise and implement continuous integration, carry out complete end-to-end automation, and thoroughly investigate the performance enhancement process prior to the release of the applications into production environments.

Why Should You Outsource DevOps Solutions to Wethink Solutions?

DevOps has got the capability to roll out improved business capabilities incessantly, and this has made it important for software development companies. Wide range of Benefits are offered by DevOps for your business are many, few of these include -

1. DevOps Software Development Services which are ISO certified

Software professionals can get bored if the repeated routine testing task is there. Regular tasks like testing can be very boring for software professionals. Through DevOps, most of the repetitive tasks can be automated, and this feature gives employees sufficient time to engage themselves in becoming creative and contributing to enhanced solutions. We have earned the ISO 9001:2015 certifications through our development practice.

2. Data Security

We always emphasize to provide security to clients’ confidential data. We ensure privacy and security to prevent any unwanted risks to your personal data. All our developers are contracted professionals who are made to sign the Non-disclosure agreements to maintain project confidentiality.

3. High-quality Software

The use of DevOps brings about a transformational change to the software development and delivery process and, with the majority of development getting automated, results in quicker testing of each new code batch, which enables faster bug detection and fixing. All the above parameters result in cleaner code and better software quality. Additionally, DevOps enables regular rolling of updates, where the code is automatically pushed to production after successfully meeting staging server requirements. We have helped our clients in improving release times by almost 90%.

4. Scalable Software Development Services

The DevOps software development is a scalable software development service that can be availed based on the size of your requirement. Our services can be availed if you need a team of developers or just a pair as per your requirements.

5. Swifter Time to Market

The DevOps software is marked by Continuous Integration (CI) through automation, enabling it to achieve maximum functionality and speed, thereby ensuring continuous delivery (CD). Our DevOps solutions, we have enabled faster delivery and achieved faster time-to-market, thus serving our clients to improve the ROI. We have helped our clients in improving release times by a whopping 90%.

6. Cost-effective

In comparison to other providers, we offer our development services at cost-effective rates. If need be, you can always modify our DevOps software development services to get the best value adds as per your needs. We offer the most affordable DevOps software development services to small and large companies globally.

6. Shorter TAT

DevOps requires an improved or enhanced collaboration between the teams to enable the feedbacks and inputs to get transformed into actions instantaneously. For example, the time taken for developing software through the Waterfall process is consumed for configuring the server. But the same when automated through DevOps helps to reduce this time by almost 80% as it severely cuts down on time to implement feedback. With efficient DevOps solutions, we have assisted our clients in reducing the time to deliver by almost 70%.


The assignment of a dedicated point of contact will ensure our clients won't run into anxiety and would also see that they receive immediate attention from us. The dedicated point of contact will keep you all informed of the latest happenings at various stages of the project.

7. Expert DevOps Developers

The team of DevOps developers possesses detailed knowledge about existing and evolving technologies, knowledge of compliance requirements, and best practices for DevOps deployment.

8. State-of-the-art Infrastructure

As a reputed DevOps software development company, we also rely on the latest tools and technologies to deliver the best of DevOps solutions to businesses.

Outsource your DevOps Software Development Services to Wethink Solutions

Wethink has been in this field for over a decade and a half and with 15 years of development experience and has consistently served clients across the world. We have the resources, experience, and expertise to give power to your software development process with continuous planning, development, and integration.