Experience the renewed relations with your customers and even gain the new ones through WTS Email marketing services that offer custom specific designed services that offer tailored value propositions via email.Are you in search of a reliable email marketing service provider to keep communications firm with your existing and new customers? Are you worried that you lack the skills to woo customers through tailored email campaigns? We can make the above two happen below one roof, even if you have budget constraints. It may appear impossible, but email marketing can be tailor-made to be personalized for individuals and achieve maximum ROI. As per the needs and requirements, Emails can be personalized and targeted towards specific groups or individuals.

WTS has been a pioneering and leading email marketing service provider since 2004. The growth achieved by WTS is indirectly attributed to the use of email marketing. The enormous experience WTS possess gives us an edge over the competitors, along with the unique ability of WTS to personalize our solutions to each problem that arises.

Email Marketing Services Offered by WTS

WTS specializes in various services of email marketing however the list of services we render are as follows –

1. Automation of Email Marketing

Wethink solutions will automate emails so that all your customers receive the mails at a time, and new customers receive a welcome email. Based on where the customers click, we will send emails, and for those people who do not open the mail, we will send a reminder mail so as to increase the chances of contact.

2. Email Editor

Through our email editor, we enable the creation of emails which gather numerous clicks. The presence of numerous templates and the ability to follow through the customer's needs and requirements our Email editor enables us to create tailored emails to our esteemed customers.

3. Aptly Personalized Emails

The misuse of email marketing by a major group of companies has lead to a conflict wherein emails sent are shown in spam and are not even opened by customers. We avoid the same by offering personalized email to fit each other to their needs and avoiding generic email, a service which we specialize in to drive more clicks to your business.

4. Reduction in Hands-on Management

The process of Email marketing can become a source of hassle if minute details are to be done manually, and this absolutely becomes true in case of Contract management, where the emails list is to be managed. We at WTS ensure the import of contacts with ease and all existing lists are automatically updated when users unsubscribe mails, and inactive emails are removed automatically from the database, through Email marketing tools.

5. Tracking of the Results

We ensure real-time tracking of Emails through our service. Through this, we enable you to plan your next steps without the need to wait for a successful email marketing plan, as all the required results are made available through our service.

6. Email Service Tools

WTS email services will make your business grow beyond leaps and bounds as we make use of contemporary tools to provide them. We ensure the process is a simpler and easier one for our customers. We make it possible to turn the new or prospective customers into loyal customers through our email tools and keep them engaged through proper communication.

What is the importance of Email Marketing Services in Your Business?

The modern trends related to the ever-expanding world of online business have often made it a difficult task for businesses to reach out to their customers. Nonetheless, one way that still has an impact, that still holds its charm and remains highly popular among successful businesses is email marketing.

The sole purpose of Email marketing is to send emails about the information on products and services which businesses offer to prospective and past customers.It is a direct mail, but instead of sending it physically, we send it electronically so that we can always save our efforts.

Lately, Email marketing has become critical in all forms of businesses and is regarded as one of the key factors which will bring a difference between unsuccessful and successful businesses. Email marketing lets the business owner have a direct line of contact with the consumers, thereby establishing a good relationship between them.

WTS Email Marketing Process

The all-inclusive process of Email marketing adopted by WTS is carried out with due assiduousness. We make sure to help our clients understand our process of helping them to reach existing and new businesses. WTS process is completely transparent and accountable, and the following is the process followed by WTS -

1. Discovery of Requirements

We work along with you in complete collaboration and understand your needs and make a note of what is important for your clients to ensure they turn up to be repeated customers with you.

2. In-depth Analysis of Existing Strategy

In-case if you are already following an email strategy, we will carry out a detailed analysis of the same to verify if it needs any optimization.

3. Customized Email Marketing Strategy

WTS will design a detailed and customized email marketing plan keeping in view that it won’t exceed the stipulated budget or TAT.

4. Implementing the Email Marketing Plan

We will plan and run the email marketing program as per the agreed schedule by you and us to ensure to engage your audience with USP and value proposition.

5. Streamlining Customers to Your Sales Team

Those clients who revert back with their responses to the email marketing campaigns will be duly taken care of and are made travel through the sales funnel and forwarded to your sales team.

Why Outsource Email Marketing Services to Wethink Solutions?

In recent times Email marketing has gained an important place in the marketing strategies adopted by companies and is a commonly rendered digital marketing service. Wondering why opt for WTS as there are many agencies out in the market that can provide you with the same services? The reasons for why should you opt WTS are -

1. Certified Email Marketing Services

WTS believes that the ultimate goal of all the jobs we do is customer satisfaction. We want to ensure that the whole process, followed by WTS, is easy and comfortable for our clients and provides them with the best business possible through our certified processes.

2. Completely Secured Data Management

We ensure that we do not let those who have not signed NDA to manage your data, and we do not use the confidential data provided by you in any other means other than what they are indicated for. We comply with ISO/IEC 27001:2013 guidelines and have been accredited for the same, which has made us a preferred partner for many.

3. High-Quality Content

We understand the importance of content irrespective of the mode of digital marketing mode. We ensure we put our best efforts and will not compromise on the content we write or the pictures or videos or graphics we post for the mere reason that it is only email and not social media platform or blog. We understand content drives and will always believe in it, and all our efforts are directed towards the same.

4. The best Scalable Solutions Always at Your Service

The team of customer care executives of WTS will always be at your beck and will call to solve any hidden issues that are related to email marketing and assist you in handling the follow-up procedures.

5. Swifter TAT

We at WTS follow a model that has already proven its functionality and effectiveness in its relationship with clients, thereby ensuring a swift turnaround when compared to other service providers.

6. Highly Affordable Services

Making our services affordable to small and big businesses alike is our number one priority. This is because we understand price-conscious customers better than anybody else.

7. Single Point of Contact (SPOC)

We ensure you are assigned a dedicated agent whom you can approach directly at any time to resolve your queries or doubts you have. This enables you to reduce the time you need to get an appropriate response.

8. Skill and Experience of Email Marketing Experts

The team of specialists at Wethink Solutions possesses enormous experience in providing a range of services related to digital marketing, and also email marketing services.

9. Best-in-class Infrastructure

The presence of the best in class infrastructure combined with the latest technology and software enables us to manage email marketing strategy in a swifter and efficient way.

10. Round the clock Support

We cater to the needs of our customers through round-the-clock support and ensure you receive the required support you deserve. All our contact centers operate at your local time zone to keep you assisted during your requirements.