ERP, otherwise also known as Enterprise Resource Planning, facilitates the flow of information within different organizational levels by automating the back-office functions, thereby allowing the management to keep an eye on the KPIs in real-time. At Wethink Solutions, our two-tiered ERP solutions (on-premise software and cloud applications) delivered as a SaaS-based platform allow you to monitor and manage everything from supply chain to Inventory, Procurement, Finance, and HR to other mission-critical activities. WTS software is designed to swiftly adapt to your business processes, thereby maximizing enterprise agility and profits.

Our Service Offerings

We have over 15 years of excellent experience in the development of customized software, enterprise solutions, and business applications, and have catered to varied business needs. WTS provides a wide range of ERP solutions for globally-renowned enterprises, that include the following-

1. Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Our ERP consultants have extensive knowledge of supply chain management across manufacturing and wholesale distribution environments. We can assist you right from ERP selection to its implementation; besides, we can also assist you with everything from inventory, purchase to warehouse management, and material.

2. Service Management

WTS ERP Service Management modules let your customer support team to collaborate in an all-inclusive way and also let you render prompt post-sales support to end-users. We also build customized ERP solutions that are solely based on your requirements and needs., besides ensuring the overall effectiveness of your sales team receives a greater enhancement.

WTS service management profile includes the offering of the following services that include management of contract and maintenance, service in on-field and off-field, and prompt tracking returns, amongst various other services.

3. Financial Management

The WTS ERP modules of Financial Management are aptly designed for firms with complex requirements. However, they can also be used by small businesses to ensure an increase in their general productivity. We also carry out integrate our ERP modules with all the revenue-generating streams of your organization in an organized and phased manner, and can assist you with the following-

✓ General Ledger.
✓ Asset Management.
✓ Advanced Allocations.
✓ Sales Management.
✓ Accounts Receivable.

✓ Financial Planning.
✓ Financial Reporting.
✓ Accounts Payable.
✓ Cash Management.

Through our ERP solutions for Sales Management, we enable businesses to enhance their sales and effectiveness of Marketing while retaining their customer base and their loyalty. Our module provides real-time information related to the available inventory and status of the current orders, and allows for easier sales processes such as the following –

✓ Tracking Shipments.
✓ Managing Orders.
✓ Production Management.
✓ Assisting Sales.

4. POS Management

With WTS ERP module for Production Management assists you to manage your entire production process – from planning to scheduling and production order control. Our tightly-integrated module ensures you always comply entirely with the delivery date as promised by you to the customer. The ERP module of WTS takes care of everything that ranges from routine QA to Advanced Quality Management, thereby ensuring lean production schedules adherence and ease of management of Job.

5. Customer Relationship Management

With the WTS ERP module for CRM, we enable constant monitoring of your sales and tools for the customer service team for initializing action and carry out effective communication with your customers. The ERP module also monitors recent purchases and will alert you if there is a decline in customer’s ordering frequency, thereby ensuring peak efficiency for your CRM team. Our solution includes –

✓ Mobile Solutions.
✓ Connecting with Customers.
✓ Managing Marketing Channels.
✓ Managing Leads.
✓ Case Management.

Benefits of Choosing Wethink’s ERP Solutions

By opting WTS ERP modules, you will be in receipt of the following benefits that are listed below-

  •  Improved reporting: WTS ERP modules make sure that your organizational reporting is done in a standard automated template and thereby ensure that all the departments in your organization can access the information seamlessly with ease.
  •  Improved Scalability: ERP modules of WTS are intrinsically built in a manner so as to facilitate scaling up as per the clients business requirements, without any huge deployment downtime.
  •  Lower Operational Costs: With the introduction of fundamental innovations in your organizational structures, WTS ERP modules assist you to manage resources, facilitate delay elimination, and thereby achieve a reduction in costs.
  •  Improved Customer Relations: The ERP systems developed by WTS facilitate the enhancement of your business process and procedures and have a direct effect on your organizational CRM capabilities.
  •  Complexity Reduction: Through our ERP modules, you can achieve a totally streamlined operational process from HR to inventory control, and achieve enhanced productivity.

Make Wethink Solutions as Your Preferred Partner for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Services

By deploying and implementing our time-tested ERP modules within your organization, you gain the ability to re-engineer your business processes and methodologies and align them with your organizational goals. This, in turn, will then lay the foundation for future growth, improved productivity, and higher cost-savings.