Tough IT challenges always have their effects like making the business sluggish on Growing businesses.
• Are you experiencing a slow-paced business and burdened due to legacy IT installations?
• Is your business unable to react quickly to contemporary technological changes?
• Are you experiencing resistance to interoperability and hindrances to inter-departmental coordination with regard to your business software?

If your answer is yes to the above, then its high-time to swiftly empower your business with the best in class enterprise solutions from WTS and gain a competitive edge, stay profitable and increase inter-departmental and business flexibility.

Enterprise Business Solutions by Wethink

WTS has been a leading and pioneering provider of a range of enterprise solutions, and we possess the expertise in what tools and software can instantly spruce up your business. We don't just rely on your specific requirements but also by carrying out an analysis of what your industry is leveraging at large. The following are the enterprise solutions consulting services WTS offers:

1. Microservices

The WTS team of developers can assist you with Microservices, which enable you to provide high-quality services to your clients within a short time. Through the Microservices we offer, we focus on building tiny building blocks that enable you to ease out the efforts for modification and speed up the development process.

2. Open Source e-Commerce CMS Development

By leveraging the contemporary tools and technologies for CMS, we cater to your needs of open source CMS development needs. We ensure you receive the best quality services from WTS, which has got requisite expertise and skills to cater to your needs.

3. SharePoint Web Development Services

We have been providing SharePoint web development needs to pioneering organizations for the past 15 years, and we understand clients' requirements and cater to their share point web development service needs that are customized within a swift turn around time.

4. Business Application Development Services

The team of expert application developing professionals has access to best-in-class technologies and possesses the required skills to develop innovative and quality business apps that aptly suit the clients' requirements. We also can develop business applications for content and document management, supply chain management, interactive learning, CRM, etc. that are customer-specific.

5. Azure Application Development Services

WTS has got the required skills and expert resources to provide high-quality Azure application development services to clients as per their needs and requirements. We also possess high expertise and skilled resources that can cater to Azure integrated solutions, Azure migration services, SaaS-based Solutions development, DOT NET migration services, and many more services as per clients' requirements.

6. Supply Chain Management Services

The global expansion of business always leads to complications in supply chain management. We at WTS through our SCM services can help businesses to reach an optimum efficiency level and provide them with a streamlined and dynamic supply chain management system and enable our clients to gain a competitive edge in the industry.

7. IT Consulting Services

The availability of contemporary technologies, highly skilled resources, and experts WTS has the ability to provide you with professional IT consulting services. We offer to vary of IT consulting services that include SAP consulting, Oracle consulting, .Net consulting, Microsoft consulting, etc. Through the leverage of the latest and best technologies, we provide top quality services that aptly fit your needs.

8. Enterprise Resource Planning Services

We cater to the ERP planning service needs of our clients with high quality and expertise and at most affordable rates. Besides the ability to provide expert ERP planning services, we also possess the expertise to provide sales management, production management, supply chain management, service management, financial management, customer relationship management, services, and many more.

9. SAP Consulting Services

The availability of most experienced SAP consultants has enabled WTS to cater to the needs of global clients for the past 15 years. The team of SAP consultants can provide solutions for all your consulting needs with the highest level of ease.

10. Salesforce Consulting Services

The team of consultants hails from the most reputed colleges across the world and is well equipped to deal with any requirement of the clients with ease. We also possess the skills to provide consulting services for flagship Salesforce products such as Service Cloud, Sales Cloud, and Marketing Cloud.

11. SAP Support Services

The presence of SAP support for your business is beneficial and can be seen as a factor that can improve business processes on the way ahead. We have the resources and skills to provide managed SAP services, expert SAP guidance, and other maintenance and support services.

12. Oracle Consulting Services

The WTS team of Oracle consultants is well versed in the industry-specific business processes that enable you to provide the best quality services. The team can assist you with functional services, customization, and integration, implementation and upgrade, maintenance and support, financial consulting, Oracle products resale, etc.

13. Microsoft Consulting Services

WTS team of Microsoft consulting service experts is well versed and skillful with various consulting services that include Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft technology consulting, Cloud (O365 and Azure), SharePoint services, Microsoft Exchange services, Microsoft technologies maintenance and support, etc.

14. Predictive Analytics

Over the years the analysis of data has grown beyond the normal with more and more information regarding your prospects, customers, competition, customer demographics, technological implications, social media implications, customer behavior, changing patterns, sensitivity to markets and a lot many things which indirectly affect your business flooding. The gathering of a small range of information can be so vast that the normal data analysis tools lose their way at most give a mere view of the tip of the information iceberg. We assist you with the amount of information that needs analysis and gauging, look for the various levels of filtering and assessment needed to decipher precise and actionable information, and then employ the right analytic tools for your business and provide the best services.

15. Big Data Management

The rate with which the businesses are expanding across various geographical locations, products, and services, has increased the range of information and data to be collected and managed exponentially. We at WTS assist you in providing you with the best tools mine and streamlining the huge amounts of big data and coalesce it with advanced analytics to stay ahead.

16. ERP Services

Having the right ERP can enable the business to flourish and perform well. It is indeed considered as the backbone of business infrastructure, and it needs business acumen and right assessment prior to consideration of so it takes business acumen and proper assessment before considering your ERP installation.WTS provides expert services that range from assessing, customizing, setting, integrating, maintaining, upgrading, and leveraging proper ERP solutions to increase your business efficiency. WTS has vast expertise in Oracle, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft & Windows SharePoint, Salesforce, and many other open-source ERP solutions.

17. Enterprise Mobility Solutions

The advent of Smart mobile devices have enabled an environment which facilitates your employees with the ability to interact, collaborate on the move, take the appropriate decisions, or compete with your competitors instantly and on the go. We at WTS enable businesses to engage the most excellent enterprise mobility tools that make your presence and creates an impact across platforms besides giving your team real-time information that can aid them to be business-active at any instant and at every place.

18. SaaS (Software as a Service)

Through the deployment of SaaS, which straight away reduces your software footprint as it doesn't require recurrent or regular maintenance and administration activities across your IT infrastructure, and reduces the burden of your software team to a large extent. More significantly, it also reduces your software budget and gives you a hassle-free experience. WTS expertise lies not only in identifying the best SaaS options for your business but also in recognizing specific areas where switching to SaaS proves to be effective and productive. We also ensure that you migrate to a new SaaS-based tool smoothly and efficiently.

19. Cloud-based Services

The higher the effectiveness of your cloud services, the lesser will be the data burden and accessibility issues. In order to ensure effective data management and information system, cloud migration with proper analytical integration is to be carried out, and that enables in meeting business requirements. WTS offers all-inclusive solutions for cloud migration, integration, and management. WTS has the right expertise and can assist you in identifying the right services needed for your business from cloud vendors and areas which need migration, and this factor makes us the preferred partner for all your business requirements.

WTS Technology Partners

We have collaborated with leading and pioneering enterprise software solution providers to deliver the best services for your business. The WTS technology partners include -

✓ SAP.
✓ Oracle.
✓ Microsoft Dynamics.
✓ Salesforce.
✓ Microsoft & Windows SharePoint.

We make the best use of the best Open Source technologies to meet the technical and financial objectives of our clients.

Outsource your Enterprise Services Requirements to Wethink Solutions

The presence of a skilled team of software architects, software programmers, and developers and enterprise solution experts in WTS has enabled us to gain enormous experience in providing an all-inclusive range of Enterprise solutions for diverse industries. We help our clients with our solutions in the following domains -

✓ Find the best initiatives to ensure system synchronization.
✓ Enhanced customer engagement.
✓ Accelerated workflow.

✓ Inter-departmental synchronization.
✓ Ability to make quick and timely decisions.
✓ Instantaneous information exchange.

Do you wish to know how to develop cloud-ready enterprise applications? Read the following well-researched article by WTS. Get in touch with us for all kinds of enterprise solutions support or development requirements and get our enterprise solutions architect to know your needs and let them assist you in catering to your needs let our enterprise solutions architect cater to your needs right away.

We also cater to other enterprise solutions that include Mobile app development, Custom software development services, Banking & Financial Software Development Services, and many more.