“Choosing the best domain name for your website is very important in starting a business, as it is, and will be a lifelong decision. It is going to be your virtual identity”

When you are starting a business, choosing the name is a crucial part. You have to consider a lot of things. The name should be unique, attractive, and should represent the soul of your business. 

It is going to be your identity in the market for life. It is how your business is going to be addressed, and it should be perfect. 

The same goes for your website name. It should be the best. Because your unique website name is going to be your virtual identity in the digital world. 

But with a lot of businesses and an equal number of domain names existing, how do you create a unique website name for your brand? How to choose the most suitable domain name which fits your business perfectly? 

Well, that’s exactly what I’m going to tell you! In this blog, I will tell you some simple tips and tools which can help you land the perfect domain name for your website. 


Why is it important to choose the best domain name? 

A domain name is a crucial element for your website, as it can both be the reason for your success, as well as failure. It is going to be your first impression to both the viewers and the search engine bots. It should be simple,  easy to find and promote. 

Choosing a website name has a lot of importance, as it should aim to serve as your website address for life. Because changing your domain name afterward is complicated and can lead to loss of existing brand value and customers. Therefore, setting up a website name should be a careful process, and you should evaluate all your options before settling for the best one. 


Tips to create the best domain name

  • Keep it short and easy. 

Keeping your domain name short and easy will help people remember and type it fast. And this can help your online success big time. If the domain name is long or complex, it will be difficult to remember, and people may mistype it. It will reduce your traffic. So keep it short and simple.

 Avoid big complicated words. And also, keep away from slangs, multiple spellings, and homophones

  • Research and include keywords. 

It’s likely for people to search for terms related to your business to find a website that provides the product or services. So, find the keywords related to your business and incorporate them in your domain name smartly and uniquely. 

It will help customers to find you easily, and also increases your visibility and search engine rankings. 

  • Avoid numbers and special characters. 

You should keep your domain name easy to pronounce and spell. Including numbers and hyphens can confuse people. 

It can also lead to typos as if a similar domain exists without hyphens, your viewers may probably end up there, resulting in you losing a valuable customer. Hyphened website names are also associated with spam. 

And if it is necessary to include them, make sure to register with all the different variations to be safe. 

  • Make it unique. 

There are a lot of domain names existing in the online world, and to be remembered among them, make your domain name as unique and catchy as possible. 

It is not an easy task, as you also have to consider the SEO and availability factors, but try to come up with a creative name that is memorable and easy for your website. 

  • Make sure of the availability. 

Once you have shortlisted the possible choices for your website name, make sure they are unique and not taken by anyone else. If you take a similar domain name as someone else, it won’t benefit you. It may also lead to legal issues. 

  • Choose a suitable domain name extension. 

Selecting the most suitable domain name extension is also crucial in fixing your website name. There are a lot of extensions available such as .com, .net, etc. Among this, .com is the most popular and widely used extension, and it will be better if you can stick with .com, as people are more likely to type .com at the end as a suffix. But getting a .com website with your desired domain name can be difficult. 

There are a wide variety of domain name extensions available related to the area of business. Like .photography, .club and .guru, .cricket, .green etc. You can also register with these extensions to get more specific and targeted attention. 

  • Act fast and secure your name. 

Once you get an idea about the unique website name you are going for, act fast and secure it before anyone else does. Domain names sell fast. So, register for your favorite domain name as soon as possible. 

And to protect your uniqueness and brand, you can also purchase all the related website names similar to yours. This will ensure that even if they misspell your website name, your customers will reach you anyways. It also prevents competitors from taking advantage of you. 


Popular domain sites. 

To find and register for the perfect website name, you can visit some of the best domain sites in the market. Some of them are:

  • Domain.com is one of the best domain sites in the market, with a wide variety of domain names and smart search features. 
  • Godaddy is another domain registrar, with more than 63 million registered domain names to manage. 
  • You can also visit network solutions, one another popular domain site. 


So these are some tips to land on the perfect website name and some best domain sites where you can search and register for them. 

I hope this article helps you find the right website name for your business, which can lead you to new heights! 

Your website development company can also assist you in selecting and registering the most suitable domain name for your website. If you need a website with the perfect website name, you can contact wethinksolution to assist you. We are happy to help!