SEO; If you are anyway related to content or search marketing, you must have heard the word all around you, like a mantra. Yes. It is indeed the magic spell that you should cast in every content you create so that it can produce the desired result. And having the best SEO content strategy is like having the perfect wand to cast the spell.

Okay… so before we go all wonderland and magic spells, let’s get to the point. 

What exactly is SEO?

SEO, or search engine optimization, is the process of, optimizing the contents of a website so that it is easily accessible by search engines like google. 

And SEO content simply means the content perfectly tailored for attracting search engines to generate more website traffic. 

Creating search engine optimized content is essential for your content to be recognized by the search engine, and thus in reaching viewers and generating traffic. 

And when I say this, don’t misunderstand. 

You can’t expect your content to deliver only because you wrote content about some random subject and filled it with keywords and links. It doesn’t work like that either. 

Yes, you can’t win by satisfying any one factor. To generate organic traffic, and more leads, your content will have to satisfy both the readers and the search engine. 

Phew… that sounds like a lot of work, right? 

But actually… it’s not that bad. With in-depth research, the right focus on SEO, and a thoughtful content strategy, you can create magic! 

Now that you know what you should do. But the question is, how? 

How to research, how to focus on SEO and how exactly to create an effective content strategy? 

Well, to start, let’s start from the very start. 

Yes. Start by focusing on the basics. Create content that is authentic, fresh, and interesting, always keeping SEO the first thing in mind as you progress. 

To help you in the process, here are six tactics that can help you build an effective content strategy, to create the content for both buyers and bots

  • Identify your target audience. 

To write interesting content for your readers, you should first know who they are. Only then you’ll know what they are expecting from you. 

Identify the current audience of you and your competitors, their behavior, demographics, etc. It will give you an idea about whom you are writing for, and how you should write it. 

Once you identify your target audience, divide them into segments to develop personalized content that could satisfy their specific needs. 

Now, it’s about you. 

Now that you know who you are writing for, you should also be clear on what you are, what you should express, or write. 

Brainstorm relevant topics and information that is unique to your area to express yourself.

Knowing what to speak and how to speak will give you authority and popularity among the readers. 

Incorporating the data about your target audience and what you are will help you develop content topics. And it also guides you in keyword research and SEO of content

  • Find keywords related to your topic. 

Now that you know who you are targeting and what you should write, the next step is to find related keywords that resonate with the topic at hand. Think about what your target audience may search to find the title you are writing on. 

Begin with the broad search term related to the topic,  and narrow the scope by considering the unique points or features that you have to offer through your content. 

 Remember to be short and specific on keywords and also select simple and widely used words. 

Also, try to dig a little deeper and include long-tailed keywords. It helps in specific searches. 

Always try to put yourself in the shoes of your readers. It’ll help a big deal. 

  • Take the help of content research tools.

Now that you have identified keywords related to your topic and audience; run them through any keyword research tools. It will help you find the best keywords related to your topic which can yield the most.

  • Optimize, optimize and optimize.

Target audience- set

Content topic- set

Focus keywords- set. 

Now we are getting into the actual content creation. Start writing engaging and SEO-optimized content, armed with keywords to perform its best and result in traffic generation. 

At every step of content creation, take advantage of the SEO opportunities there is, like. 

  • Create a Search engine-friendly title keeping it short and incorporating focus keywords. 
  • Put keywords in the H2 and H3 titles and also in the meta description. 
  • Make sure to add keywords in the first paragraph. And also, ensure the keywords are related 3-4 times throughout the content. 
  • Include keywords that are relevant and connect to your audience. 
  • Be consistent. Post regularly. 

By optimizing your content at every chance, you can increase your probability of being found by search engines, securing high rankings and increased traffic. 

  • Update and Follow up

Your job doesn’t end when your content is fully optimized and published. As the trends on both markets and the SEO algorithms are constantly changing, it is important to update your articles constantly

The keyword you focused on must be no longer popular, the website you linked with your article may no longer exist. 

And if you are not aware of all these, your readers are just going to see outdated content with a broken link. The credibility and trust you had are gone. 

Keep your site authentic and up to date with the latest information by constantly updating. 

  • Track the success. 

Once you have established a well-planned and effective content strategy, make sure it yields. Measure the success of your strategy by, 

  • Calculating the organic traffic
  • Measuring the leads and conversions. 
  • Analyzing the outbound links your page has so far
  • And high SERPs, if you have a higher ranking, it’s all worth it. 

This not only tracks your success, but also gave you an idea about where to, and what to improve. 

Thus, an effective content marketing strategy backed by strong SEO  helps you improve your business by building more traffic, and profit. 

Always write to attract potential customers by being authentic and unique. 

And make sure you attract the search engine bots by doing the perfect SEO that converts. 

By doing this, you can attract both your readers, boosting your image, and also the search engine boosting your SERPs. 

And that’s what exactly you were aiming for, Isn’t it?!