What would it feel like to accept that, that favorite, beautiful cine artist that you love is actually not very good at acting? It must be your ‘oh-god-he/she-is-so-cute/hot’ crush, and you’re his/her die heart fan, but having to hear that he/she is not the best at what they do kind of sucks right…

Well, something similar to this feeling is what you would experience when you have to accept that your website has a high bounce rate. For you, your website is your baby and you’ve built it perfectly. But then Google analytics tells a different story. You’ll be like ‘what’s wrong with everyone?

What is bounce rate?

After you have spent so much time and energy on your website in the hope of increased search performance, the main thing you should do reduce bounce rate. A high bounce rate is a symptom of serious error in website. Either your user experience is not good or you are not attracting the right people.

Bounce rate is something to be considered seriously as it indicates the overall appeal of your website, and obviously to reduce the bounce rate. It can even affect your search ranking, which makes keeping it down necessary.

In this post, I am gonna share some tips and tricks to reduce your bounce rate. So in order to increase something, we can now try to reduce something. What say?

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  • Smart formatting

Opening some websites is like opening my cupboard. As soon as you open it, all the dresses and thinks inside it just flow outside. Same goes with websites. As soon as we click, a lot of letters and data will jump out of the screen, making us close the window as fast as we can.

May be that content will be fresh and valuable, but good formatting, execution and presentation matters. Avoid frightening visitors with a sea of content. Give a treat to their eyes, with clear and organized texts and colorful layout. So that they spent more time in your website; admiring it.

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  • Simplify navigation

Consider your website visitors as that neighborhood aunty; she needs everything perfectly at her fingertips, she can’t take any efforts and she always complains. But as your reputation practically lies in their loud hands, you have to present your best version.

Same goes with website visitors. To gain popularity, you must gain their appreciation with every way possible. So if you force them to do some work to reach to what they want, they’ll simply bounce to another site.  it’s important that your navigation is simple and effortless as it possibly can be.

 Keep your navigation simple, clean and effortless that it should just feel like spoon feeding to the users. Delicious food direct to mouth without any effort!

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  • Work on your product pages

Preparing product pages can be tricky. It’s like having a crush on your best friend. If you express too much, you may loss a good friend and if not you’ll lose your love. Frustrating right?

Like that, if you offer too much information, that may overwhelm your visitors. And if you offer too little, they won’t have a clue about what you’re trying to do. Both these scenarios will confuse the customer and leads to bounce. But if you can manage this and balance properly it not only will reduce bounce rate but also may improve the conversion rates. Optimizing the product page with specific info and clear call to action sounds difficult, but if you can do that it’s the best thing that you can do for your business.

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  • Optimize page loading time

Do you know what the most annoying thing in the 21st century is? BUFFERING. 

Don’t believe me? Well look at these statistics. According to studies, a connection speed delay of just 500 milliseconds can result in 27% increase in peak frustration, and 8% decrease in engagement. And 47% percent of users expect a web page to load in 2 second or less. 

Does that make sense? Well, just think about yourself. If you are searching something urgently and the page takes eternity to load, what will be your reaction? A yea… that’s what I am taking about…

Of all the problems a web page can have, high loading time is the worst. So on page optimization is crucial in reducing your bounce rate. 

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Reducing your bounce rate is not a quick process. Just keep at it and stay consistent. These tips may result in quick result, but don’t always expect that. Keep growing your site and audience. If they are satisfied, they’ll be loyal and may tell others about you.


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