We cater to the development needs of advanced & robust Android and iOS iBeacon apps for clients with different industry verticals at the most cost-effective rates.Is insourcing iBeacon app development multifarious and not in reach for your budget? Are you unwilling to add full-time iBeacon app developers on your business’s payroll? If a yes is the answer for the above, outsourcing iBeacon App Development to professionals like us can save you significant time and money because we are capable and can help you build a unique and feature-rich iBeacon app for your business needs and to retarget mobile users.

The Wethink Solution’s iBeacon app development service is an elegantly engineered choice for retail businesses, healthcare providers, and many horizontal markets to enable them to serve customers by understanding their brick and mortar world. Being with a background of having a clear understanding of Bluetooth Low Energy technology, our iBeacon app development team can help you by building apps that analyze the foot-traffic, track conversations, enable secure payments, and send custom marketing communications based on the location of the user and behavioral patterns.

iBeacon App Development Services We Offer

Wethink Solutions has the presence of a team that collectively has an experience of over a decade in creating apps for the iOS platform and also the iBeacon app (enterprise-grade). We can offer smart iBeacon-based app solutions suiting for your enterprise and thereby enable you to retarget customers based on their preferences and patterns of search. The following are the iBeacon app development services offered by WTS-

1. iBeacon App Development for Healthcare

We possess the required capabilities which enable us to develop iBeacon apps for our clients in the healthcare industry, which can be fluently integrated with wearable devices, thereby providing a more personalized recommendation to the wearers of health gadgets.

The app which we develop using the iBeacon technology for your healthcare practice can provide personalized health content to your customers. In addition, the intuitive apps also provide information related to medication, diet, appointment schedules, navigation within a hospital, and much more in real-time conditions directly on their mobile devices or on their wearable’s.

2. iBeacon App Development for Inventory and Vehicle Tracking & ventory Management

We are capable of developing a personalized iBeacon app that uses Bluetooth Low Energy technology to track the logistics movement. You can track the logistics through the micro-location tracking data received from gadgets mounted on the delivery vehicle; our apps are capable of providing a near-real-time location of the consignment and transmitting the estimated delivery time updates continuously to your tracking dashboard.

3. iBeacon Apps Development for Event Management Companies

We can create user-friendly iBeacon apps for the event management industry, and through our apps, we will enable your clients to stay abreast of venue, agenda,schedule, and other aspects of event management. The app can also be configured to receive up-to-date notifications pushed by event Management Company like yours.

4. Management of Operations in Retail Business

Track the insights of audience such as buying behavior and shopping fondness and intelligently recommend products and services that align with their favorites through the smart operations management app that is developed by iBeacon technology. Additionally, the app will also permit you to tailor the sales campaigns, offers, and discounts to pull prospective buyers away from the competitors.

5. iBeacon App Development for Mobile Payments

The WTS’ iBeacon app development can be made use of by payment processing companies to process payments at blistering speeds, and the same help to drastically reduce the waiting time and enhance payment efficiency, which in turn leads to higher client satisfaction. With the availability of the capacity to process more payments, you can productively concentrate on growing the revenue instead of dealing with the hassles of payment.

3 Things We Take the Utmost Care of While Developing iBeacon Apps

While developing iBeacon apps majotity of companies face challenges, some of them are enlisted below-

1. Problem of Frequency

iBeacon broadcasts signals at varying frequencies and signal intensity, and hence, it is difficult to ensure that an iBeacon transmits messages to users in the zone where signal strength is high. We help you overcome various shortcomings like Temperature, device power, and weather conditions are other challenges with our development expertise.

2. Triangulation Tracking

The identification of the accurate location of a user becomes difficult in the deficiency of Wi-Fi triangulation and Bluetooth signals. We ensure that this issue is completely taken care of while developing an iBeacon app.

3. Heavy Battery Consumption

There is a tendency present in the older mobile phones by which they quickly exhaust the phone’s battery, when present in the vicinity of an iBeacon. Our team of experts has a unique strategy to avert a swift drain.

The Steps WTS Follows in iBeacon App Development

The team of iBeacon app developers at Wethink solutions is experienced and knowledgeable with the different frameworks related to iBeacon app development, such as Xcode 8 and Swift 3. We follow the following simple and transparent steps in our iBeacon app development process-

1. Understanding Requirement

Client requirements are gathered through a steady stream of communication. We accordingly finalize the iBeacon app development workflow based on the insights derived from the analysis of the client’s requirements.

2. Prototyping

We then submit a prototype for client approval and the suggested upgrades (if any) by the client will be implemented and the final approved design will be used as a reference for finalized iBeacon app development.

3. Development and Testing of iBeacon App

We then move the approved prototype to full-scale development by incorporating all critical features. Post completion of coding, the modules are beta-tested to remediate glitches and bugs and complete the testing phase successfully.

4. Deployment and Maintenance

Once we are done with testing of the app successfully, we will set out the iBeacon app in the app store. Furthermore, we will drive routine updates and security patches to ensure consistent performance during the app lifecycle and see that the customers of the client are happier.

Why Choose Wethink for iBeacon App Development solutions?

The expertise and proven successful methodologies of Wethink solutions enable us to develop customized iBeacon apps that are compatible with iOS and the latest Android devices. We have imparted adequate training for our staff in various technologies which are predominantly required to develop iOS apps, a few of them include Cocoa Touch Development, Objective C, Xcode 9, HTML5, SQLite database, and C++. We stick to robust app development standards to give you more basis to outsource your iBeacon app development needs to us. Listed below are few more reasons why you should opt Wethink Solutions for your iBeacon app development service needs-

1. Certified iBeacon App Development Organization

With a vast experience of nearly about two decades catering to various clients Software development services.With our iBeacon app development services, we have achieved milestones by delivering greater satisfaction to clients with a global presence.

2. Data management Security Ensured

We make certain that the security of the information shared by the clients is prioritized to the highest level. We ensure that everything remains confidential and secure.

3. Elevated Quality and Accurate Servicesd

The iBeacon app development services are carried-out with the highest amount of precision to prevent any sorts of bugs during the real-time performance of the app. We put in arduous efforts to eliminate errors while coding, and we subject the code modules to a surplus of tests in order to enable us to deliver robust apps successfully.

4. Swift Turnaround Time

We are lauded for our ability to deliver high-quality iBeacon apps by our clients within a faster turnaround timeline, as per their necessities.

5. Scalable and Flexible

Wethink solutions is known for the development of iBeacon apps, which are flexible in nature and can be scaled as per the requirements of our clients.

6. Friendly Pricing

We not only offer the best services in developing user-friendly iBeacon apps but also the most competitive pricing strategies that cannot be matched by other app developing companies.

7. Single Point of Contact

We believe that a single point of contact would ensure avoiding redundancy in communication with clients. Hence we provide a dedicated manager who will assist you with project updates and inputs so that you can always stay informed.

8. Brilliant Team

The team at Wethink solutions comprises of experienced iOS developers, data architects, UI/UX experts and project managers who have been developing iBeacon apps for over a decade and have worked on and delivered numerous app development projects for various globally renowned clients.

9. Secure File Sharing

Wethink solutions bank upon VPN and secure FTP to send and receive files from our clients. In order to ensure risk-free to transmission and reception of project files our data-sharing channels are continuously monitored and scanned using the latest security software.

10. Round-the-clock Support

We work round-the-clock to ensure we are available for our clients at any given point of time as we serve clients globally.