“It’s not just what the content is, but also how it is presented that attracts your visitors instantly. That’s why typography in web design becomes crucial.” 

Typography is a critical element in every website. No matter how much you try to engage your audience with photos, videos, or infographics, the textual content is always the main content element. 

Writing useful information in text, as well as presenting it in a readable, attractive manner is essential for the success of your content. The importance of typography arises here. 

But what exactly is typography? How is it important for the website? How can it help in the success of your business? 

Well, let’s find out! 



Typography is simply the way a website presents the text content. Every website should express itself in the best way to attract visitors, and as 90%  of a web page includes text content. Presenting the text most attractively is important. That’s what typography does. 

Typography is the art of arranging text and presenting it in a readable, professional, and inviting format on a website. There are different typefaces in typography, and the challenge lies in picking the right typography suitable for the words that represent your business. Choosing the right typography can help in the success of your business. 

Wanna know how? Let’s see… 


How does typography help your website? 

It represents your business: 

The typography, font, and font size tell a lot about a website at a glance. The right typography helps you convince your audience and gain trust. 


  • Attracts attention: 

Good typography grabs the viewer’s attention instantly. Having a clean and simple font with appropriate size and color can impress your audience. 


  • Gives identity:

Following one specific typography will give you an identity. People will recognize and remember you from the typography. 


  • Conveys the mood:

Typography plays a great role in creating the mood or feel of the content. A fun font can be used for casual content, where for a technical one, more standardized typography is chosen. 


  • To create flow

Typography can be used to arrange the content. It brings a flow to the content. The topic headings and subheadings can be specified using different fonts or sizes. That makes it easier to understand to the readers, and now the search engine boats. 


How to improve your typography? 

So typography is a big factor that can influence the success of your website. So how can you make use of it to accelerate your success? How can you improve your typography in web design? 


  • Better legibility and readability:

Content must be legible and readable to attract people.  The correct font, font size, and color are important in improving the readability and legibility of your content. 

Skim through the suitable fonts for your website, and make it readable by fixing proper font size and color and spaces between letters and paragraphs. 


  • Font type

Choosing the right font is the crucial step in typography in web design. Go through various fonts for website design and fix one typeface. Make sure it suits your website content and behavior. 

Also, keep the loading time and performance of your website while choosing a font. Make sure it’s responsive and adaptable. 


  • Font size

Proper font size suitable for both mobile and laptop is essential for your content to be legible. In general, a size of 14 is preferred as it shows well on all platforms. Remember, different fonts for website design have different font size variations. Also, remember to have various sizes for headings, subtopics, and normal text. 


  • Font color. 

Font color can help you stand out and attract attention. You can express your brand through font colors, and it is customizable. Make sure the color matches your brand and the background. 


  • Highlight links. 

Specify and highlight the inbound and outbound links added in the text. Links help in SEO and better ranking. So highlight it effectively. 


  • Whitespace

Just like the content, whitespace is also important. Add whitespace to your typography whenever and wherever needed. 


So these are some tips to improve your typography to accelerate the success of your business. Typography in web design can influence both your popularity and rankings.   The appearance attracts more people. And the smart arrangement convinces the search engine bots to rank your content higher. 

With the right typography and the knowledge about how to use it properly, you can convert your website into an attractive and successful one. To know more about typography and to create the perfect typography for your website, contact wethinksolution