LinkedIn is now the professional identity of people all around the world. Majority is using linked in as their active resume or hiring platform, LinkedIn has grown too far. From job seekers to job providers, it is for everyone in need. 

But things are changing. LinkedIn is no longer just a job providing platform, but is gradually turning into a major and powerful lead generation platform. According to new studies; around 80% of total business leads are generated from LinkedIn while the contribution of all other social media platforms like Facebook, twitter etc altogether is just 20%. Interesting right!?

So, if you are not using LinkedIn as a marketing tool, you are missing out a huge platform and potential leads. And for entering the LinkedIn market, a lot more than a presence will be needed. 

Here are some LinkedIn trends which could help you utilise the platform to its full potential and enhance your marketing strategy.


  • Content is always the king

No matter how far we’ve come, in order to sell a product, strong content is still a must. To market and sell your product and to boost your reputation, LinkedIn is a great platform. Creating and publishing strong, relevant and engaging content on LinkedIn can get you more followers and leads. You can not only spread your product to potential customers, but also big leaders who can help you grow further.

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  • Find your target 

Marketing can be successful only if it is done for the right people. Find your target audience to have a more focused marketing campaign. Targeted marketing can bring more qualified traffic and also strong, long lasting results. And more quality is always better than quantity.


  • Evaluate performance

Always analyse how you are performing in the marketing campaign. It will help you develop and grow. Most of the marketers use CTR (click through rate) or the number of views, likes, comments etc to measure the performance of a particular campaign. You can also use other assessment and review methods too.

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  • Give importance to small audience

LinkedIn allows people and organisations to connect with each other and form a network. This will help you gather valuable information and suggestions from experts and experienced persons on what to do and how to do. Connecting to individuals as well as creating groups will benefit you on understanding the market, collecting the inside information and using it for the growth of your product or service.

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  • Lead the way

Be a leader. Use the feature provided by liked in to make connections and form network. Create an importance and position for your name and brand among people and in market. Form an image to your brand and gain trust of your audience by sharing news, experiences and information which are attractive and useful.

 Connecting with different people and organisations and encouraging your clients in sharing and posting your content can get you high visibility and more results

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With the verity of features and advertising options in LinkedIn and the ability to target the desired audience easily, LinkedIn marketing makes totally worth it. Take advantage of LinkedIn for your business with these most important and effective trends.

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