If you are not making the best use of the Magento web development platform and create a user-focused website, then you should be doing that straight away. It is always to be remembered that the slack in high-quality user experience would put you at high risk of losing your digital audience to the tough level of competition. Is the above fact a cause of concern? Then Magento web development is an answer to solve your worries and build a lightning-fast digital touchpoint that is customer-centric. The advantage of being a scalable platform, Magento web development services will make your website highly interactive and intuitive.

WTS has got vast experience in catering to the needs of Magento web development requirements of various clients through our Magento web development suite that encompasses custom development services that are aimed to make you a leader of the omnichannel e-commerce ecosystem. The team of Magento web developers at WTS uses qualitative and quantitative methods in order to develop a website that is accurately scalable based on your business need.

Magento Web Development Services WTS offers

Don’t get betrayed by those partially delivering web development companies, and waste your financials on them. Join hands with an experienced Magneto development company WTS that is a synonym for trust. Having an unmatchable experience in Magento e-commerce development, we develop solutions that can rapidly transform any insipid websites to a client magnet. It is a known fact that in an era fuelled by complete digital operations, no consumer will stick upon to you unless and until you have an irresistible value proposition. We understand the fact more than anyone, and we offer our services that are contemporary in nature. Listed below are the services that are offered by WTS as a part of Magneto web development solutions –

1. Magento Website Development

Thinking next-level web experience? Think WTS because we offer an all-inclusive Magento web development solutions that cater to all the needs of your online business. Besides, you can also customize the user experience by providing complete control over how they interact and view elements on your e-commerce site. Experience all the above at the most meager costs when you outsource your Magento website development needs to us.

2. Magento Custom Module Development

Are you looking to include additional functionality without impacting the performance? Experience the empowering of your existing website with our Magento custom module development services. Our team of Magento web developers would assist you and design modules that enhance the functionality and performance significantly.

3. Magento Theme Development

Provide your website with a distinctive visual makeover through Magento theme development by our team of UX designers and Magento developers who work together to understand user behavior on digital touchpoints. We not only customize the theme to attract the customers but also by gathering qualitative data; we urge users to take the next step in business. With our customized visually pronouncing themes we can make your e-commerce website stand out from the rest.

4. Magento Site Migration and Support

In order to avoid any botch ups while migrating, you should have a well-thought approach so that your search engine visibility remains unaffected. We at WTS with our Magento site migration and support ensure that migration of your site is done without any loss to the revenue and traffic. Through our support team, we will keep a keen eye on search engine analytics data to constantly monitor the documentation every time you make a change to the content, design, UX, platform, etc.

5. Responsive Magento Website with Mobile App Development

Offer a refreshing shopping experience to all your clients by opting for our WTS' Magento mobile app and website development service. Through this service, we develop an absolutely customized native application that is completely based on the Magento platform. This solution would enable you to elaborate on the complete functionality of your digital business by expediting desktop-like experience on native mobile platforms like Android. iOS and Windows.

6. Custom Extensions Development

Enhancing your website functionality to customize the experience is now made easier and simpler with WTS' custom extension development services. Now you can allow users to choose their preferred functionality by harnessing the unified property that exists between multiple web technologies.

Magento Web Development Process WTS Follows

With vast experience and expertise, Wethink Solutions has become a pioneer in providing our clients with Magento website development services. We believe in getting quick results by transforming your investment into quantifiable results, and for the same, we take the first step that is we ensure complete transparency of the process. From the above, you can visualize as to how we at WTS handle the Magento web development from the start to the end. We ensure that in the way to make your website work as per the requirements, we make no exceptions whatsoever, to ensure the same. After you outsource Magento web development services, we take the following steps to handle your requirement -

1. Analysis of Requirement

We work along with you to gather, analyze the gathered information, and interpret your objectives and requirements.

2. Designing of Project

We then devise a cost-efficient strategy that is apt as per your budget limits by making the best utilization of available resources and accounting any associated risks, assumptions, and constraints.

3. Planning of the Project

Upon completion of the designing of the project, we will accordingly inform you of the details regarding the roadmap of the project roadmap after a thorough estimation, which includes the estimated time, and resource requirements along with the cost. Besides, we also allocate the project to a team of competent and expert Magento developers.

4. Web Development

Adhering to the finalized design, we start the coding operations to develop a website that possesses varied features and the same will be integrated with your needs and requirements.

5. Testing of Website Elements

We benchmark modules developed by our team of experts to ensure the expected performance by employing various test suites and test plans.

5. Testing of Website Elements

We benchmark modules developed by our team of experts to ensure the expected performance by employing various test suites and test plans.

6. Project Feedback & Revision

We gather feedback from you regarding the website and make revisions (if any) based on the feedback. Upon obtaining your approval and ensuring your satisfaction the web development project is marked complete and will be made ready for deployment.

7. Website Deployment

Upon completion of the feedback and revision step, we assist you in deploying the website developed by us and also provide necessary back end support to ensure you receive continuous support from WTS.

8. Training and Support

We offer exclusive training to your back-end team to troubleshoot and carry out routine maintenance in order to ensure optimum performance of the website.

Why Choose Magento Web Development Services from Wethink Solutions?

Wethink Solutions is a renowned provider of Magento web development services in India and has catered to the needs of clients’ across150+ nations worldwide. By opting for Magento web development solutions for your business, you can enhance its visibility across various search engines to increase revenue and customer interaction. Following are few of the numerous reasons as to why you should choose WTS Magento web development services-

1. Certifications

WTS is an certified web application and software Development Company predominantly and very actively involved in top-class web development projects for various small, medium, and large businesses.

2. Data Security

We are aware of the fact that Magento web development necessarily involves information that is confidential in nature and data and processes that are mission-critical in nature. To ensure the safety of such data, we ensure that necessary compliance is taken from our web development teams through a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) prior to the commencement of such projects. We always stay vigilant about possible security risks and have taken robust security measures to prevent your confidential data and codes from falling into the wrong hands.

3. Elevated Accuracy and Quality Service

We make sure that we make any exceptions with regards to quality control of web development projects. After the developmental phase, the developed website is tested using test suites under various testing parameters to ensure that the website is functioning in conformance to the user's requirements.

4. Swift Turnaround

We adhere to project deadlines as no one else does. In case you need the project to complete within the shortest time, then outsource your Magento web development needs to. By outsourcing Magento web development to us, you can save 35% of the time spent on enhancing your website.

5. Scalability

As time progresses, it is essential that in order to keep up with the latest e-commerce trends, you need to scale up your website. Through Magento web development, you can scale up in no time without having to spend any extra amount and can experience the best results.

6. Pocket-friendly Pricing Options

WTS has the reputation of being a cost-effective service provider. All our clients like us for our adherence to deadlines and cost-effective services, particularly when there is any financial constraint to our clients. WTS is completely contrary to other developing companies whose prime area of focus is minting money.

7. Single-point Contact

Experience the freedom from searching for the top associates in the hierarchy to know details regarding your project. We assign a dedicated project manager who is your single point of contact and will be completely with you throughout the project phase and shall assist you instantly when you have got any queries. You can provide inputs and get information whenever needed without any wait.

8. Enormously Skilled and Experienced Team of Magento Web Developers, Project Managers, and Testing Experts

The team of developers, Project managers, and testing experts are highly experienced. Our team comprises of 200+ professionals that include certified web administrator associate (CWAA), certified web designer associate (CWDSA), certified web developer associate (CWDA), and certified webmasters (CWM) who deal with Magento web development with the highest professionalism. WTS team has over 10 years of experience in HTML, CSS, PHP, XML, JS, and JSON.

9. Contemporary Infrastructure

The availability of a world-class infrastructure that accommodates the latest and most advanced web development tools, testing technology, and skilled developers has made us meet our clients’ needs with utmost professionalism and skill. The presence of all of these in an access-controlled project development facility and the same is completely well-equipped to uphold the confidentiality of the project.

10. Protected Data Exchange

We understand that project files and data are confidential in nature, and hence we implement the transmission of your project files and data through our secure FTP and VPN without any hassles. We ensure regular monitoring and cleansing of our data sharing networks to see that your data is handled in a secure way.

11. Cent percent Round-the-clock Availability

You can get in touch with us whenever you need help, either through a phone call, online chat, or email. We are available on a 24x7x365 basis so that we are immediately available whenever you need any support or training. WTS team is accessible and readily available as per your time zone.

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