Medical writing service has got the utmost importance in the pharmaceutical industry. It helps in promptly creating scientific documentation and also improvises the product image and marketing based on the quality of the information communicated by the writer. With the entry of a number of firms in the medical content writing and content development field, it is of utmost importance that the service provider should also possess the required knowledge of medical literature and health care industry. Wethink solutions is equipped with an expert team with considerable experience in this domain and will help you in staying ahead of all your counterparts.

The experienced team of medical writers at wethink solutions will provide you with personal attention and try understanding the perception of your organization and accordingly assist you. With an enormous experience in the industry and having worked with various regulatory standards, they are well versed with the industry guidelines and standards. We provide services for scripting/ Editing of documents related to regulatory submission, consultation and training, and different pre formatted solutions.

The following are the various medical writing and editing works we take-up

✓ Drug brochures.
✓ Investigator’s brochures.
✓ Clinical study reports.
✓ Data presentations.
✓ Publication planning.
✓ Scientific manuscript services.
✓ Scientific information brochures.
✓ Sales training materials.
✓ Slide presentations.
✓ Executive summaries.
✓ Dissertations.
✓ Pharmaceutical/ regulatory documents.

✓ Scientific literature research.
✓ Patient diaries.
✓ Clinical papers.
✓ White papers.
✓ Risk assessment reports.
✓ Scientific research papers.
✓ Journal write-ups.
✓ Thesis.
✓ Scientific writing.
✓ Monographs.
✓ Medical editing of scientific material.

We also offer improvisations in the content and or create a new article in the following specialities:-

✓ Endocrinology.
✓ Gastroenterology.
✓ Geriatrics.
✓ Radiology.
✓ Infectious diseases.
✓ Ophthalmology.
✓ Clinical pharmacology.
✓ Psychiatry.
✓ Crystal arthropathies.

✓ Obstetrics and Gynecology.
✓ Urology.
✓ Osteoarthritis.
✓ Nephrology.
✓ Neurology.
✓ Paediatrics.
✓ Anesthesiology.
✓ Cardiovascular diseases.

Why prefer only Wethink solutions for your medical writing requirements?

  • We at wethink solutions have an experienced team with a robust medical background and with a broad experience in medical writing which will facilitate in providing you with prompt service.
  • We train the team at constant intervals on various latest medical terminologies, and the same is kept updated by subscribing to multiple healthcare journals and medical magazines.
  • The team of editors and writers with elegant English skills are capable of writing for international as well as the local audience.
  • Through the use of state of the art technologies and tools, we notably reduce the writing and reviewing times.
  • We implement stringent security measures concerning prevention of compromising of sensitive information and also get our staff to sign the non-disclosure agreements.
  •  Strict reviews of the quality of written assignment are carried out to remove any errors.

Wethink solutions has worked with various pharmaceutical firms for their medical writing company’s products, devices or diagnosis. Few of our works have even been published in a few scientific journals.If you are looking for medical writing needs which can be provided at affordable prices and with uncompromised quality, Wethink solutions is the company you are looking for to fulfil those needs.

Market Research services by Wethink solutions

Is your company launching a new product?Or venturing into a new country zone or is it planning to pitch into any other initiatives which have the associated risk factors? Then the need of the hour will be efficient market research. Wethink solutions offer detailed and efficient market research by covering all the risk factors exhaustively. The team at wethink solutions is trained to cater to custom requirements associated with any industry vertical. Enlisted below are the few key services we offer

1. Marketing Questionnaire Designing services

With a team of highly capable and professionally experienced research analysts, we are known best for designing, result-oriented and engaging surveys. Through the use of smart strategies and formats, we drive the surveys in order to achieve the desired and qualitative results.

2. Organized Market research services

Our team at wethink solutions possesses the necessary expertise and skill-set to provide the clients with an organized market research services. Our team has proven expertise in providing comprehensive reports on data collection and analysis, reports formulation, research reports designing, and personnel support and consultative service.

3. CATI Web surveys

With the uptrend in CATI computer-aided telephone interviewing web surveys, we have formulated our services in providing our clients, the CATI web surveys in a way which gives us an edge over the other R&A firms in the market. With our services, we have enabled clients to avail additional features such as quota management, call and screen recording, predictive and distributed dialling, and real-time monitoring.

4. Industrial analysis services

We have a proven track record in providing our clients with improved and most efficient CATI web surveys with a stronger emphasis to the client’s needs for the past 15 years and have successfully given an edge for them over their competitors through our efficient industrial analysis services.

5. Call Center Surveys

Our team at wethink solutions possesses the requisite skills and tools with which we can provide the clients with best in class qualitative call centre surveys. We are efficient in providing the clients with customer/employee satisfaction surveys, product infiltration surveys, B2B surveys, tracking surveys, team surveys, marketing surveys, etc.

6. E Market research services

We have been in the industry for the past 15 plus years now; we have gained the requisite expertise and skills in providing our clients with accurate online / E- market research activities. We can assist in catering to all your needs from primary data collection, designing the questionnaire, desk research, maintenance of the database, market sizing and segmentation, market profiling etc.

7. Market-oriented Feasibility analysis services

Gain a complete overview of the associated market potentials and risks through our market-oriented feasibility analysis services. We possess the required capabilities to provide you with detailed, executive summaries, market and financial feasibility studies, technical feasibility studies and analysis of demand etc.

8. Market-based Research services

With an emphasis on the customer market and an aim to increase the customer base of the client, our market research surveys are designed so as to help you in identifying hidden opportunities. We assist you in all sorts of statistical surveys, survey questionnaire designing, survey designing, survey programming and hosting, survey management etc.

9. Periodical services

With a team of highly skilled and professionally qualified research analysts, we aim to cater to all needs of the clients and provide our clients with elevated quality periodicals. Our team has vast experience and can perform and provide research oriented periodicals for educational services, financial services and also for research and development services.

10. News abstraction service

News abstraction is one of the key factors of research and analysis. We at wethink solutions expertise in abstract news services and provide qualitative services in quick turnaround time. We majorly specialize in offering abstract news services for periodicals, media analysis reports, a summary of news abstract and press content analysis.

11. Data Analysis Services

With over an experience of about a decade, wethink solutions is a market leader in providing data analysis for a range of clients. We expertise in providing high-quality data analysis services with regards to data quality audit, data cleansing, uniformity analysis, extreme/missing observation analysis etc.

12. Market research for the launch of a product

Market research is one of the key factors in deciding the success or failure of products. With the product failure ratio as high as nine out of ten, it is primarily important that insightful market research is carried out. With a dedicated product development research and market survey team, we make the market research possible for our clients with detailed and insightful market research.

13. Census Study and Research

It is always important that we know the likes and dislikes of the prospective customers or target audience and their expectations with regards to a product. This will help us determine whether our product stands to the test of time. We possess a team of highly enthusiastic and motivated professionals in market research who shall help you in carrying out a complete census/enumeration study of the demographics and also in taking the most appropriate decision at the appropriate time.

Furthermore to the services mentioned above we possess skilled resources and necessary infrastructure to provide the services which are enumerated below

✓ Market entry demand studies.
✓ Concept testing.
✓ Consumer behavior studies.
✓ Marketing research services.
✓ Brand positioning research.

✓ Opinion studies.
✓ Industry overview studies.
✓ Competitive & SWOT analysis.
✓ Industry analysis and profiling.
✓ Feasibility study.

Market Research- the structured process we follow

Wethink solutions has a vast experience in accomplishing market research for the clients. We follow a well-defined process right from defining the objectives and problems to collecting the data and finally generate report along with the necessary supportive statistics and use standard research tools to provide the clients with an accurate market research report. We expertise in utilizing the SPSS (Scientific Package for Social Sciences), MS Excel, SAS, and R and work along with our Quality control team to see that the report is perfect and error-free.

✓ Data collection – Web surveys, telephonic surveys, and email surveys.
✓ Data processing – Editing and cleaning up of the collected data.
✓ Data analysis.
✓ Trend analysis – Comparative study and predictive analysis.
✓ Online/web market research.

✓ Market research reports generation – Presentation of the findings in a format preferred by the client, usually including pictorial and graphical representations.
✓ Expert insights and recommendations.
✓ Advanced analytics and data mining using SPSS.

Market Research Tools and Techniques We Leverage

✓ Association Analysis.
✓ Canonical Correlation.
✓ Cluster Analysis.
✓ Conjoint Analysis.
✓ Cross Tabulation or Crossbar.
✓ Discriminant Analysis.
✓ Factor Analysis.

✓ Neural Nets.
✓ Linear Regression.
✓ Markov Chains.
✓ Multidimensional Scaling.
✓ Non-linear Regression.
✓ Time-series Analysis.

Industries we offer our services

The ability to provide the best in class and a qualitative market research reports is what has set us apart from our competitors in Market research outsourcing industry. We possess a diversified and rich experience, having worked with various global clients around the world and different industry verticals. Some of the essential sectors we serve are listed below

✓ Telecom and IT.
✓ Food and Beverages.
✓ Automotive and Transportation.
✓ Pharma and Biotechnology.
✓ Medical Devices.
✓ Packaging, Construction, and Mining.

✓ Chemicals and Materials.
✓ Agriculture.
✓ Semiconductor and Electronics.
✓ Energy and Power.
✓ Healthcare IT.
✓ Aerospace and Defense.

Why choose wethink solutions for outsourcing market research services?

With an experience of over a decade and having served, most reputed global clients for their market research services, wethink solutions has become a pioneer in offering market research services. With a team comprising of highly intellectual and motivated professionals, we have the expertise in providing accurate reports. With the domain expertise, we possess we have maintained a healthy and a win-win relationship with all our clients. By outsourcing your market research needs to wethink solutions you can avail the following benefits

1. Elevated accuracy

Our process for the market research activity is ISO certified and hence all our reports are highly accurate and comply with international norms backed with necessary statistical figures.

2. Inexpensive pricing

We are a well-known service provider of high-quality research and reports at a reasonable price. We also offer customized pricing based on the needs of the client.

3. Highly skilled and Knowledged Team

Wethink solutions have a team comprising of market analysts who are motivated and committed to providing quality services to our clients.

4. Best Infrastructure & Data Security/ best in class infrastructure & data security

We have the state of art infrastructure which lets us deliver the best possible results in a short span of time. Protection of your data is the prime concern for us and to achieve the same we have put in place stringent privacy policy and follow confidentiality agreements.

5. Use of Latest Technologies/ use of contemporary technologies

With an aim to help our clients stay ahead of their competitors, we prepare the market research reports by using contemporary and most reliable market research tools and technologies.

6. Quick repealing time

Wethink solutions has multiple delivery centres spread across under different time zones to ensure we offer services within a quick repealing time.