WTS offers an extensive list of Microsoft Consulting services to assist you in getting the best business value in applications that are driven by Microsoft technology. We handle everything ranging from Business Planning to Optimization. The WTS team of Microsoft experts can assist you in Identifying, Strategizing, and Implementing any Microsoft related IT initiatives to help you move ahead in your business.

Microsoft consulting at Wethink offers an extensive list of solutions

1. End-to-end Microsoft Technology Consulting

An All-inclusive set of services to support the most crucial, all-inclusive technology used in your business.

2. Microsoft SharePoint Services

We cover everything right from simple Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) support to the most complex enterprise-specific solutions.

3. Microsoft Exchange Services

WTS has got the necessary expertise that is required to offer you the best solutions from designing to the deployment of the exchange server.

4. Microsoft BI and Data Warehouse Solutions

We will assist you to optimize the flow of information in your organization, and enhance the reporting capabilities using these powerful technologies.

5. .NET Application Development Services

WTS has the team that is highly experienced and possesses expertise which can cater to all your .NET requirements for any type of app development needs.

6. Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Through the use of CRM, we assist you and integrate your sales and customer service details and help you to get a clear view of customer relations.

7. Cloud (Azure and O365)

Avail the benefits of Cloud’s seamless communication and collaboration to streamline all your business processes and data.

8. Microsoft Technologies Maintenance and Support

The WTS team of certified Microsoft professionals will proactively involve in identifying any risks and errors in your IT systems and ensure that that your business runs smoothly and without the presence of glitches.

9. WTS Microsoft Technology Expertise

The team of professional Microsoft consultants at WTS has in-depth expertise in major technologies that include the following –

✓ C#.
✓ Node.js.
✓ Dynamics.
✓ Open Source .NET Technologies.

✓ Knockout.js.
✓ Web Services.
✓ SharePoint.
✓ Silverlight.
✓ Windows.
✓ SQL Server.

WTS All-inclusive Microsoft Technology Consulting Services

The importance of Microsoft technologies to run your business is very high. An attempt to try out the implementation of these technologies and solutions without assistance from professional Microsoft consultants is way too risky. We at WTS offer services that range from Planning, Development, Deployment, Support, and Optimization.

1. WTS Microsoft SharePoint Services

One of the most popular software services that are used for content and document management is Microsoft SharePoint services. Besides, it is also popular for its System Integration, Process Integration, and Workflow Automation capabilities. The team of Microsoft SharePoint consultants at WTS understands your requirements and accordingly design a solution that is deemed fit for your needs. We will assist you test and deploy Microsoft SharePoint across your organization and then follow it up through our full-time maintenance and support.

2. WTS Microsoft Exchange Services

Besides carrying out Installations and Deployments, our teams of Microsoft exchange consultants have in-depth knowledge in Upgrading, Trouble-Shooting, Managing, and Supporting Exchange Server Installations. WTS resources are up-to-date with all the facts and information that is relevant to their field.

3. WTS Microsoft Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse Solutions

It is a known fact that organizations always look for timely, relevant, and deeper insights into their data. We at WTS can cater to your needs by providing you solutions that are highly scalable, consolidated, and cost-effective and thereby help you to manage and analyze your pivotal data.

4. WTS .NET Application Development Services

One of the important factors that are considered in an organization is interoperability between systems. Through the use of Microsoft .NET services will help ease of communication across various organizations and platforms. We at WTS have a team of experts that would assist you in leveraging your software assets to make them productive. We emphasize on having an easy deployment model and assist you in reducing complexities, streamlining your applications, and scaling down the cost of developing and maintaining the software.

5. WTS Microsoft Dynamics CRM

It is a widely acknowledged fact that customer relationship is often considered as a back support for the organization. The need for the right tools and technologies for your team of sales, marketing, and service professionals is high as it helps them evaluate as to how your firm or enterprise is being perceived by end-users. Our services will help you increase your sales, attract new prospects, delight customers, and close deals faster. All this is coupled with timely delivery and personal service in all your channels.

6. WTS Cloud (O365 and Azure)

As an organization, your preference and concentration have to be more on apps than on infrastructure. Through the use of Microsoft’s office 365 and cloud Azure and office solutions, we enable you to do that. WTS offers you highly professional Microsoft consulting services in this domain and enables you to shed off the tedious tasks of Load Balancing, Maintenance, Provisioning, Health Monitoring, etc., to us.

7. WTS Microsoft Technologies Maintenance and Support

We at WTS understand the “as-is” state of your IT assets & infrastructure and look forward to the “to-be” state. We, through our solutions, ensure that your systems are monitored, maintained, protected, and improved. We would assist you to synchronize your IT applications and business to deliver ideal value.

Our Approach

We always ensure that our approach towards work has been clear and straightforward, besides ensuring that our solutions to be kept simple. Detailed below is a portrait of our approach towards intricate assignments:

✓ Carry out the assessment of your Microsoft architecture.
✓ Understand the phenomena of how diverse applications can be integrated.
✓ Suggest and reassure the use of new techniques in architecture development.
✓ Carry out the Simplification, streamlining, and optimizing your Microsoft environment.

What Is in It for You?

By outsourcing your Microsoft consulting service needs to us, you will be able to:

✓ Know the current state and plan the required/desired state of your Microsoft enterprise architecture.
✓ Through the integration of key applications, you can recognize new business advantages.
✓ Be guaranteed that the industry’s superlative practices are employed to solve your business problems.
✓ Get higher ROI.

WTS has got enormous experience in professional Microsoft consulting services, and the team at WTS is highly qualified and certified in technologies they work on We ensure our services are inclusive in nature besides laying a strong emphasis on the quality of products/solutions developed and delivered.