User experience (UX) + User interface (UI) = Creative design.
During the design of a mobile app, one has to take into consideration the two most significant factors are Mobile UI and UX design. The design of UI/UX for your mobile app holds the key to decide whether your app will be accepted or rejected by mainstream mobile users, and can be the crucial deciding factor between the success and failure of apps.

App development

The prime factor to focus during the mobile app development phase is the end-user and how they will react with the finished product. We at Wethink Solutions understand the significance of having a superior mobile user interface and providing the best user experience to the end-user. We provide a neat, intuitive and simple app design through our mobile app UI design services, which are duly backed by our thorough research and understanding of your customer’s requirements, desires, behavior, motivation, etc.

Mobile App Design Services Offered by WTS

Design is of paramount significance because the app interface is what the end-user sees first, even before interacting with it. We carry out our thorough UX research upfront, prior to the initial app development. Our team of UX designers develop the preliminary wireframes and demonstrate the app flow, and if need be, they also develop low-fidelity prototypes, which are then used by the UI designers to create startling application landscapes. This inimitable process ensures the highly useful app features surface in the final app build, without the need of sacrificing user experience.

WTS UI/UX design services include the following:

1. Design Services of End-to-end Mobile User Interface (UI)

The success of any mobile app is predominantly dependent on the user interface. UI being the first step of interaction between the user and the app, the UI design of the app becomes a vital factor while determining the success of the mobile app.

The WTS team of mobile UI/UX designers boasts of possessing enormous expertise in developing the most attractive UI/UX designs, which will push the users to look at the various aspects of the app in detail. We provide almost services in every segment right from mobile UI to backend infrastructure. We cater to your needs of completely responsive mobile UI designs, which can be customized according to your needs, which include flat UI designs, parallax scrolling designs, apps designed according to material guidelines (Android), full-screen backgrounds, etc.

In addition to being able to provide the best mobile UI/UX design in the industry, we also cater to additional mobile interface design services which include:

✓ Responsive Web-app designs which are responsive.
✓ Application launcher designs.
✓ Design Mockups.

✓ Widget and Icon designs.
✓ Design of Wearable technology apps.
✓ Branding of Apps.

2. Next Generation Mobile User Experience (UX) Design Services

Designing the mobile app from the user’s point of view while bearing in mind how the app would be perceived and used by them is referred to be a Mobile app UX design. The capability of our team to provide consistent user experience independent of the device is due to the vast experience of us in the mobile design field. It also assists us in developing instantly recognizable, platform-specific navigation for your users.

We suppose to maximize the ease of the app and also keep the design simple. As somebody says rightly, ultimate sophistication is to keep it simple! We cater to powerful user experiences by the use of the following techniques:

✓ Focusing on the most important on-screen content.
✓ Simple, innate navigation built around guidelines for specific mobile platform.
✓ Fluidic layouts.
✓ Minimal forms.
✓ Grid style layouts.

3. Mobile UI/UX Design Consulting Services

Irrespective of how good the architecture of the mobile app is designed or how innovative the technology used looks, the success of the product is heavily dependent on the ease at which the users can use it. Establishing an emotional connection with the user is important through the app and also ensures the design of the product is user-centric and not have numerous things crowding up on the app for the viewer’s attention.

The WTS team of experienced UI/UX professionals can provide you with expert advice based on the analysis of market research data. The following are the UI/UX consulting services we provide:

✓ Proficient reviews or Pragmatic evaluations.
✓ Comparative reviews.
✓ Information architecture.
✓ Focus group studies.

Our 5-step Mobile App Design Process

To achieve a proper design of the app, it is significant that the mobile UI/UX design team does detailed research and formulates a strategically motivated approach towards the implementation of the design. Experience the expertise of WTS team executing the mobile UI/UX design using a pre-planned workflow which is clarified below:

1. Thorough Research

Prior to the designing of any UI/UX design, it is essential that the designers have a clear idea and understanding of the end-users they are supposed to address. It is to be borne in mind that the features that appear appealing to us or what we think would be attractive need not essentially be appealing to others as well, and it is of paramount importance that we understand the likes and dislikes of customer’s before the design phase. The team of designers at WTS is well trained to carry out detailed market-based research prior to going ahead with mobile UI/UX design and development, and they are professionally backed up by our excellent research and analysis team.

2. Ease of usage in Design

The emphasis of WTS is always on the usability of the design made. The definition of design for us is not how it looks rather;, it is how it functions. In addition to having an attractive interface and user experience, it is indispensable that the product also needs to have top-class functionality. We not only design but plan to create a customer’s journey while they navigate through the app and also take care with respect to features such as swipes, slide outs and drawers, etc. are incorporated in most significant and exciting ways.

3. Creation of Wireframe

The development phase of the mobile app comprises of this very critical and crucial step, wherein we try to represent features of user interface and visualize the data structures. These enable us to carry out initial testing of navigation, workflows, complete data structure, and thus assist in establishing effective communication between our team members. It is a preliminary step where we ensure that presentation of the right information in the right way, at the right place, and at the right time.

4. Implementation / Prototyping

The prototype is a draft version of the end product, which provides us with a detailed representation of the user interface. This aspect of following a prototype allows our team of designers to check the overall functionality and usability of all the features prior to the actual full-blown development. WTS team uses this step to see the overall working of the app and work on any errors and shortfalls.

5. Usability Testing

We then carry out user testing and try to identify flaws and get them corrected. Wethink conducts user testing in order to perform a detailed analysis to convert the data into feasible improvements in design. The occurrence of flaws is not seen as a negative response, but we use it to improvise the design in the succeeding re-iterations.

Software Expertise of Wethink solutions

It is highly important that the development of the app should aim at ease of usage. Instead, if the same causes difficulties in usage, the users would be forced to look beyond us and would probably never return back. Only the effect of good user experience can create a favorable and long-lasting impression on the user. We at WTS believe that through the use of the best design software, we can cater to the client’s needs and facilitate them with superlative mobile interface design services. Enlisted below are some of the latest tools we use:

Why Choose WTS for Mobile UI/UX Design?

Experience the expertise and service of our team of vastly experienced mobile app UI/UX designers to turn your thoughts into realities. We ensure that we showcase your company and brand in the best possible light through our designs. Some of our distinguished features are:

✓ Our app designs adhere to the Modern Windows 10 app guidelines, Material design guidelines & Apple design guidelines and are based on the platform you want to develop for.
✓ We cater to your needs of developing attractive mobile app designs at most affordable prices.
✓ WTS designers have hands-on experience in developing apps compatible with multiple devices, screen sizes, and resolutions.
✓ We have an enormous experience of over 15 years in the mobile app UI/UX design industry.
✓ Concentrate more on your major tasks by outsourcing your mobile app design requirements.
✓ WTS is known for its abilities to deliver promising and high-quality products in a swift turnaround time.

Hire Wethink Solutions for the Best-quality Mobile App Designs!

With its vast experience and presence of a talented UI/UX team, WTS has provided services for various clients and renowned companies globally and has assisted them in shaping up hundreds of mobile apps for them. Our ability to perform extensive pre-design research and planning and ability to attract customers with our well-executed designs is what makes us stand out from the crowd. WTS mobile app developer's team possesses the expertise and ability to develop apps for multiple mobile platforms such as iOS, Windows, and Android.

WTS adheres to the best industry standards and methodologies to cater to your requirements and would provide you with only the best in class UI/UX designs along with other mobile development services. Have you got any mobile app design requirements? Feel free to Get in contact with us now or talk to one of our reps, and we will reach back to you within 24 hours.