Are you in need of a specialized & inventive mobile app for your business needs or looking to create a gaming app? Or do you wish to reach out to other platforms with the app already existing but limited to a single platform? Well, Wethink Solutions’ mobile app development services are what would complete your needs! For the last 10 years, we have been developing abundant mobile applications for clients with global presence belonging to various industrial verticals and helping their business to achieve profitability, and we are confident we can assist you in achieving the same. The list of our services include –

Software Testing Services

Android App

Windows App

Hybrid App

Software Testing Services

Development of iOS Apps

With the help of our cross-functional team and by collaborating with the clients, we help the clients by developing inventive and insightful iOS (iPhone and iPad) apps that are not only in alignment with their business objectives but also have the capability to capture the booming iOS app market. We make use of Swift and Objective-C to create customized apps that can be used for enterprise or commercial requirements of the clients.

Development of Android Apps

WTS offers cost-efficient and reliable app development services for all popular OS around the world, which includes even the sensational Android OS. We develop Android apps for clients with diverse industrial verticals, businesses, and startups by making use of different frameworks and developmental tools. We adhere to the standard Material Design guidelines to create sustainable apps for a huge amount of Android platforms like Kotlin, Android TV, Android Wear, Android phone, tablets, etc.

Development of Windows Apps

We always emphasize on understanding your idea of the app and the anticipated user base and sequentially offer solutions for your Windows app development needs and the same is followed by wireframing, architectural design, development and prototype testing to ensure that the app is developed within the agreed time frame and in the most affordable manner to suit for your requirements.

We have been developing build consistent, functional, and high-performance oriented Universal Windows Apps (Windows Phone, Tablet, and Desktop) for our clients who have a global presence for over a decade now. Glance through the case study to understand how we developed a customized Windows mobile app solution to track and control warehousing, inventory & more for one of our clients.

Hybrid/Cross-platform App Development

We possess the requisite expertise to develop cross-platform/hybrid mobile apps, which are principally built using HTML5 and JavaScript and then wrapped in a thin, lightweight native container for superior functionality. The teams of mobile app developers at WTS ensure fast-track and low-cost development of cross-platform apps that support all popular mobile platforms, including iOS, Android, and Windows, and suit the client requirements.

Native Mobile App Development

We ensure the development of native mobile apps is done keeping in view of design principles of the OS, the in-app UI, and the overall app functionality so that they can be used with ease and at a quick speed. With a team of developers who are proficient and experts in the use of development tools such as Xcode and Objective-C for iOS, Eclipse, and Java for Android, XAML, and C# for Windows, etc., we ensure your project always finishes on agreed timelines and within the agreed budget.

Additional Services

✓ Desktop Application Development.
✓ Augmented Reality App Development.
✓ Phonegap Application Development.
✓ Apple Watch App Development Services.
✓ Mobile Website Design Services.
✓ Mobile Web App Development Services.
✓ M-Commerce Development.
✓ Blackberry App Development.
✓ Xamarin Development Services.
✓ IPAD App Development Services.

✓ Mobile App Design Services.
✓ iPhone App Development.
✓ App Development With Swift.
✓ React Native Development.
✓ Arabic App Development Services.
✓ Mobile Game Development.
✓ Mobile App Testing.
✓ J2ME App Development.
✓ iBeacon App Development Services.
✓ DevOps Software Development.

With an enormous increase in the population of Smartphones and Tablet computers, mobile apps development has become crucial for achieving a consumer-focused and customer-centric business. The importance of the same apps has increased many folds because of the very reason that they facilitate business-consumer interaction. According to the available statistics, the collective mobile app store revenue on a worldwide basis amounted to $69.7 billion U.S. dollars and is projected to generate $188.9 billion U.S. dollars in revenues and also expected to increase further.

With the entry of various modern mobile Operating Systems like Android, iOS, and Windows, the mobile apps market has grown beyond imagination, and the same phenomena have presented an opportunity to take your business to over a billion end users. Outsource your mobile app development needs to Wethink Solutions and get feature-rich mobile app development services that ensure your ideas are implemented, and an app is developed which represents and suits your business needs perfectly.

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Why Choose Wethink solutions for Mobile App Development?

1. Devoted Team

Prior to the start of a project, we bring together a team which can suit and understand every aspect of your requirements and works dedicatedly on your project. Our mobile developers bring to the table a minimum of 5 years of experience and expertise in the development of enterprise, e-commerce, gaming and utility apps.

2. Lean Development Phase

Having been in the industry for about a decade, we understand that software development is more of a dynamic process, and it is highly impossible to foresee each and every situation that might occur during development. However, with a team that has proven track record, years of domain expertise, unmatchable experience, and our reliance on proven development methodologies and strategies will ensure delivery of a high-quality mobile application suiting all your needs and requirements.

3. Uninterrupted Solutions

We at Wethink solutions strongly believe that the mere development of an app is not our role, but also we ensure we support the client but based on their requirements. Apart from the developmental phase, we also provide on-going support for apps, which includes regular maintenance and updates so as to engage as well as draw-in new users.

4. Competitive Pricing and Strict TAT

The services of Wethink solutions are highly cost-effective and reliable. We make the best possible efforts to ensure you receive the highest return on your investment by providing you with a feature-complete and a precisely tailored app suiting your requirements within the stipulated time period.

5. Transparency

Through our dedicated project managers, we ensure you are always kept within the loop through regular Skype/conference calls, email updates, daily status reports, and even onsite visits if necessary, during each and every stage of the product development cycle in order to ensure the final build of the mobile app is always as specified by you.

Outsource your Mobile App Development requirements to Wethink Solutions

We at Wethink solutions offer our clients nothing but the best in class services, and we adhere to the best practices in the industry, while still ensuring we charge considerably lower development costs in comparison to all our competitors. Wethink solutions has a talented team of mobile app developers, a highly effective, streamlined 8-step mobile app development process, and, more notably, the ability to raise up to meet your requirements. Outsource your mobile app development needs to us and avail the advantage of having access to a range of benefits.