With the enormous growth in the mobile market, app stores are flooded and are continuing to flood with millions of app which are present across various app stores. The presence of enormous mobile users who download these apps and use it regularly is one reason for the above. These users expect the apps to work with no flaws and inherently wish the apps to keep them engaged for longer time periods. This requirement of the user is of utmost importance, and this is the very reason mobile testing plays a crucial role prior to the launch of the app.

The WTS team of mobile application testing experts has been providing pioneering services in the testing of mobile apps to globally renowned clients at very competitive prices. The experts and professionals in our mobile application testing team understand the various business needs of our clients and ensure the app is tested for different screen sizes, usage patterns, resolutions, memory usage, and network connectivity, etc.

Wethink’s Mobile App Testing Services

With the ever-increasing competition, there is a never-ending race to develop mobile apps, and trying to market quickly, almost a major chunk of developers are missing out on carrying out many exhaustive developers miss out on exhaustive mobile app testing. In order to develop a successful app, it is important to provide end-user the best user experience and ensure that they don’t face any problem while making use of the app. Such an application development strategy, therefore, requires that the app is tested thoroughly, and all bugs are removed prior to its launch.

We have been in the industry for the past 10+ years and have been providing reliable and high-quality testing services for our clients. We strongly believe that mobile testing requires barter and needs making important choices with regards to the suitable testing techniques to be used. Nevertheless, many testing techniques have their own pros and cons, and we distinguish our techniques by combining the right variant of tests to test your app exhaustively.

Listed below are a few services that are offered by us:

✓ Testing of Mobile Functionality.
✓ Testing Mobile User Experience.
✓ Automation of Mobile Tests.
✓ Testing of Mobile Performance.
✓ Supporting of Device Lab Setup.

✓ Testing of Mobile Compatibility.
✓ W3C/HIG Compliance Testing.
✓ Localization Testing.
✓ Testing of Mobile Security.
✓ Testing of Mobile Infrastructure.

Along with the above mentioned, we also perform in-depth tests for various mobile usability factors which include:

✓ Size of the Screen/Resolution.
✓ Bugs specific to the device.
✓ Sign-up and Log-in Processes.
✓ Search.
✓ Interaction Design.
✓ Discoverability.

✓ Detection of Device.
✓ Touch Targets.
✓ Performance of Network.
✓ Location Functions.
✓ Forms.
✓ Navigation.

Wethink’s Mobile Application Testing Process

Testing of Mobile apps is not easier when compared to the testing of desktop apps or web applications. The availability of high-quality testing tools for mobile apps or the device fragmentation, which is specific to Android platforms is major bottlenecks. And having knowledge of the same, we have formulated our app testing process to support the stringiest of client demands. Our detailed process of testing is shown below-

1. Preparation of Test Case

2. Identification and Modification of Automated Script

3. Manual /Automated Testing

4. Testing of Usability

5. Testing of Performance

6. Testing of Compliance and Security

7. Device Testing

Tools and Technologies for Mobile App Testing

The WTS team comprising of highly qualified and professionals have been catering to the needs of global clients. They possess the required skills and are trained to work on diverse testing tools and technologies. Some of them include:

Why Choose Wethink for Mobile App Testing Services?

The WTS team has got experienced and highly skilled mobile app testers who can provide you with excellent mobile application testing services, and we help you by developing a successful app and reducing the development cost, time and efforts. Some of our key distinguishing factors include:

✓ Futuristic mobile testing infrastructure.
✓ Periodic feedback to customers with a detailed performance report.
✓ Virtual test labs with more than 3000 devices.
✓ Access to pre-market devices on a case-to-case basis.

✓ Proven testing methodologies.
✓ Cost-effective services.
✓ Access to a wide range of emulators.
✓ Availability of Cloud testing on request.

Get your Mobile App Tested by Wethink Solutions Today!

With an ever increase in the development of apps following an enormous demand from consumers, the need for mobile app testing is at an all-time high. An all-inclusive mobile app testing plan gives our clients and their customers confidence in the app's function across varying devices with changes in screen size, resolution, hardware backdrop, operating systems, and across the vary of network operators.

We at Wethink ensure our mobile app testing plan follows a streamlined process to test various parameters of mobile apps. We have served various clients who have a global presence, with our experience of almost a decade in the mobile app development and testing domain. The WTS team can cater to the needs of clients who require app testing services for mobiles with various platforms like Android, iOS, and Windows, etc.