“Mobile apps and mobile websites may seem similar, but they are not. After carefully analyzing which one is most suitable for your business, you can decide between web and app development.”

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, with a dream of starting an innovative business, there must be certain questions you have to answer. 


What are you offering? 

Who are your customers? 

How are you going to reach your customers?


The answer to the first and second questions must be in your mind already. But when it comes to the third one, yup. Right there… Am I sensing confusion? Well don’t worry, it’s quite common.

Reaching your target customers is a vital part of your success. And now, everyone knows that the best way to do that is online.

Digital platforms are giving a cheap and easy way of reaching an audience. But the fact you should know, and might be interested in is that, the medium through which people are accessing the digital world is changing. 

From the width of desktop views, the online world is now expanding to smaller screens. Yup, the world is in their mobile devices now. 

 From the confusion between offline and offline media, we are now stuck in between the dilemma between online media and the other online media, the mobile. 

And as half of the world is now accessing business and services via mobile, the decision regarding how to represent your business has come down to two options; 

A mobile app, and mobile website. 

Now, what are mobile apps and the web? What are the factors to be considered before choosing between these two? What should you choose for your business as a startup? 

Well, let’s find out! 


Mobile app

A mobile app is a software program that can be downloaded from a platform, usually device-specific portals or app stores on your mobile device.  Everyone is familiar with mobile apps, as they are an important part of our day-to-day lives. 

An app can be either a native one specific to each mobile operating system or a hybrid, which can run on different platforms with a single code base. 


Advantages of a mobile app

  • Customization

A mobile app can provide a unique and personalized experience for users.  It allows setting preferences, allows synchronization and use of other mobile functions, and also saves and shares useful information. This enhances the user experience. 


  • Comfort

Apps are more and are convenient to use. An app ensures real-time accessibility anytime and anywhere, making it more convenient. 


  • Availability

An app can be accessed both online and offline. So even if the users are not connected to the internet, they can enjoy the benefits of an app. 


Disadvantages of mobile apps. 

  • Compatibility

The main issue with an app is that it should be made separately for different operating systems of smartphone devices. That’s a costly and time-consuming process. 


  • Updates and maintenance. 

Even after the initial installment, the app needs to be constantly maintained. You will have to give updates, and the users have to download and install it again. That may be an extra task for them. 

So that’s about mobile apps, and it’s pros and cons. Now let’s see what a mobile website is. 


Mobile website

On the other hand, a mobile website is an application that can be accessed through your browser, with no need for separate downloads or installations. A mobile website is tailored specifically for mobile phone usage, with great adaptability to the small display and touch screen usage. 


Advantages of a mobile website. 


  • Compatibility

A mobile website is easy to use. It is simple to navigate and can be accessed on different devices. It provides a better user experience


  • Easy to maintain

As compared to apps, mobile website development and maintenance are easy. It does not have to be downloaded into the device, so updates and maintenance won’t be a problem. 


  • Reach

A mobile website has a better reach than an app, as it is compatible with every device. It helps you reach a larger audience by opting for single mobile web development. 


Disadvantages of mobile websites. 


  • User experience. 

Sometimes, the website may not provide a good user experience, as fitting a web page into a small screen may not work out. This affects the UX of the website and the overall experience. 


  • Offline accessibility

Websites need networks to operate. They are not accessible without the internet, which limits the usage of a website. 

So as we can see, mobile apps and websites are different and have their pros and cons. So while deciding upon what to choose between web and app development, considering some critical factors related to your business may Help you.


Factors to consider before deciding between web and app development for your startup. 

  • Budget

The first and main thing to consider? Of course your budget! You must have a fair estimation of how much budget you have to spend online. You have to think about future updates and developments also. 

For someone in the starting stage, it is better to work on mobile web development first. It is a cheaper option. And in the future, you can develop a business phone app also. 


  • Type of business. 

 Consider what you are offering. Is it a product? Are you a service-based firm? What formalities and procedures are involved? Does it include navigation, booking, or cash transactions? 

Based on the mode of operation, degree of requirement, and type of product/service, you can find the most suitable choice between mobile website application development or business phone app development. 


  • Usage frequency. 

Is what you offer a necessity? Do people need to have access to you on a daily or hourly basis? How frequently do they have to contact you? 

You can decide between a web or an app based on the frequency needs. If it has to be accessed frequently, an app would be a better option. 


  • Need for improvements. 

Will your online platform has to undergo frequent updates and improvements? How often does it have to be done? 

If you have to change your content repeatedly, a website will be a better option. And you can opt for a business phone app after stabilizing. 


  • Competition

Another major factor to consider is your competition. What are they doing? Which is the platform through which their business operates. 

Knowing this and adapting to match your competitors is essential for gaining a competitive advantage and a position in the market. 


Mobile App or Mobile website;What is best for a startup? 


Now that you have gone through the advantages and disadvantages of web and app. And the factors to consider before choosing between web and app development. It’s time to decide what is the best one for you. 

Well, it is your call. As I said earlier, it depends upon the nature of the business and the audience you are targeting. 

If you want to reach a large audience in less time with a low budget, websites are the best choice. Whereas, if you have to keep constant connections and need more engagements, a business phone app is the one. 

If you are still confused, you can always call wethinksolution. We are happy to assist you. 

Choose the beneficial one. Think about which one would be effective for your business. You can always choose the other one after some time. Having both a website and an app is the perfect blend for your success. 

If you have decided upon web or app development, we can help you with that. Contact us. There is an expert team of web and app developers, ready to convert your startup idea into the most suitable online platform.