The growth of the mobile game industry is leaps and bounds with the current advancements being made in mobile phone hardware and software. With smartphones becoming more dominant and vibrant, most AAA mobile phone games look highly elegant and are comparable to their console counterparts. As per the latest studies, mobile games make up 23% of all apps in the Android, iOS, Windows, and Blackberry stores, with almost 53% of the mobile phone users playing mobile games daily!

Wethink Solutions understands the fact that most independent developers, unlike large studios, have to develop games without access to an established third-party game engine, and if the developer is inexperienced, this can lead to expensive development mistakes and affect the time-to-market thereby even reducing the brand image. The unbeatable strategy for game development at wethink solutions, for smartphones, follows a simple, streamlined procedure while making use of the talent and creativity of highly qualified and professional game designers, developers, and razor-sharp quality control analysts to help you in producing the best gaming app.

Our Mobile Game Development Services for Android, iOS, and Windows

Wethink solutions has access to skilled artists and designers, modelers, illustrators, riggers, animators, programmers, etc. and also the illimitable access world-class mobile game development team, which works hard to bring your ideas to realization. Our mobile app development services include-

1. iOS Game Development

In the recent past, iOS has emerged as one of the most popular game development platforms, and the wethink solutions game development team can provide ample support for the entire game delivery cycle; from product management, application development, prototyping, UX/UI tweaking, animation, to QA and deployment. If need be, we will also help you with the Apple app store certification and provide adequate maintenance support. Our games developed by us also support the integration with the iOS game center for enhanced user satisfaction.

Compared to most of our competitors, our developers are adept at various iOS-specific game engines such as iTorque, Kobold 2D, etc. and can leverage the powers of the iOS 9 SDK, including GameplayKit and Model I/O.

2. Android Game Development

Android mobile game development is a lucrative opportunity for any Android developer; since the market share is as high as 82.8% of when it comes to smartphone operating platforms. However, the competition in comparison to iOS is tough because of the free-to-use developer tools that the Android SDK and Eclipse provide. Through our experienced assistance, you not only can create an elegant game that sets itself apart from the overabundance of mobile games available in the Google Play Store. We also include extensive support for Google Play Services natively.

We possess the required proficiency in the usage of various Android-specific and third-party game engines such as Unity Mobile, Corona SDK, Cocos2Dx, and Libgdx, along with others.

3. Windows Game Development

The task of yours in creating a Windows 10 game on the new Universal Windows Platform (UWP) becomes easier with the help of our skilled developers while taking necessary steps to ensure the interoperability between various Windows 10 platforms, including Phones, Tablets, Desktops, and even Xbox! This very feature would also further ensure that your game can be used by more people, leading to the receipt of better revenues.

The teams of developers at Wethink solutions is highly proficient at the latest Microsoft Visual Studio development environment, and make the best use of the power of the latest Windows 10 APIs, DirectX 12, etc. for a cost-effective and efficient Windows mobile game development.

Wethink solutions Technical Proficiency in Mobile Game Development

We stretch ourselves to the extremes in order to build an Android, iOS, or Windows game in comparison with most of our competitors. Wethink solutions has access to a variety of game engines through which we can help you build a visually spectacular game with picture-perfect 2D/3D graphic representation, in-game physics, sounds, animation, and player AI.

We can support game development services for smartphones which use the following popular engines -

Through the use of our broad knowledge of game development services for mobile devices, we can also deliver cross-platform and native mobile phone games which feature the following-

✓ Unique character/weapon modeling.
✓ GUI functionality.
✓ Rigging and animation.
✓ Game environment modeling.

✓ Intuitive UX/UI.
✓ Lighting and lightmapping.
✓ In-depth Notification support.
✓ Character scripting.

Our Mobile Game Development Process

Have you got an intersting idea for a game but are uncertain about how to turn it into reality? Well, you have landed in the right place. Experience our hassle-free smartphone game development process through which we deliver a high-quality end-product and also ensure you have peace of mind. Our process includes the following steps-

1. Requirement Analysis

We ensure that we evaluate your idea and discuss your concept in a manner that would be most beneficial for you. We then create the final document including the major project milestones.

2. Game Design

An initial design style is selected based on the inputs given by you and also based on the narrative of the game. An initial draft is then prepared, and upon your approval, it is finalized and improvised accordingly.

3. Game Development

We initiate by creating all the in-game resources, carry out the coding of game mechanics, and developing well fit character animations. The above step is succeeded by level design and UI element integration.

4. Quality Analysis

We ensure that the developed code is proper and perfect through our team of Quality testers. The team then checks the game's compatibility with different smartphone models in order to ensure streamlined gameplay across all devices.

5. Delivery

We would send the final version to you, or also if need be, publish it to the respective app store.

Why should I Outsource Mobile Game Development to Wethink?

Wethink solutions has been a pioneer in providing elegant, multilevel, and addictive mobile phone gaming services to esteemed and globally renowned clients for the past 14 years at cost-effective rates. Our key differentiating factors include-

1. Quality

We implement and follow six sigma methodologies to ensure a high-quality final product for our clients. Regardless of the project complexity, we ensure to provide ample time for stringent QA testing and last-minute changes, if any through our streamlined project execution.

2. Security

The projects taken up by us are bound by strict NDAs, ensuring no leaks whatsoever about your upcoming project, as well as ensuring peace-of-mind for you. The solitary ownership of the project always vestiges under your name as well.

3. Expertise

We have been working with globally renowned entrepreneurs and large-scale game studios since the origin of the smartphone, and our expertise would help to convert your idea into beautiful, engaging games for a mobile phone platform of your choice.

4. 3600 Solution

In contrast to most other gaming studios, our expertise lies not only in providing customized solutions based on your needs and requirements but also serves as a one-stop-shop for all your mobile game development wants. The Wethink solutions niche expertise also extends to enable porting games from one platform to another, check with on UX and UI designs based on an operating system's design language, performing the engine bug fixing, an in-game texture, and mapping, designing concept arts, etc. with ease.

Choose Wethink Solutions for High-quality Mobile Game Development

Our esteemed and pioneering mobile app development background and our ability to deliver end-to-end server development and game client services for various devices like mobiles, tablets, and even PCs ensure you will never have to look elsewhere for high-quality game development for smartphones at most affordable prices.

Get in touch with us now for a zero obligation quote! We will be glad to develop AAA games as per your inimitable needs.