Have you realized that somewhere between a desktop-only website user and 75% of users who carry their smartphone to the washroom, you could be losing a prospective business opportunity to the current trends of competition? If you haven’t created a mobile-friendly website yet, then its time to scale your business website to provide desktop-like experience to smartphone users irrespective of the operating platform. Mobile website design isn’t a future thought. It’s a present.

Wethink Solutions has got the required expertise and skill to enable small businesses to own a world-class website that is trendy, design rich, and possess the ability to support across current and future mobile platforms. Are you wondering how important is this for your business? A recent Research says 84% of businesses have experienced an increase in sales once they become mobile. Why do you want to be left behind? When your competitors are already winning with powerful mobile website design. Outsource your mobile website design service needs to WTS and build traction with your predictions and stay ahead of the competition.

Fact Check of Mobile Website Design

A proper look at the available statistics and you would say, it’s easy to see why mobile web experience has picked up with backing up from innumerable businesses worldwide. With an increase in the number of users relying on smartphones for convenience, desktop browsing has taken a back seat.Listed below are some quick facts to back the narrative –

1.  Amongst the global Web traffic, 13.2% is represented by mobile users.

2. Close to about 49% of the domestic searches comprises of the mobile audience.

3. 26% of the content on the Internet is consumed by users via the mobile phone alone.

4. Over and about 1.08 Billion adults use their smartphones for online shopping and other internet activities.

5. 59% of users have found comfort in switching over to mobile browsing from the conventional desktop.

Mobile Website Design Services We Offer

WTS has the expertise in mobile web design and is known for offering promising web design solutions that enable B2B and B2C businesses worldwide to launch a mobile-friendly website that would imitate the desktop web experience to move in the way of profitable sales. We can create expert UI/UX, which reflects the business USP right from the minute a prospective customer lands on the website. We ensure that the website delivers precisely across every mobile platform without the necessity of providing it with a platform-specific design. The following are the mobile website design services offered by WTS-

1. Custom Mobile Design

WTS follows a strategic plan while providing website development solutions for your organizations. When WTS is chosen to provide mobile-friendly website development solutions suiting to your needs, we will carry out a detailed analysis of your website and generate a detailed roadmap to make your website receptive to end-user inputs and browsing behavior. We make use of the trending design concepts and will bring an efficient desktop browsing experience to your fingertips at a fraction of the cost. Furthermore, we use Media Queries to implement responsive design for flawless navigation of the website irrespective of device resolution.

2. Mobile SEO

We cater to the needs of your back end team to make it easier for them to track website performance, and we also offer personalized assistance to mobile web users by having clear know-how of their preferences. In order to achieve the same, we ensure we design analytics-enabled websites that would collect usage statistics in real-time to enable optimization of design and functionality.

3. Mobile Web Application Development

WTS has got the required expertise and a team of skilled professionals who can be relied on to develop high-quality mobile web applications that would enable you to add more users to your pre-existing customer base. Our team has got the required expertise to build zero-glitch web applications that will perform flawlessly across various web browsers such as Mozilla, Chrome, Opera, IE0, and Safari as well as various mobile platforms such as iOS, Android, and Microsoft.

4. Mobile Web Social Media Integration

By making the best use of our years of experience, we can also assist you in designing websites with social sharing options and enable the reduction of efforts of social media users to discover and reach your business website from integrated social channels. By accomplishing the integration of your website with social media, we can make your website accessible to social media and direct traffic without pushing the limits of mobile marketing.

5. Mobile E-commerce Competence

We at WTS have a team of experienced and specialist developers who can cater to your needs of creating customized design for your e-Commerce business needs. We do that with high accuracy to render product and service information on the user's device at a well-suited resolution and shorter loading time. This unique feature would enable shoppers to get store-like experience by interacting with various options, menu, and buttons. The bespoke design would allow product exploration as per their choices and without losing the functionality.

PageSpeed Insights

We at WTS follow PageSpeed strategies to curtail the website loading time across multiple browsers.

Download "PageSpeed Insights - Best Practices"

Read through a very highly informative whitepaper that includes and details information on how we speed up the website loading time across multiple browsers.

Website Design Process We Follow

Right from the instance, you outsource your mobile website design service needs to WTS; we ensure that your business website is efficient and user-oriented across desktop machines and a gamut of mobile gadgets with diverse resolutions. This process of enabling your website to deliver precisely across multiple gadgets with multiple specifications requires magnificent design skills and specific development software. The following are the steps involved in our translucent process flow which is involved in designing a highly responsive mobile website-

1. Discovery of Prerequisites

We at WTS would work along with you and find out your requirements, and the proposal of the project would be designed accordingly, suiting your requirements. It will be carried forwarded to the next stage after taking your approval.

2. Creation of Mobile Website Design Prototype

Post completion of the first step, we will select an experienced team of mobile UI/UX design and developers to design a prototype, which would include functionalities discussed during the period we worked together.

3. Implementation of Mobile Website Design

The front-end and back-end requirements are catered to by our team, and the design will begin in full flow right from the ground to up as per the approved and agreed plan.

4. Testing of Mobile Website Performance

We shall now head to the implementation stage. The developed design is run through testing suites and would supply inputs to designers if the website design is sustaining across multiple resolutions and browsers without any loss of functionality.

5. Website Delivery

Upon completion of the tests and the design complies with the acceptance test parameters, we take a final approval from you, and the project will be completed. We provide and deployment support thereafter.

6. Routine Update & Maintenance

After the deployment of the app, we will roll out regular updates based on end-user inputs and the need for additional optimization (if any)

Why Choose Responsive Website Design Services from Wethink Solutions?

The sustenance of your business goals with the help of desktop-only website can increase your problems, by increasing your prospect's comfort with those businesses which woo people through mobile-friendly sites. Why do you wish this to happen to you when you can draw more gazes by providing the most matchless web experience anytime, anywhere? We strive to achieve the same at WTS. By learning a few important things from the best mobile website design practices, we can also achieve enriching web experience like never before.

Enlisted below are more reasons why we are a trusted, responsive web designing company in India-

1. Certified Responsive Mobile Website Design Service Company

Our capability and expertise of refurbishing droning websites with resourcefulness we have been able to rule the industry for 15 years. WTS capability of steadfast commitment to developing websites with the latest design principles related to mobile websites have earned us a greater recognition as well as the ISO 9001:2015 certification.

2. Data Security

The ability to design an amiable website is one important thing, and obliging clients to trust us with confidence is another. Nevertheless, with ISO/ICE 27001:2013 certification, we dismiss any bit of doubt in your mind whether you can trust us with confidentiality or not. Furthermore, being contractually bound to terms of non-disclosure, the professionals who are a part of our design and development team, are only limited to core design and development, and we assure complete confidentiality regarding the same.

3. High Accuracy and Quality Web Design Service

The prime concern of businesses is about a lazy approach to the development of mobile websites, which is the prime reason behind the glitchy performance, which users tend to ignore. WTS ensures that after every stage of development, we measure the progress by carrying out testing of UI modules to ensure smooth and safe experience to web users.

4. Swift Turnaround

We often encounter clients who have got no time and expect a quick mobile-friendly website, which is to be deployed immediately. Having been in the industry for 15 long years and familiar with the industry standards we possess the expertise and understand what it takes to implement mobile website design services with-in no time, thereby enabling you can start capturing possible business opportunity that is otherwise moving towards other competitors.

5. Scalability

The WTS mobile website design principles are focused on making websites more user-friendly and scalable. The prime reason for the same is our esteemed clients deserve cost-effective options to evolve their website to keep up with the upcoming trends.

6. Pocket-friendly Pricing Options

The WTS mobile website design services are flexibly priced suit to your preferences so that you will no longer need to worry about opting for the whole package if you have custom specific requirements. We provide the option of working along with our representative and enabling you to choose the services that fit within your budget before heading to the next stage.

7. Single-point Contact

We have observed many of the people having a unique concern, which is going through lengthier channels to get project updates; the above factor is an important factor while choosing a mobile web Design Company. Experience the hassle-free and professional service by us, where we will allocate a dedicated project manager who will be your single point of contact for any updates, training needs.

8. Web Design Tools & Software

We have observed many of the people having a unique concern, which is going through lengthier channels to get project updates; the above factor is an important factor while choosing a mobile web Design Company. Experience the hassle-free and professional service by us, where we will allocate a dedicated project manager who will be your single point of contact for any updates, training needs.

9. Skilled and Experienced Team of designers, Coding, and Website UX Developers

WTS team of professionals includes web design specialists, testers, UI/UX designers, project managers, and web developers who come with an enormous 10+ years of experience. The team of WTS is a bunch of zealous people who strive hard and push to extremes with the sole aim of giving your website an unrivaled appeal and distinction to stand out from the rest.

10. Contemporary Infrastructure

The capability of us to provide you with seamless services is largely due to the infrastructure. We rely on the latest technologies and security infrastructure to complete the mobile website design projects within a predetermined time. WTS facility and its security are also counted as a key part of our success. The prime reason for our belief being WTS global delivery centers is housed with everything that makes it deliver finished requirements in a way that brings you the most contentment.

11. Secure Data Exchange

WTS always emphasizes on secured data exchange to and from its clients. WTS has implemented secure FTP and VPN, and data sharing over these can help you mitigate risks that accompany in sharing files over the internet. Our sharing channels are regularly monitored to put a stop to vulnerabilities that can result in loss of data.

12. Availability over Round-the-clock

WTS team works across all time zones, and clients can contact us at any instant. We are ready to help on a 24/7/365 basis, and our customer support lines are available round the clock and round the year. This will enable you to interact with our representatives to help you in every possible way.