Pharmaceutical market research forms a part of the critical activities required for the pharmaceutical industry, apart from the core R&D activities. Outsourcing of pharmaceutical research services has opened up vast opportunities for pharmaceutical companies by providing noteworthy R&D support.

Wethink solutions have a team of pharmaceutical research experts who have a strong educational background and experience in pharmaceutical market research activities. We would assist you in accomplishing all the goals of your company with a detailed pharmaceutical market research and clinical research services at the most affordable prices in the outsourcing industry.

The pharmaceutical research expert team at wethink solutions consists of Phds, chemists, biologists and MBAs who scrupulously investigate and drill down into every minute detail of information you require from the research activity. We also assist pharmaceutical companies in their branding and market-related activities for an increased selling and market reach.

Spectrum of pharmaceutical research services at Flatworld Solutions

1. Affinity analysis

With an aim to help you to test the waters at the market, we perform the affinity analysis to get prudence of the trends and opportunities. This helps find the similarities of any kind between different activities.

2. Market basket analysis

Market basket analysis is one of the widely used types of affinity analysis and deals with consumer behavioural analysis and provides information with respect to behavioural patterns of purchase behaviour of consumers with respect to combinations of products that they buy.

3. Market share analysis

This analysis helps you to understand your position with respect to the market share compared with your competitors and would help you to increase your market share with the best product combinations.

4. Prescription analysis

The importance of prescription analysis in a pharmaceutical company is ineffable, and the same gives a micro perception of the company’s position in the market.

5. Branding and positioning analysis

A detailed branding and positioning analysis will give an insight into the strategies which are working and which are not with respect to your existing branding and positioning strategies.

6. Physician/Medical Practitioners research

The behaviour of medical practitioners has a direct influence on the company’s market share, and it is always important to prepare the product accordingly to target them. We think solutions have the requisite expertise to study the preferences and influences that have a critical influence on the decision made by the physicians.

Wethink solutions pharma market research proficiency

For all the above-mentioned research functions, we utilize our expertise in the following

✓ Pharmaceutical Market Landscape and Assessment Services.
✓ Pharmaceutical Competitive Intelligence Research Services.
✓ Intellectual Property and Open Innovation Services.
✓ Market Forecast and Analysis Services.
✓ Medical Writing Services.
✓ Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) Services.

✓ Creation of database.
✓ Text Mining.
✓ Web Mining.
✓ Numerical Data Mining.
✓ Data Analysis.

Choose Wethink solutions for your pharmaceutical research services

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