The power of Social media is unquestionable. It is the world’s most robust and most powerful network, with three billion+ users connected online. It takes a lot of planning to reach millions of people with your message. You also need to be knowledgeable about information channels and social media. Facebook, for example, is the most well-known social media network. It has 1.1 billion users worldwide. With over 500 million users, Twitter is a powerful tool that allows you to connect and engage with existing and potential customers. YouTube, the video-sharing website, has more than a billion users. People watch hundreds of millions of hours every day on YouTube.

Social Media Power and Impact

Social media has three billion users. Its impact and power do not end online. Instead, it is a part of a larger sphere. Although social media may create some buzz around a topic or subject, it can also make substantial public opinion.

Recruitment Tool

The recruitment industry is gradually monitoring and regulating social networking. Many recruiters now use social media to source and hire candidates. Recognizing the potential of social media over the past 10 years, many recruitment agencies have used it positively towards their company’s goals, time and objectives. Individuals have the opportunity to use Facebook and Youtube to communicate, share opinions, learn, and even apply for jobs.

Awareness tool

It can be used to spread awareness. It can be used to inform others about dangerous routes or share information about tragic events. Immigrants can use social media to reach out to their countrymen once they have arrived in a new country. They can find information on visas, permits, government authorities and what it costs.

The democratic and political tool

Social media is also a new platform and a tool for democracy. Millions can share and discuss their views and even form political opinions. Political campaigners and organizers can also use social media as a platform to build a political market where candidates, officials and political parties can create public opinion in their desired direction.

Therefore, political campaigners know the power of social media. Therefore, they must invest in digital marketing campaigns to be competitive with their counterpart parties.

Commercial aspects

Social media’s potential has attracted substantial commercial interest. This has led to a surge in the number of companies looking to exploit this medium. With the rise of many thousand organizations around the globe, social media has become a business. In addition to driving Facebook users to their websites using marketing promotions, Google and Facebook are excellent examples of large multinational corporations that have used them to pull information from the users for their marketing strategies.

Social media risks

Social media can target similar-minded individuals and groups, which risks people, especially young people. This is because they could be exposed to political propaganda, and extremist groups like racists, paedophiles, terrorists – can easily find and create their forums.

Why choose Social Media?

Trust is the biggest obstacle to your conversions. You can build trust with social media in a cost-effective, efficient and effective manner. However, you must be a good person to start with.

Are you looking for product ideas that will be a success? What language do your prospects use when describing their problems? To find out the most common objections that people have to purchase your product or service.

“Grow larger ears” in Chris Brogan’s words, and you can listen on Twitter, Facebook, blog comments (yours or someone else’s), forums and wherever else people gather to talk.

Even if you don’t write a single word on social media platforms but use it for market intelligence and listening purposes, you could still be a millionaire using social media.


However, the youngest media channel is not a marketing tool but a channel. Social media has changed our private and public lives. It has revolutionized how we consume news, communicate with others, exchange ideas, and even shop. As a result, social media can be used as fuel to accelerate marketing transformation and deliver value faster.

Marketers have limited knowledge of the transformative power and speed social media can bring value through marketing transformation. However, there are ways social media can drive change.

Social media is incredibly data-rich. Modern marketing transformation relies on data. Most social data is free and available to marketers. Social data can be used to gather intelligence about customers, competitors, or other categories. It can also be used to create hyper-relevant communications and content through targeting and personalization.

Social Media allows for connection with customers across the entire customer journey. This includes building brand awareness and affinity, building consideration, delivering conversions, nurturing loyalty, shaping the user/customer experience, and so on.

In the End

Marketing transformation projects usually have the common goal of creating comprehensive, end to end connections with consumers. Social media’s rich targeting, personalization, and sequential capabilities allow for a dynamic, open-ended approach to CRM. This is based on ongoing relevant interactions with consumers at a large scale.

Social media accelerates performance transformation. Most brands can now accelerate their digital ROI via social media with minimal tech stack requirements.

This could include in-housing some or all marketing functions and capabilities (e.g., content creation, performance acceleration). In-housing pilots rooted in social capabilities can expand internalized operations, such as customer care or community management. In-house transformation of social abilities can be performed with speed and value. However, internalized content studios or hubs can provide excellent efficiency.

Social Media encourages collaboration between suppliers and partners. New ways of working can increase the value marketers get from their agency partners.

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