Wethink Solutions offers high-end PPT Creation Services and can provide an efficient platform to help you create an everlasting impact on your client. We are aware that just having accurate research data is not always enough, and you need the expertise and efficiency to present it in an equally convincing manner so as to drive home the point.

PPT Creation Support for Research Data Presentation

PowerPoint presentations are one among the best and effective communication strategies for high-end marketing services which involve research data. Including visual data as infographics can improve your results because visual format often creates an everlasting impact than textual data in a PPT presentation.

We at Wethink solutions will assist you and help you create high-quality presentations; we achieve it with our 15 years of specialized PPT support and research and analysis experience in the outsourcing industry. Our creative-design teams comprise of a unique mix of graphic designers and data analysts to provide you and assist you with direct expertise in both data analytics and desktop research – without the need to hire and without having to face any hassles whatsoever.

Paybacks of our Research Data Presentation Services

We assist in catering to the needs and requirements of the following professionals through our research data presentation services.

1. Business Intelligence Professionals

The Infographics module by Wethink Solutions will assist in converting a business intelligence professional’s raw data into significant business analysis. We will also assist in creating B.I. dashboard creation in a quick time as per your requirements.

2. Financial Consultants

We cater to the needs of financial consultants and assist them in succeeding through their marketing efforts by providing a distinctive visual data presentation to the financial research data.

3. Market Intelligence Professionals

The key to an effective PPT presentation always lies in presenting market intelligence information in a comprehensible format, and that’s how we assist market intelligence professionals.

4. Venture Capitalists

We ensure Short turnarounds for venture capital presentations, and Wethink Solutions can deliver overnight wherever and whenever necessary.

5. Investment Bankers

The challenge of presenting complex and diverse data investment banking professionals in an easy-to-understand visual format is always accepted by us, and we provide the best in class services to them.

What factors differentiate Our PPT Creation Services from our peers?

The inclusion of both data analysts and graphic designers is an important key to our success in the research data presentation process.

1. Graphic Designer

With a team of our graphic design team members each have in-depth knowledge using creative tools such as InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop along with a minimum of 5 years of experience in creative design. Typical duties in PPT creative design include template creation, typesetting, cover design, layout and infographic elements.

2. Data Analysts

Each of our members of the data analyst team have at least five years ‘ knowledge and experience in data presentation and analysis. They perform the duties to support and assist graphic designers in creating an industry-relevant presentation and design elements.

3. Finishing Output

High-impact creating PowerPoint presentations for CXOs and Senior Executives.

5. Delivery Options

Our Standard time to ensure delivery is 48 hours. However, we can also offer a 12-hour turnaround for unscheduled executive presentations (typically overnight due to time-zone differences).

Examples of Presentations Made for CXOs and Senior Executives

The following are the latest examples of research data presentations prepared by Wethink Solutions:

✓ Mergers, Acquisitions and IPO Offerings.
✓ Budget Presentations.
✓ Investor, Town Hall, Keynote and Conference Presentations.
✓ Government Committee Reports.
✓ New Product Launches.
✓ Budget Reports.
✓ Consulting Project Findings.
✓ Research Data Conclusions.

Pricing Options

Wethink Solutions primarily offers three pricing options for services that involve PPT / PowerPoint presentation support.

1. Per PowerPoint

Suits best for pre-template designs that don’t involve exclusive graphic design.

2. Full-Time Equivalent

This is suitable for medium and large companies that need an exclusive team working on their data presentation.

3. Per Hour

Recommended for presentations that vary in complexity and volume.

Client Success Stories Make Us Feel Pompous

1. The Client

Prior to having worked with Wethink Solutions, an online payment company was using “cut and paste” PPTs prepared by a part-time designer.

2. The Necessity

There was no sufficient time for the internal data team of the above company to prepare customized presentations with infographics. The client approached Wethink Solutions to assist and prepare a creative design for the presentations.

3. Solution Offered

We have formed a 24/6 support team led by a manager who has got the requisite skills in business intelligence, we have enhanced the client’s turnaround time while adding a remarkable “look and feel” to their PowerPoint presentations.

4. The result

Now as on today, we regularly handle over 50 reports on a weekly basis for various clients which include renowned firms.

We always strive for improvising, and we always emphasize the visual way of demonstrating the impact of PowerPoint presentations, Wethink Solutions would be happy to show you various examples of a “before” and “after” look so that you can decide on opting our services. This was just one story of an elated client. We have more to share, contact our team for further details.

We Create an Everlasting impression with ingeniously Done PowerPoint Presentation

The above case study demonstrates an undeniable reason to choose Wethink Solutions as a long-term preferred outsourcing partner for all your needs. We possess superior expertise in a wide variety of areas that include creative designing, image editing and enhancement, finance and accounting services, data management and research and analysis to list a few. Our strength and ability to combine diverse skill areas under a single umbrella environment is a unique achievement that is key to our success on behalf of clients.

PowerPoint presentations and images of all varieties present you with the ideal opportunity to make a favourable “first impression” on your potential clients as well as to establish impressions held by existing clients. Wethink solutions can provide timely and cost-effective assistance for specialized presentations – often on an overnight basis.

Infrastructure and Security Measures

For any outsourcing provider, a Well-established infrastructure and stringent security measures are mandatory requirements to be able to provide seamless services to the clients. Infrastructure changes happening over time may open up new vulnerabilities which can cause serious damage to any service provider. As more and more new methods of attacks are almost invented on a regular basis, we, at Wethink Solutions, understand that what is secure yesterday may not be completely secure tomorrow. Hence we leave no stone unturned to ensure that our research and analysis services are backed up by best infrastructure and multi-layered security measures.

Our Infrastructure

An outsourcing setup – large or minute, needs to establish a well-rationalized infrastructure system and processes in order to offer services without any set back whatsoever to globally renowned organizations. Over the past 15 years, we did make abundant investments in cutting-edge physical and digital infrastructure technologies that have enabled us to provide accurate and the best in class market research services to our customers across the globe.

Take a look at a few factors that set our infrastructure apart from other outsourcing providers –

1. Internet Connectivity

✓ Dedicated 1MBps line Internet connectivity.
✓ Secured 2Mbps line for downloading client files and with all apt security measures.
✓ Integrated redundancy that ensures 99.95% uptime.

2. Power Supply

✓ Access to a high power source.
✓ Presence of a Backup generator (120 KVA) which aids continual operation for 6 hours.
✓ Last-mile UPS connectivity in case of power failure.

3. Mirroring & Security

✓ RAID (Level 1) implemented among all the critical servers.
✓ Remote backups.
✓ Fireproof and safe storage for critical information.
✓ NDAs / SLAs with vendors and partners.

Our Security Measures

At Wethink Solutions, we give high importance to ensure the security of our research and analysis projects. Our research and analysis customers who received our services praise our capability to handle sensitive data with professional ease and highly secure. presented below is a look at the extensive and stringent security measures that we have employed at three levels; namely Personnel Security, Network Security and Software Security:

1. Personnel Security

✓ Detailed Backdrop check prior to On-boarding.
✓ Daily access control and movement tracking.
✓ Email and data storage control.
✓ Client and internal document – tagging and tracking.

2. Hardware Security

✓ We make use of Cisco ® Intelligent switches and Cisco ® Network Assistant to manage internal network structures.
✓ We have put in place the Cisco ® PIX ® Firewall on all our systems which has features such as comprehensive port blocking for HTTP, FTP, TCP/IP, UDP and ICMP protocols.

3. Software Security

✓ Encryption and tracking of Email and data communication.
✓ Regular control of data backup systems to ensure the cleanup of sensitive and/or expired information.
✓ Access for project related information is given based on Roles.

Glance through each of these security features in detail –

1. Personnel Security

All our team members are sensitized regarding all the information security measures that we employ and are required to meet our compliance needs before they can come on board. Additionally, the stringent security process put in force at Wethink Solutions is to ensure the prevention of any possible data leak. We also ensure an open channel of communication between our team and the customers.

2. Hardware / Network Security

Having enabled multiple levels of network security which includes firewalls, URL filters, spam filters and secured VPN communications, we at Wethink solutions ensure the complete protection of the client’s data. These measures are further aided by industry-leading switches that double up our internet and communication security channels. One of our primary and the most important objective with regards to security is to ensure that there is 100% redundancy in our network, data, power, and internet and in order to meet this, we have adopted fail-safe backups that ensure continuity of business.

3. Software Security

Messages communicated over Emails at Wethink Solutions are secured through the implementation of digital signatures. Furthermore, each of the systems uses a common Windows and Network login that is changed on a frequent basis to prevent unauthorized access whatsoever. For demanding desktop and enterprise applications, a single sign-in is deployed. Audit trails are put in force to monitor internet utilization.

Effective Infrastructure & Security Measures to Ensure Complete Client Satisfaction

We At Wethink Solutions are aware of the fact that there is no single solution to solving security issues. Hence, we have invested in an extensive range of technologies and methods to not only ensure readiness in case of a security breach but also mount a structured response to tone down the threat at the earliest.

You can stay assured with aspects related to the security and privacy of your confidential information when you choose Wethink solutions as an outsourcing partner for all your research and analysis services. Get in touch with us today to outsource your research and analysis requirements, and give your business a competitive edge.