Good news for Android and native iOS app providers the reason being WTS is offering its top-level expertise of app development to create a customer-focused UX with rich web features. React native is one of the most proficient and widely sought app development frameworks for the smartphone segment, and its success story began with the hackathon project of Facebook. React native and JavaScript work in combination to build native mobile applications. Development of React Native has gathered the attention of various tech giants like Samsung, Microsoft, and several other tech giants for the creation of stylish UX. It doesn’t affect the customer experience besides being assisting the evolving web applications over time.

Through the use of the React Native framework, we can rapidly build quickly to respond and scalable mobile apps by being familiar with the precise requirements of the client. With an experienced team of developers and project managers, WTS enables you (our esteemed client) to deploy the native apps on Android and iOS with utmost confidence.

Our React Native Development Services

Due to the presence of limitations in building up of pure Native Apps through using Cordova, HTML 5, and Javascript, mainstream organizations are looking at Hybrid app development. With an ever-growing demand for powerful apps, further limitations would be seen on Hybrid development methods too. However, through the use of React Native, which ensures by utilizing its framework, it can expedite building native apps by letting similar source code that is utilized for Android and also iOS platforms.

WTS accomplished the development and delivery of high-quality React Native apps to vary of clients globally. Collaborating with us would enable you to have access to apps that are affluent in features and performance superior to native apps that are developed and built using Objective-C or Swift. Experience the access to service facets by outsourcing React Native Development services to Wethink Solutions-

1. Android App Development using React Native

Android gadgets have a varying aspect ratio, which poses a range of challenges in building native apps that are bug-free. Nonetheless, by harnessing the power of React Native, we build cross-platform mobile apps with a prominent UX. By developing robust React Native apps that enable you to seamlessly penetrate into markets without being concerned for compatibility issues.

2. iOS Development through React Native

Save cost and time by outsourcing your React Native development services to WTS. WTS has about 15+ years of experience in building high-performance apps, and we possess the proficiency in the React Native framework to build native apps for iOS. We help your app to get a distinctive appeal through our development methodologies.

3. Development of Hybrid Apps with React Native

Do you want your apps to have a sharp performance? Achieve the same by outsourcing React Native Hybrid App Development to WTS. By combining the power of JavaScript and ReactJS, we create all-around apps. Through this manner, you can trim the development time while influencing a host of in-app customizations.

4. Integration of Firebase with React Native

To ensure a flawless operation majority of the apps require efficient back end support. React Native, in collaboration with Firebase from Google, can curtail any pre-existing limitations by automation of the maintenance. Relative to that, you can quickly develop native apps that interconnect user data and authentication steps.

5. Development of Server-side API with React Native

WTS employs developing experts and project managers who are experts not only in generic app development but also have the proficiency in building responsive apps that are secure, evolving, and carry the latest version of server-side API. With a thorough knowledge of methodologies relative to complex UX building, we aim to provide consistent backend support with our React Native development expertise.

6. Platform Migration with React Native

Platform migration has been a major concern for many companies. With the help of WTS React Native Platform Migration, which is a subset of WTS React Native Development services, our experts cater to your needs of Platform Migration and assist you in switching to React Native without risking the integrity of your database. Through this service, we make sure that your database stays usable after the migration.

7. Providing of Support and Updates for React Native Apps

Wethink Solutions can make the process of building apps and providing comprehensive backend support by assimilating with React Native Framework. We ensure a thorough scan and constantly investigate for the presence of bugs (if any) in the code so that the apps can meet your requirements of performing explicitly. We cater to your complete needs by providing you with 360-degree backend support.

The IDE We Use for React Native Development

The team of in-house developers at WTS is familiar not just to the preeminent development practices, but also to most modern development environments. And for the same, We have access to advanced IDE such as –

Why should I Outsource React Native Development to WTS?

WTS far-reaching involvement in React Native development enables us to stay ahead of premier and major outsourcing agencies across the world. We provide our services with a goal that is to provide comfort to the clients by providing services within a stipulated time frame to avoid any delays and prevent them from paying high developmental costs. Listed below are the reasons why you should avail our services -

All-inclusive Development – We can cater to all your needs for already pre-existing projects or new projects and provide services suited to your specific needs. We ensure we provide you with an all-inclusive development service, be it front-end UX development or backend maintenance.
Usage of Hybrid Development Methodologies – The WTS team of developers makes use of Hybrid Development methodologies in order to achieve and bring out the best results. We emphasize on highest quality standards and aim at achieving lean development timelines.
Save Time and Cost - The majority of the enterprises face the concerns of an unexpected delay and price inflation, and they become a reason for concern for anxiety. But we ensure that all the concerns are addressed; through our advance estimates, you will have the idea of what to and when to spend.
24/7 Support – The team at WTS works for different time zones and round the clock to ensure that our clients are most happier and content with the results. Additionally, you can also have the track of the project through the assigned dedicated project manager.
Upgradable Services - Scalability is a crucial factor for an extended app life-cycle. Through our regular updates service, you can stay updated, and this feature enables your app to stand out from the crowd. Through WTS React Native development services, we build apps that are extensible and truly ready for the future.

Benefits of Building Apps with React Native

Wethink Solutions is a foremost service provider of IT related services for many small and large enterprises. We offer sparkling apps built using React Native development, which can cater to your needs with superior performance in comparison to native and hybrid apps. WTS has the expertise and has assisted in the development of apps with rich UX for a range of off-shore and offshore clients.

The following are the reasons for which you should choose to React Native to build apps for Android and iOS-

1. Ability to Perform

The presence of the API development framework enables the integration of cross-platform through single React Native components and reduces the need for the development of unique components for both Android and iOS.

2. Lean Development time

30 % Reduction in development time for apps of Android and iOS is achieved through the use of React Native development.

3. Ever-Evolving Framework

React Native is an Open Source framework. The users constantly receive updates and thereby lets the users use highly powerful and customized apps.

4. Real-time Backend Updates

With React Native, developers need not wait until the apps are manually updated by users on their devices. The updates can be delivered straightaway through the backend.

5. Reusability of the Code

Through the use of React, we can reduce the latency of app development. React enables developers to reuse the code without limiting the performance.

Develop Robust React Native Apps with Wethink Solution

Wethink Solutions is a global service pioneer in mobile app development and data science. We have been reigning with committed services catering to the needs of various industry verticals for the past 11 years and still continue to do the same. We have grown leaps and bounds through the experience we gained through our idea of native apps development using React Native, and the same has made us pioneer in competitive markets. We cater to the custom needs to React to native development services with our deep understanding of the client's requirements. With the level of our services, we have enabled our customers to achieve much-needed attention for their apps at no extra cost.

Glance through our success stories. If you have any queries regarding React Native Development, fill this small form in order to enable us to develop a plan with regards to your requirements.