✓ Deliberate and thoroughly planned analysis across all industry verticals.
✓Custom reports for fast-changing research scenarios.
✓Advanced research facilities & proficient staff.
✓ Research and Analysis service.
✓ Outsourcing of Research and Analysis service.
✓ Research and Analysis India.

A well-planned research activity from the most basic level to the advanced aspects of the business and background of markets results in a well-established business/Industry. It helps us to stay ahead in the competition. We at wethink solutions, provide research and analysis reports of complex information and present detailed, insightful reports to help you take prompt strategic decisions to help your business grow many folds. Research and analysis as an integral part of the organisation, will always escalate the operating costs. The most viable solution is to outsource the research and analysis job to an expert team like wethink solutions. We are the market leaders in providing research and analysis services to different industry verticals with accurate data to, in turn, help them utilise the same for their benefit.

1. Outsourcing Research and Analysis.

The success or failure of any project is heavily dependent on focusing on the right areas of research and analysing various factors which contribute to the outcome of the project. We make use of advanced technologies and sophisticated statistical tools like SAS, SPSS and MS-EXCEL to carry out high-quality research and give the organisations an edge over their counterparts. We don’t merely play the role of a vendor; instead, we partner with you to carry out quality research and analysis services and help you and your organisation to achieve goals. Wethink solutions, research and analysis services extend over various domains like Market research, Preparation of research reports, financial research, Intellectual property services KPO services and Medical writing etc.

2. Research & Analysis India.

Stay ahead of all your competitors by availing research and analysis services from wethink solutions, a technology outsourcing Services Company in India. We have an expert team which has specialised in providing cross-technology based research which more enormous to cater to the needs of different sectors which includes financial and investment based firms, venture capitalists, Investment banks, KPOs, Commercial banks and Pharma companies. We have expertise in converting raw information into detailed insight reports with descriptive tables and charts which allow your executives to understand the vital business scenarios and will help them to make appropriate decisions. Our R&A services are tailor-made to suit peculiar business needs and help businesses to perform well by penetrating in the market.


Hourly Rates
As low as: at wee prices of $10/hour
FTE rates
As little as $1500 /month

The pricing structure at wethink solutions was devised with a view of the budgetary requirements of our clients. However, it majorly depends on the nature of the project and the number of resources and the necessary skill requirements of our R&A experts.

The plans to hire our R&A analyst, glance through the pricing list which is listed below

1. Hourly Rates

The basic price for highly efficient research covered under an hourly basis is $10 per hour. Basic fundamental research services like business development, profiling of competitors is offered at this price.

If you have a requirement of in-depth business analysis, including business analytics, financial analytics and valuation of the business are offered at this price.

2. FTE Rates

Owing to certain circumstances, you may be in need of our experienced and skilled experts who could offer their services full time. Our FTE rates are viable and include the below features- glance through to know more

If your project is a basic research project FTE rates for the same start at $1,500 per month per individual, wherein our dedicated R&A expert assist you full time.The FTE rates for financial and business analytics for a full time start at $2,800 per month per individual.


You can hire R&A experts from FWS under the following payment options -/you can hire R&A experts from wethink solutions under the following payment preferences available.

• Hourly prices

If your task requires the services of an R&A expert on an hourly basis, you can choose the same available on wethink solutions. You can opt for hourly pricing option and should opt for a minimum of 80 hours. This plan is helpful for short term projects.

• FTE Rates

Based on the project requirements and complexities, you can also avail full-time services from our experts on a monthly basis which helps you to manage long term projects.

• Timed/Milestone Based Rates

We also cater to requirements which have the requirement of our services only during a particular phase of the project. You can hire the experts on a fixed time basis and pay either on an hourly basis or an FTE basis.

• Task-Based Rates

You can also avail our services purely based on tasks specific to the project requirements.


We at wethink solutions ensure that the information published on our web platform is accurate and up to date. We keep the information updated along with the prices of our services.Please note that all prices displayed on our website are INDICATIVE, and final pricing is decided only after taking into the account various factors like nature of the project, complexity level, skill and experience of the resources, the time required for completion and terms of the contract. Prices displayed on the web are subject to final approval at the time of order fulfillment, which could result in an increase or decrease in the price quoted on the website.

Research Reports Services

Ever thought you could access top-class quality and error-free research reports from a well qualified and expert research analysts at affordable prices? Well we at we think solutions make it possible.Tired of finding the best ways to sustain in this competitive market? Do you lack resources that can research, analyze the data and provide you with a perfect report on the contemporary market scenario? The most viable option in the above scenario is to outsource research services to an experienced service provider.

Wethink solutions offers vary of research reporting services which would cater to various clients according to the needs. We have sufficient experience in providing various reports like market research reports, financial reports and pharmaceutical reports, and they are prepared by a team of experts who are experts in their fields. Bring a huge difference to your business by implementing the factors analyzed by them and utilizing their services.

Research Report Writing Services offered at wethink solutions

With a detailed report and analysis, which gives you a complete understanding of different variables which would impact your business model are usually emphasized in the report. The findings in the report would help you to improve and proactively implement better ideas prior to any consequence happening.

We can present these reports in a various formats that make them readily accessible and easier to use. We can provide you with the final output in PowerPoint, Word, PDF, or XML. Our vary of report writing services includes -/ our reports are usually depicted in various formats which can be instantaneously accessible and easier to use. The final reports are usually presented in PowerPoint Word, PDF, or XML. Our vary of report writing services include the following.

1. Market Research Reports

Wethink solutions team has the required skills and expertise to provide an abundance of market research report services by using latest tools and technologies related to market research and provide the clients with

✓ Market sizing study.
✓ Company analysis & profiling.
✓ Country risk assessment.
✓ Industry analysis & profiling.
✓ Industry feasibility studies.
✓ SWOT analysis.
✓ Competitive intelligence.

✓ Target screening.
✓ PEST analysis.
✓ Porter five force analysis.
✓ Sector research.
✓ Country analysis & profiling.
✓ Sectional highlights.
✓ Business & investment environment assessment.

2. Financial Research Reports

With an experience of almost about a decade, we possess the required skills and experience to provide the clients with quality financial research reports. We understand the clients’ requirements and provide them solutions which are clients requirement specific.

✓ Credit research.
✓ Financial modelling.
✓ DCF analysis.

✓ IPO analysis.
✓ Data analytics and management.
✓ Business and investment environment assessment.

3. Pharmaceutical Research Reports

The team at Wethink solutions comprises of chemists, biologists, PhD’s, MBA’s etc. who are well versed with report writing skill and analyze every detail to prepare detailed pharmaceutical research report to suit the customer needs. Few of the key services we offer are listed below.

✓ Affinity analysis.
✓ Market basket analysis.
✓ Market share analysis.

✓ Prescription analysis.
✓ Branding and positioning analysis.
✓ Physician/Medical practitioner analysis.

4. Syndicated Research Reports

Wethink solutions team of research writing experts will help you with cost-effective services. Our well-researched reports would help you create a strategy for a sustainable business model and enhance your company’s brand effectiveness besides helping you build spirited intellect. Few of the key services we offer are.

✓ Data Collection.
✓ Information Analysis.
✓ Syndicated Report Design.
✓ Syndicated Report Writing.

Why should I opt wethink solutions for my research report services needs?

Avail the following benefits by outsourcing research report services to wethink solutions

• Experienced writers team

Wethink solutions has well experienced and qualified writers who are subject experts in their respective fields and possess advanced degrees from premier institutions. They prepare reports in a way which help you to understand your customers, competitors, and market trends in the best way.

• Cost-effective Prices

We provide the most flexible pricing options for our customers to suit their business and budgetary needs.

• Pre-eminent Infrastructure

To be able to provide research report services of the best quality, there is a definite need of best infrastructure. Wethink solutions has the best in class network connections, best workspaces and the apt technologies.

• Swift turnaround time

Time is of paramount importance in all research report services writing activities. We at wethink solutions provide our customers with timely services without compromising on quality through multiple delivery centres.

• Fault free report services

We are one of the best research report service providers amongst the industry peers. We believe in providing high-quality services which are error-free to elevate the brand identity of your organization.

• Solo point of contact

We at Wethink solutions provide a dedicated project manager for your project, and he shall remain the single point of contact for all your needs.

• Information Security

We understand the importance of data with respect to the preparation of research reports for leading business organizations and we enforce stringent measures to ensure that your data is kept safe.

• Easily adaptable services

The team at wethink solutions has the required skills, access to resources and the required abilities to adapt according to the clients’ requirements and ramp up according to the service requirements.

• 24X7 support

We believe in assisting and providing required services to our clients round the clock. All the team members, including research analysts, sales teams and call centre executives, are available to assist and help you out with the queries by the phone or email.