Today’s interconnected on-premise enterprise setups with multiple SAP applications, systems, and managed services require on-going SAP support for their sustenance. With organizations implementing new SAP software, the customer scenarios are getting increasingly complex. The Successful implementation and maintenance of SAP across the organization require excellent SAP support services from their respective teams.

By Outsourcing SAP support services, we can achieve an enhancement in overall business efficiency at a fraction of the cost of what it would take to maintain an in house team for the same. At WTS, we offer simple and uncomplicated support services for SAP. We offer highly focused, flexible, and transparent services that ensure sustained long-term relationships with our customers.

Our SAP Support and Maintenance Service Offerings

Wethink Solutions has been providing custom software solutions to various global clients, and that includes SAP maintenance and support and m. By outsourcing SAP support to us, we assist you to focus on beyond incident handling and on-site project management. WTS all-inclusive services of platform and production support can be broadly classified into three main categories, with sub-services under each of the three categories, that are as follows –

1. Expert SAP Guidance

WTS provides expert SAP guidance to address complex natured scenarios and thereby ensure business continuity. Thus, such advisory SAP support enables you to make the most out of this technology. Listed below are a few of the sub-services we provide under WTS expert guidance scheme –

  • System Lifecycle Management – We provide un-interrupted support for all the ongoing technology deployment needs, upgrades and also offer required support for various other add-ons.
  • Interoperability – WTS team ensures that the overall functioning of the system remains the same and is not effected while providing SAP support even after upgradation.
  • Security – WTS can also offer assistance with security-related aspects of SAP to ensure that businesses can keep up and running.

2. Managed SAP Services

Managed SAP services are designed to enhance the overall SAP app support that is offered by the internal staff of an organization. WTS professionals have Our professionals have in-depth consultative skills and knowledge that are necessary to carry out tasks by collaborating with the internal staff to fill gaps, if any, in the internal team. The following are some of the managed support services offered by WTS –

✓ After-hours support and staff backfill.
✓ Support and Maintenance Services.
✓ Assistance in application development and management.
✓ Short-term, medium-term, or long-term staff augmentation.
✓ Service desk routing, reporting, and management.
✓ Infrastructure and operations management.

Innovation in businesses is usually limited by High costs that are associated with them. By opting for SAP support services from a third-party service provider will help businesses to redeploy the saved funds for various other important tasks. WTS resources follow a proactive approach to serve our clients. They will first try to understand your environment and then provide dedicated support. The following are a few of the important support and maintenance services we offer –

✓ Support services that ensure 24×7, round-the-clock coverage.
✓ Handle general inquiries and provide expert advice.
✓ Swift and efficient services that assist businesses to reduce the latency in service.
✓ Proactive support for knowing and fixing the bugs.
✓ Provide experienced onsite engineers to educate, support, and clarify product issues.
✓ Issue resolution and interactive troubleshooting.

Why Choose SAP Support from WTS?

When you choose us as the preferred SAP support provider, you will be relieved of all the additional tasks that include maintenance, implementation, and troubleshooting complexities that are part of a successful SAP implementation. hence, Therefore, by choosing us for your SAP support needs, your businesses can achieve various benefits, a few are listed below.

✓ Locally delivered comprehensive support that is totally integrated with global support teams.
✓ Get consistent off-shore, on-shore, near-shore SAP support as required.
✓ Experience unlimited access to a team of certified and highly proficient resources.
✓ Get industry-specific and digital transformation expertise.
✓ Avail highly affordable yet highly efficient SAP support.
✓ Make sure one-to-one customer management.

How Can You gain Benefit by collaborating with Us?

Wethink Solutions has been providing high-quality SAP support services to various global clients. Upon outsourcing, Once you outsource SAP support to us, we will assist you with a team of highly efficient SAP consultants who carry years of rich industry experience. WTS is known for its customer-centric approach, carry out the analysis of your needs, and offer you with apt solutions. By choosing us, you can gain the following benefits –

1. Affordable and Flexible Pricing

By choosing WTS, you will be able to get reliable, top-quality services at extremely affordable rates. Even if you need employees to work on an hourly basis or want full-time equivalents for continuous support, we can help you with.

2. Customer-centric Approach

We very well understand that the support requirements of SAP vary hugely from business to business. Hence, we focus on a customer-centric approach and understand the client’s requirements and provide them with services.

3. All-inclusive Support

We assist you with everything that ranges from product support to implementation services to customizations and upgradations. We apply all our experience and capabilities to cater to your requirements. With our knowledge and understanding of various industries has enabled us to develop an integrated and consultative approach to solve SAP-related complexities.

4. Trust and Transparency

There is always a point wherein businesses often emphasize while facing a contract with a high degree of complexity from the service provider. We at WTS ensure we provide you a clear contract without any issues, besides we also will assist you promptly with solutions in case of emergencies.

5. Assured Smooth Management of SAP

The in-depth knowledge and thorough understanding of SAP by our WTS team will ensure that your investment will yield maximum revenue. We combine a robust process with the technical expertise of our professionals to resolve issues quickly in the first time.

6. SAP Skilled and Business Experienced Resources

WTS has a team that is a combination of resources that have rich expertise and experience. This experience, in combination with SAP expertise, assures that all the client’s requirements are met precisely.

Partner with Wethink to Maximize Your Investment in SAP

Wethink Solutions has been offering quality IT consulting services to global clients for the past 15 years now. By collaborating and partnering with us, we can help organizations achieve a phenomenal reduction of costs that arise out of support and maintenance associated with installed SAP solutions. We also offer SAP testing services, SAP consulting services, etc. Outsource your SAP support service needs to us, so we can declutter the tasks while letting you concentrate more on winning the market share, increasing the revenue, and save big. WTS range of support services includes long-term plans, embedded teams, a self-service portal, remote technology support, and many more. We can also assist you with everything that ranges from innovation strategies to system improvement to SAP implementation and maintenance.