Unleash your organization from the hassle of tax compliance load with vattalks ‘tax preparation out sourcing services’. The vattalks team will be your personalized tax calculator/income tax processing department for your organization and handle the difficult but most important task of preparation and processing of tax preparation. Get the most of our service with increased profits and at minimal operating costs!

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1. Our tax preparation services

The team of tax preparation experts at vattalks are highly experienced and capable to handle diversified client requirements.They ensure all tax compliance workload is handled in efficient and effective manner. Our key services in this domain include the following.

✓ Form 1040 (individuals).
✓ Classifying and interpreting p/l items.
✓ Interpreting the tax ability and treatment of various accounts.

✓ Form 1120 (for companies and corporations).
✓ Form 1065 (partnerships).
✓ Examining, interpreting and classifying items on the balance sheet.

2. Our federal tax return services

The vattalks team is experienced in handling federal tax return services of clients across the globe. A few key federal tax return services we offer are

✓ Individual income taxes.
✓ Fiduciary income taxes.
✓ C corporation income taxes.
✓ Non-profit corporation taxes.

✓ S corporation income taxes.
✓ Heavy equipment use taxes.
✓ Partnership income taxes.

3. Our federal tax return services

Vattalks team is experienced and has the skill to handle various state tax return services. We provide the services while understanding the requirements of the client. Listed below are some of the state tax return services we offer

4. Vat return services

✓ Individual income taxes (for all states).
✓ Intangible taxes.
✓ Corporate income taxes.

✓ Tangible taxes.
✓ Partnership income taxes.
✓ Charter/franchise taxes.

Glance through our article to know the 10 fundamental taxpayer’s bill of rights which every tax payer has to know while dealing with internal revenue service (IRS).




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We process the tax preparation on the following software’s which are familiar across the globe for tax processing.

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We at vattalks ask the clients to send the scanned documents of the requisite information and then our team will enter the required data in the software. Post feeding of the data, auditing of tax returns is done to ensure the correctness of information received and data entered. The tax returns are transmitted to the client for a review over ftp/asp. Once the client reviews and confirms the tax returns the vattalk team will update the tax file and send a final copy to be filed.

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1. Scanned documents

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2. Data entry into software

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3. Auditing of tax returns

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4. Review of returns

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5. Submitting prepared taxes to the customer for filing


We have been in this domain for more than a decade and half which has enabled us to understand user requirements and has given us the opportunity to be more customer centric. Enumerated are few of the advantages of choosing us as a preferred partner for tax processing services.

✓ Federal income tax returns.
✓ Compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley.
✓ Us individual income tax return.
✓ Data security and confidentiality.
✓ E-filing of income tax return.
✓ Tax software of your choice.
✓ Customized tax outsourcing services.
✓ Fewer defects and failures, resulting in stability.
✓ 60% cost reduction when compared to a mainland firm.
✓ Maximize efficiency.
✓ Asp/ftp technology.
✓ Growth in profit margins.

✓ Marketing advantage to acquire new customers.
✓ Specialized and dedicated team for income tax return filing.
✓ Higher efficiency and quality.
✓ Periodic training and upgrading of the financial team’s skills.
✓ Quick turnaround time.
✓ Access to best infrastructure.
✓ A well-coordinated workforce management, ensuring low overheads.
✓ Multiple delivery centers.
✓ ISO certified organization.
✓ Free trial of our services.
✓ Handling of tax compliance workload and meeting filing time deadline.


✓ Accounts receivable services.
✓ Accounts payable services.
✓ Book keeping services.


Vattalks delivers end to end processing services and other financial services within a very quick turn around time (24-48hrs) however the tat can be modified depending upon the project/clients requirements. We have an excellent team of experts who understand clients requirements and provide services accordingly. We also ensure the confidentiality and security of financial data of our clients.We also comply with Sarbanes-Oxley regulations.


We at vattalks are committed and see it to that the schedule of the customer/client is unaffected. Hence we follow a streamlined and a systematic process, which is based in 3 different ways enlisted below.


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1. Sourcing the documents

In this you scan the documents and upload it to a secure ftp server or fax to your toll free fax number.

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2. Updating the books

We update the books the same day night after we receive your files. You are also required to provide a back up copy of your books( quick books backup ).

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3. Sending the updated books

We usually upload the books to your secure server or we email it to you so that the next day you reach the office downloadable copies are ready for you.


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1. Sourcing the documents

In this you usually scan the documents and place it in your system for us to access, email them to our mail box,fax it to our toll free fax number or upload to an ftp server.

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2. Connecting to your computer

We then connect to your computer using remote desk top access using a secure VPN.

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3. Updating the books and logging out

We update the books and you can find them updated on the next day of office.


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1. Document sourcing

You can scan the documents and upload to the server or fax them to our toll free number.

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2. Accessing your accounting software

We use the online accounting software you are using to login (like quick books online.Com) and update the books.

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3. Logging out after updating your books

You can login to your online accounting software and check the updated books.


Vattalks is a leading book keeping company having served a lot of renowned clients worldwide. We are known for our top notch quality service providing and are preferred over others for few reasons listed below.

  • Inexpensive pricing structure

Our services are planned so as to provide to clients globally. Hence they are cost effective and also with no compromise on quality.

  • High accuracy

We use latest tools and keep abreast of latest technologies and hence our reports are with a lot of accuracy.

  • Usage of latest tools

We use the latest accounting and book keeping technologies and tools so as to provide the clients an accurate and efficient service.

  • Security of clients data

We understand the importance of financial data of our clients and hence we have an efficient data security policy in vogue so as to avoid any mishaps.

  • Best in class infrastructure

Our team has the access to best in class infrastructure which helps us to provide you with the best services

  • Best practices

We follow the best practices which are tried and tested globally and keep abreast of updates in practices and standards so as to provide our clients a service with uncompromising quality.

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