Hi there, job hunter!

Everyone who is reading this article, I am addressing you. Yes. I see a potential job hunter in everyone! You might be ready to jump into the world of job and job hunting. Maybe you are someone who is currently working and wants to expand your career.

And as you search for jobs, you will come across this great job, and maybe you will be excellent and experienced and just perfect for that position! But is that enough for you to get the job? Yes and no. Your chances of getting a job, are decided by a simple document. Yes. Your resume. No matter how skilled you are, if you can’t explain yourself simply and effectively on that single sheet of paper, in the most convincing manner, sorry, your chances of getting your dream job have just diminished to zero.

No! I don’t want you to go through that heartbreak! So here I am, to give the most important, and helpful CV writing tips that would surely land you towards your dream job! Yeah yeah, I am so generous. Thank me later. 

Before we start, let me tell you some basic things. From what I have learned from the recruiting managers and personal experience, I can surely say that more than 90% of job applicants are rejected based on their resume and resume only. It May sound ridiculous, but it’s true. And secondly, the most important element of your CV is the content, not how much content you have, but how effectively you have presented them. 

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Keeping all this in mind, let’s skim through the top 10 resume writing tips of 2021. After reading this, you will know what your employer is looking for in your resume. And also, how to write it.


Make your CV short

Would you like to pick up a sheet of paper to read about some random person and his achievements and qualifications listed out on and on and on? Well, your recruiter, being a human, will also hate it. So make your CV short, including just the necessary points, in minimal and strong words. Use bullet points rather than paragraphs. It can improve the readability of the cv and gives a decent look. 

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Order the sections according to the job need

Recruiters are fast, but they do skim through the whole thing. So be smart enough about how you order and position the sections in the CV. Give importance to things that are related to the specific job positions and highlight them.


Avoid the objective session

Recruiters know what they are looking for, And so writing a heavy objective is a waste of time and space. It can also limit your chances for other positions in the organization. So avoiding objective sessions will be a good idea.

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Add a summary only if needed

Your CV is already a summary of your professional life. You don’t need to re-summarize it in the resume. Add a summary only if you have to add important information, which is not mentioned in the CV before. Avoid duplicating data.


Use a clean and classy template

Use a simple and clean template without much clutter, colors, and elements. Utilize a standard font and stick to specific font size. Make it simple for the recruiter to read through without any disturbances.


Use correct tenses and grammar

No matter how excellent your content is; if it is not written in proper tense, or correct grammar, it’s a bummer. Always try to write in active voice, not passive voice, use correct tenses to explain achievements. Cross-check your grammar and spellings before sending the CV.


Follow a storytelling pattern

Don’t just claim things, but convince them through your unique story about how your skills and abilities help. That will attract the recruiter’s attention and give you an advantage. Don’t tell what you are; Tell how you do it and how it brings change.


Don’t hide your pandemic situation

Don’t just tell your achievements; tell your struggle too. So many people were struggling due to the pandemic, it also should have helped you to become flexible and to explore your new skills and talents. Highlight these changes and how effectively you adjusted to the situation.


Include your social media profile links

Social media accounts are the best way to know someone. Companies also know that, especially professional social media accounts. So add your LinkedIn account as compulsory in your resume. Make sure it is updated too. Also, add all your professional social media credentials, if any, to every platform.


Update your CV regularly

Now the most important thing, now that you have created a CV, don’t stop there. Update your CV regularly and often. Keep track of the changes in trends and change your resume accordingly. Always be prepared for a new and better job with the perfect CV.


So these are the top 10 resume writing tips for 2021. I hope all of you who read this make the best resume of themselves which can land you the dream job that you deserve! Happy job hunting!!


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