when everyone is spending their time in their social media world, it’s no wonder that businesses are focusing more on social media marketing. By realizing the potential, world is now depending on internet. From building brand awareness to interacting with customers, it has become the most powerful tool for success.

Waking up, brushing teeth, drinking coffee.

…. and checking social media accounts.

Yes. This is the new routine of the world. Social media has become the first priority after waking up, and last necessity before bed for people across the continents. People are spending most of their online time on  networks. It not just an influence in lives, but has become a lifestyle.

So, when everyone is spending their time in their virtual world, it’s no wonder that businesses are focusing more on social media marketing. From building brand awareness, to interacting with customers, it has become the most powerful tool for success.

Here are the most common questions about social media marketing where obviously the first one being;


1. What is social media marketing?

In simple terms, it is the marketing taking place on social media platforms. And it includes each and every activity related to marketing that takes place in social media platform. From posting an ad, to an online campaign, if it includes something like Facebook or Instagram in the process, its social media marketing.

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2. Why should I do social media marketing?

Because it is the simplest, cheapest, and when done in the right way, most effective way of marketing now. Most of the target audience of every business is now present in social media. It is the perfect platform to promote business, And can give you access to huge audiences with a single click, Sometimes even free. It can do wonders if executed properly.


3. What can I get from social media marketing?

If done properly, everything.

Social media marketing can offer a lot more than normal marketing. It not only informs people about something, but also involves them in the procedure and communicates with them. Some of the many advantages of SMM include;

  • Offers easy and quick customer service
  • Building brand loyalty and awareness with customers.
  • Promote content and brand without much cost.
  • Opportunities to sell more
  • Promoting the company legacy and culture

The beauty of social media lies in the fact that, if you can convince one person properly, they themselves convert into a marketing tool easily by sharing and commenting on our brand. Thus through SMM we are making personal promoters more than customers.

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4. How to start social media marketing?

First thing to do before entering into social media marketing is clearly defining the aims and strategies. You should have a clear idea on what are you marketing, how are you marketing, and who are you targeting. Each person’s approach towards SMM is different. It entirely depends upon your business.

Once the goal is set, you should analyze your current social situation. If you have zero social activity, then start some by creating business profiles in leading social media platforms. You should carefully monitor the performance of your profiles and should take necessary actions to increase social engagements. You should be careful to be relevant and up to date. It’s important to ensure you are attracting the right audience for your products.

5. What should I post in my social media accounts for marketing?

A simple question will be what not to post. You should be careful about what you are posting and how you are doing it. Your content should be fresh, original and should match the company strategy. Words can sometimes get you into a lot of trouble. Be cautious about what you say as social media can be a double edged sword.

Whatever you post, always make sure it reflects your brand voice. Know yourself and your audience. Whether it is a joke or a serious discussion, make sure it voices your brand.

These are the things to consider while creating your post;

  • Make your posts short and specific with quality content. Draw people towards you rather than endlessly showing yourself in their face hoping they would listen.
  • Understand your platform. Each social media site is different in a lot of terms so you should use different marketing tactics. Tailor your messages accordingly to get the best result possible
  • Ensure great customer service. It is the core part of online marketing, as it’s easy to get online customers and easier to lose them too. Deal with your customers, politely, professionally and fast.

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6. How should I build a social marketing strategy?

Your strategy should involve everything from start to end and how you are gonna do it. Here are a few steps to keep everything together.

  • Built a social media marketing team. SMM is important.
  • Specify your goals and formulate plans based on them
  • Conduct an analysis on your scopes in SMM
  • Workout a strategic marketing and customer service process.
  • Decide on the budget and provisions for organic and paid marketing.
  • Create a schedule for posting and other marketing activities
  • Track your progress and analyze them to know where to improve.
  • Adapt to the changes and improve strategy.
  • Don’t hesitate to experiment. Try new things!

7. What is the future of social media marketing?

SMM is constantly evolving. And the competition to attract attention of people is going strong. With new techniques and ways to promote your products coming up every day, it has become difficult to focus on what to do? But as long as things are growing, the population is growing. As well as the chances to market your product. So the scope of SMM is enormous. And it has become a necessity to survive now.


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