“Having a content marketing strategy is a very important aspect in the digital marketing efforts of every business.”

Let’s start with the cliché here; content is king.

If you are a business person, or have some knowledge on business and digital marketing, this must be one of the main phrases you came across every time. It may sound typical, but it’s true. One of the prime factors in the success of your business is quality content.

But just creating good content does not bring you success. You must market it in the right way. Content marketing is the most important and powerful digital marketing tool for every businesses across the word, irrespective of their nature and size.

It’s the best and sure way to boost sales, awareness and profit. But when it comes to crafting the perfect strategy to achieve these goals, it’s not that easy. Content marketing is constantly evolving and the prime goal is not just quantity but the quality of content. What and how things will work out for you is a difficult thing to figure out.

Here are the top 9 strategies that will help you in content marketing.

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1. Find your target audience

Content works best when you know who would be reading that. Understanding your audience before writing is important to produce content that works. So before you start writing, spend some time to know your readers. Search for keywords and phrases which are normally used by your audience.

Targeted writing is always better than just blindly writing. The better you can aim your content, the more effective your content.


2. Use visual media content

A picture can convey a lot more than words. Content accompanied by attractive images or videos and colourful infographics is one of the main strategies to be used in marketing. Infographics can connect with audience in a deeper level by providing information in a short and better way. This can increase traffic and lead generation.

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3. Use right keywords

Know the keywords that can make you appear in search results. Pay extra attention in choosing keywords as it influences SEO and page visibility. Analysing and locating key phrases and words used in searches will help in writing user oriented and engaging content.


4. Give importance to SEO

Search engine optimisation helps in bringing organic traffic to your website from search engines. To do this the content must be readable to search engine boats in order to bring it in search results. Focusing on this aspect will increase your site ranking in search engines. Optimising content also boosts your online visibility.

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5. Even distribution of content

No matter how beautifully you create the content, it is of no use if nobody sees it. so, content distribution has to be the centre of your content marketing strategy.

Content distribution means including your content in business and social media credentials. Your contents must be distributed in your company site, mails, blogs and Facebook, twitter accounts. You can even pay for distributing or can use Google ad campaigns ot third party apps.


6. Earn trust by privacy check

To earn readers trust, content marketers should work on keeping their information safe. You should include privacy protocols into sites to make this a default option. This will ensure that the safe and effective usage of data and precisely outline how they uses them.

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7. Creating landing pages

A sure but cheap way to boost traffic? Landing pages!! Creating high quality, relevant and attractive landing pages can help you increase your leads and sales. Design as many different landing pages, each optimised with one or more keywords. So that each time anyone searches for something related to what you offer, your page should show up.


8. Remarketing

Remarketing refers to showing ads to users who have visited you previously. A remarketing campaign requires fewer resources and is easy to set up. All you need is the existing customer data.

As they have come across your site once, chances are high that they click on the ad. One main thing to keep in mind is to segment your audience according to relevance.

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9. Competitive analysis

If you haven’t conducted a competitive analysis on content marketing, then you are so behind the game. Knowing what your competitor’s content marketing strategy is can help you improve your own. Identify and research your competitors. Understand the keywords they are focusing on. Know their content pattern and how it helps in their success.

Knowing the tips and tricks of your competitors can be useful to you in building brand name and boosting sales.


Having the perfect content marketing strategy is tough but, what road to success isn’t trouble free? Its not just about writing good content, but also delivering them to right people. this process takes a lot of time and effort. But with the right knowledge about what could work, you can do wonders. Use these tricks to improve your strategy and reach new heights!


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