No matter what your business is or what product or services you offer- digital marketing is a must. A website and a Facebook page was enough before; but now they need a lot more. And with the digital world evolving so quickly and with a lot of digital marketing trends it’s becoming hard to keep up in the race.

Now a day, no successful business exists without an online presence. And with new tools and techniques getting invented day after day, adapting to digital marketing trends will become a necessity to every business.

Digital is the new real. To be 2 steps ahead of digital race, you should be updated about the new and upcoming digital marketing trends of the year. Here are some of the evergreen trends to follow.

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  • Marketing through multiple platforms.

Integrated marketing through multiple platforms is one of the strongest practices now. Omni channel marketing is the marketing across multiple platforms, including website, emails, social media and apps. This enables businesses to connect with people in a wide and deep level and offers a better experience.

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  • Facebook dominates digital marketing

Facebook is no longer the teen hub. It has grown to be a must in every age group around the globe. It means that every type of audience is now present in Facebook and one group among them may be your targeted audience. Facebook is both great and bad as it is essential to find and focus your targeted audience among the millions of Facebook users.

 And if you are successful in that, you win! The market is yours!


  • Marketing through messaging apps

Messaging apps are not merely something to keep in touch with people now. Businesses have found the possibilities of marketing in these apps and have taken serious interest in apps like messenger and whatsapp. These apps allow companies to reach customers through short personalized texts and ads.

 As the whole world is now practically living inside these messaging apps, why don’t use that for promoting business?

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  •  Instagram is trending

Instagram’s popularity has reached millions in a short span. And much of its users are the younger demographic. And as this demographic is the favorite for most of the businesses, marketing through Instagram is becoming more important and competitive.

Instagram is also promoting and providing tools for marketing in their app. And it is generating great results too.


  • Interactive content becomes the main

Interactive content refers to anything that can be clicked on swiped or interacted with in online. It is a highly effective method of marketing.

Companies are experimenting with interactive content types like polls, quizzes, ads, videos etc. this type of content offers a more engaging and immersive experience to the viewers. People are looking for different and memorable contents from brands, and providing what they expect connects people to you quickly.

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  • Chatbots dominates customer service

The artificial intelligence controlled Chatbots are acting as the virtual representative who communicates with users and assists them. They interact with users naturally and more clearly, through the text chat windows and verbal interactions. This enables companies to improve and provide a much better customer service.

Now, customers also prefer chatboats over human assistance. So this is sure one of the fastest growing digital marketing trend of the year.


  • Personalized emails 

Email is still the major communication channel, which is used for personal and industrial needs. This makes email marketing also important. Email marketing too, is evolving .Now it’s a mix of automation and importantly, personalization.

When you can concentrate your email marketing to something specific, understanding the target person, that becomes very effective. It can be the final call for an action from you.

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Things are moving in lightning speed in the digital marketing world. AI technology, interactive content, media and personalization are becoming the most prominent trends. Now it’s your turn to wake up and make use of these trends. Dive into the innovative and attractive ideas and make the best out of it. Digital is for everyone; why not make it your jam?


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