UI and UX are really close and have equal importance in a digital product. They support each other and are integral foe each other, but both of them are quite different regarding the purpose or role.


In the new era of digital world, presenting things perfectly has become an important objective. That’s why the term design has gained so much popularity. And the term design is not limited to graphic or web designs, there are lot more types of designs which altogether produces the desired result.

There are a lot of design roles existing in the digital field. And in the need to create the best, various new design roles are emerging rapidly. Two of the new major names in the field are UI and UX design. The job titles like UI designer and UX developer are becoming familiar, but what they do exactly, is still in dark side to most.

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UI & UX 

People use these to terms interchangeably, but actually these to terms are different. They carry different tasks. UX refers to user experience, while UI stands for user interface. Both of them are really close and have equal importance in a digital product. They support each other and are integral for each other, but both of them are quite different regarding the purpose or role.

UX- User Experience

In simple terms UX stands for the overall experience of a user, while interacting with a product or services. It can be excellent or worse, purely depending on the design of the product. And, It is not just limited to digital products. It is applicable to anything that can be experienced, from your shoe lace to a system.

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User experience design (UXD)

Now you know what user experience is, let’s see how it can be designed. Yes, UXD refers to designing specifically for the need of the user. By giving considerations on things like ease of use, speed, efficiency and quality. And to know how to give the most out of what we offer, designers should understand how users are interacting with the product.

UXD aims at making that interaction as simple and straightforward as possible!

Role of UX designer

A UX designer is multitasked. He is a designer, project manager, marketer and many more. It is complex and really challenging. He carefully creates a strategy and context, wireframes the details and creates a prototype and executes the idea and analyses the results.

In the essence, he connects and transforms the digital goals to the needs of users through a bunch of steps, to satisfy both ends.

Now we have covered the part of creating a digital product to give maximum comfort, let’s move to the next aspect, UI

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UI- User Interface

Basically, UI is a series of screens, pages, layout and other visual elements which helps us view and navigate or simply interact with a product or service. It is a medium where interactions between humans and machines occur. UI is the interaction part.

UI- User interface design

User interface design is an integral part of UX. They both aim at providing positive experience to the user. But both differ in its roles. UI design focuses on the visual experience of a user. It looks at the ease of navigation from A to B via different points and platforms. It is responsible for transformation of a products development and layout into an attractive and responsive experience for users.

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Role of UI designer

The  job of a UI designer is to design all the screens for smooth movement and to create the visual elements that felicitate this movement.They think about the person who uses this and how his mind may work. They use things like patters, spacing and colors to guide the user and make the interface easy to handle.

A UI designer is creative, exploring and interactive. He decides the best look and feel of the website with various studies and measures its responsiveness and interaction with the user. They make technology easy for people to use.

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Simply put, UX is the bones and muscles of the system and UI is the nervous system that coordinates them. UX makes the map, and UI presents them with visual and interactive interface that can guide the user with ease and excitement.


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