Driven by rapid changes across various platforms like consumer behavior, social media, and changes in technology, the call center industry is experiencing rapid growth. These days, superior customer service is a synonym for satisfied and loyal customers, and the same fact would in-turn, drive the profits for several global organizations.

As per the latest studies, it is found out that consumers still choose telephonic channels over email or chat when it comes to getting their issues resolved, with more than 30% of the customers making a minimum of at least 2 calls a month to contact the customer care executives. As high as 60% of the people have given the willingness to change their services only if they receive better customer service!

In the wake of such findings, a significant number of companies are leaning towards virtual call centers and the numerous benefits associated if partnered with. There are numerous advantages of virtual call centers, and most service providers offer a simplistic and intuitive web interface, robust feature set, and even support precise and detailed reporting features which would be advantageous to their clients.

8 Virtual Call Center Benefits

A virtual call center fundamentally functions with the help of the internet, which is its prime infrastructure, and this feature makes the same to be run from any location across the world. Outsourcing to virtual call centers would assist the organization in achieving cost savings and also reap other associated benefits. We would enumerate the topmost benefits offered by virtual call center services.

1. Technological Attentiveness

Virtual call centers allow remote contact center agents to work in real-time, along with your employees and users, and there is an inevitable need to build a supporting infrastructure that would support internet telephony and real-time video calls. This very fact of increasing infrastructure preparedness facilitates you to be future-ready and would assist in your expansion.

2. Ease of Designing, Deployment, Training, & Support

The significant increase in operative flexibility would allow you to focus more on critical operations related to your business and manage them more efficiently while spending minimal time managing the call center. The decision to have a collaboration with an efficient and proven virtual call center service provider, you would instantly gain access to network architects and project managers who can assist in designing, deploying, training, and supporting the existing staff and ensure there is a substantial improvement in their efficiency.

3. Better ROI

A well-established fact is that virtual call centers would assist you in receiving excellent ROI by enhancing your employee productivity and your customer satisfaction levels. This factor has an immediate impact on all business operations. The facility of switching between inbound and outbound calls is catered to by virtual call centers eliminates the need to have separate teams for handling both and ensure cost savings.

4. Geographically Adroit

One of the prime advantages of a virtual call center is that the way their infrastructure is set up. Call center agents need not focus on a single geographic location, and this enables them to function independently as compared to other smaller and regular call centers. This factor is a boon for organizations that operate globally and to whom customer satisfaction is of paramount importance and is to be addressed.

5. Adaptability and Scalability

One of the advantages of working with a virtual call center service provider is that you need not worry about seasonal expectations and diminishing business arms, which might not be requiring the same supporting level that more successful ones would need. Irrespective of the number of agents, be it 20 or 200 virtual call centers can easily hike up the operations as per your needs.

6. Superior Virtual Agent Efficiency

The advantages like remotely working from home or an office location and the job freedom offered by virtual call centers to their agents would perform with better efficiency when compared to regular call center agents. Firms can also enhance employee productivity and efficiency by staggering agents effectively based on different time zones to reciprocate to any variations in call volume, which would also eliminate the need for having set up managers who would help coordinate multiple call centers around the world.

7. Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

Customer preference is more towards agents who are knowledgeable, friendly, and answer their questions in a direct and timely manner. Resolution in the first call is as important to customers as it is to you, and virtual call centers facilitate assigning the best agents to answer given questions. Virtual call centers would allow you to choose best call center agents who have the relevant work experience and the perfect mindset to handle strong customers, and assist you in achieving enhancement of customer satisfaction rates.

8. Emergency Readiness

Dependence on redundancy helps virtual call centers to be well prepared for any and all kinds of emergencies. Centralization of call center agents in a single location proves to be a dangerous decision in-case of fire or natural calamity, and there won’t be any backup to take care of the customers. This shortfall can be avoided with the help of virtual call center agents.

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What’s the road ahead for Virtual Call Centers?

Customers in today’s contemporary world are going online even before they approach call centers for solutions. That being considered as an option, as days go by, the contact center of the company becomes the sole way customers interact with, and that mandates the virtual call center benefits become more and more transparent. In the near future, we can expect to see the following alterations which might probably affect virtual call centers –

1. Relationship Hubs

The Contact centers for customers, will function predominantly as relationship hubs and would be responsible for more than just handling customer calls. Webchats could become the primary way of communication between customers and virtual assistants by 2020. Additionally, social media channels will also see enhanced interaction between both.

2. Round the clock Support

Thanks to globalization and the connectivity power of the internet as it would enable 24/7 customer service mandatory Organizations will head to opt virtual call centers in mass as they realize their effectiveness when it comes to working 24/7.

3. Use of Speech Analytics

Virtual call centers would start the use of speech pattern analytics and analyze the customer’s emotional state and provide the information in the form of system hints to the agent who’s on the call with the customer. This would enable them to provide improved support, reduce churn rates, as well as gain the ability to cross-sell and upsell.

4. Execution of Cloud technology

It is only a matter of time before Cloud technology becoming invasive in the world of virtual call centers, as information collected from calls, social media, and web chats, etc. would be easier to channel to a central location through use of cloud solutions such as VHT conversation bridges, etc. This would, in turn, promote better agent-customer communications.

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