We, we think solutions is, and has been the best business solution company in Dubai. And we are providing global business solutions to various businesses of different sizes in UAE and all around the world. We are the top global business solution providers for firms and people in Dubai for years; With a lot of happy and satisfied service recipients. 

But what exactly are global business solutions? What do we mean by that? 

Some of you must have these questions in your mind while reading this. So here we are, explaining what the term global business solutions is, what exactly we mean by them, and what we are offering.

Global business solutions or services are a more matured version of shared services and business process outsourcing (BPO) combined.  It focuses on greater efficiency and cost reduction. It’s a key factor of a digital strategy that helps companies navigate the transformative age.

Well, most of the people think global business solutions or GBS is a result of maturing and evolving of shared services on a global scale. Shared services have evolved to support and handle global operations, transforming it to global business solutions.

Global business solutions are a bit different from shared services though. It’s a vaster but specific model of services, provided on a global level, with greater flexibility and ease. Organisations, irrespective of its size, all over the world, are experiencing revolutionary changes in each and every moment. New technologies, inventions, trends and strategies are getting introduced every second. And companies should be flexible enough to change with the trend, in the same phase.

This is where global business solutions come to play. GBS can create customer centric, digitalised, flexible process which spreads across functions and geographies. Ensuring maximum efficiency and output in the most lean and cost effective manner.

How global business solutions helps

  • Cost effective: GBS results in specific operations, consistent data and an optimized cost plan due to flexibility, automation and labour arbitrage functions.
  • Provides an active operating platform: GBS provides an active platform that can lead to both operational and strategic benefits due to scalability.
  • Greater customer satisfaction: GBS with its vast but specific operations ensures customer satisfaction and happiness, helping companies get closer to their customers.

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The world is changing, so much, and fast. So is the digital world. It now demands perfection in everything. When old jobs and processes are becoming obsolete and business models disrupted, a more active, intelligent and customer centric global business solution provider can help you thrive and succeed in the digital age.

And that’s exactly what wethinksolution aims for, and has been doing for years. We are the NO: 1 global business solutions provider centred in Dubai, Providing all the business solutions you need and assisting you through them. We fulfil your requirement exactly like how you want it in desired time. 

Our focus has been to realize business potential by leveraging power of technology to break geographic barriers.

We offer business solutions including;

  • Call center services
  • Virtual call centers
  • Call center staffing calculator
  • Legal research services
  • Medical writing services
  • Call center operational transparency
  • Pharmaceutical research services
  • Global shared services
  • Offshore outsourcing research
  • Research and analysis services
  • Online marketing services
  • Call center technical support services
  • PowerPoint presentation support services

And many more.

We also provide financial services, debt management services, digital marketing, CV writing and many other services, around dubai and india. 

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