Digital is the new normal. Where anything and everything is digital and readily available in the fingertips, having an online identity for your brand is a necessity. When you decide to take advantage of the online platforms, one of the biggest confusion arises whether to choose wordpress or PHP for the website creation.

Some prefer PHP, while some depends on wordpress. Where both are great tools for creating websites, they too have some cons. Let’s look at both tools deeply and evaluate which one is best for your business.



PHP is an open source programming and scripting language. It is used to create dynamic and creative websites using programming language. WordPress is the content management system, which is made by PHP. It’s a part of PHP, But it has a more understandable interface. It is developed for people without PHP knowledge so that they can create beautiful websites with simple steps.

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  • Easy accessibility.

PHP is an open source language and comparatively cheap. So web developers and IT managers can easily access it. It also has a large community of PHP developers, who are re-modifying and adding new interesting features to it on a daily basis. The ready accessibility and ease to use makes PHP the favorite among web developers.


  • Flexibility 

PHP is highly flexible and compatible. It goes with all major web platforms and servers. That’s why developers prefer PHP to create cross platform applications. PHP also synchronizes with other programming languages like HTML, XML, and JavaScript etc. The versatile and dynamic nature of PHP helps in implementing changes in websites easy and fast without any problems.

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  • Scalability 

Web developers involved in website development have to run different software modules one by one to check and make necessary changes required. PHP makes it easy by helping and developing and maintaining scalable IT projects, which helps in generating many pages with same settings and interface.


  • time saving

PHP is partially object-oriented language. So PHP developers can reuse the code easily and saves huge amount of time and energy during the web development process. The several PHP frameworks available reduce the time required for business development and investment begins to convert to results more quickly.


  • Free support 

As reading PHP codes is easier, changing and modifying them becomes fast. So the related problems and updates will be less. PHP can adapt to new changes and modifications quickly, making it easier to maintain. The contribution of open community is also remarkable.


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  1. Difficulty in learning
  2. Quality of PHP frameworks differs from one to one
  3. May affect the speed and performance of websites 
  4. Inability to modify core behavior.




  • User friendly

WordPress is very easy to handle and have a user friendly interface. It is very easy for an admin to navigate through the wordpress CMS, edit contents and upload new data. WordPress makes website management simple even without much knowledge about website creation.


  • SEO

WordPress promotes and supports SEO best practices, which makes your website not only user friendly, but also search engine friendly. There are many SEO plug-ins available in wordpress which helps in optimizing content, keywords an metatags. SEO is really important in the success of a website, and wordpress provides the service with ease.

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  • Plugins.

WordPress comes with around 55000 plugins, where most of them are free. These wide choices of plug-in allow the users to customize their wordpress site to their likings and helps in improving and developing the site gradually. Whatever changes you wish to make in the website, wordpress can provide a plugin which can do exactly the same function.


  • Open source 

WordPress is an open source software, which allows its users to modify and change its functions to their requirement. Word press programmers can openly share the modified source codes online, which help in saving a lot of time and costs of developing the existing code yourself. You’ll have a community of wordpress developers for assistance whenever needed.


  • Responsive

WordPress is really responsive and consistent. It has thousands of themes available which are generally very reliable in every mode or platform. It works well with desktops as well as mobile phones, which makes it a responsive and reliable source for website creation.


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  • Need to be continuously updated can be a nuisance sometimes.
  • Being an open source platform, wordpress is threatened by the potential hackers.
  1. Some themes can substantially reduce the speed of website
  2. Sometimes you may face difficulties in customization.


Every business organization aims at future growth, expansion and profit. And for that having a strong built, unique website is now a must. From what we have observed, wordpress is the best choice for your website, if you are running a simple and small business. But if you need detailed, customized website, then PHP should be your choice. So, determine what you need and choose accordingly.


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