We Build Innovative and Pioneering Applications for your Business!WTS has always been solicitous with the idea of innovation and superior performance towards providing the swiftest business apps for our clients. We are of the opinion that ideal business apps should look beyond prevailing scenarios should work seamlessly beyond the limitations of technological platforms and should be the most simple and smart business tools. Having this thought in our mind, we offer our clients with most comprehensive, custom made and perceptive business app development solutions for their entire business needs.

WTS Business Application Development Services – Process & Overview

WTS has been in the industry for over the years and have gained the expertise that enabled us to deliver truly complex, demanding, and challenging projects for the global clientele. This has assisted us in streamlining a process that enables us to handle simple to intricate development requirements with a high degree of proficiency and ease.

WTS Business Application Development Process

1. Application Consulting Services

2. Customized Software Application Development

3. Application Testing & Quality Control

4. Application Support & Maintenance

An Overview of WTS Business Application Development Expertise

The team of Software experts at WTS comprises of expert project managers, engineers and software consultants who have worked across various verticals and industries on diverse app requirements. Irrespective of the requirements, be it for small or intricate business app development needs, the team at WTS caters to their requirements with a high level of skill and proficiency.

Content and Document Management

Information management is always considered a challenge for growing organizations. All that is necessary is an efficient content and document management system that will help you consolidate the ever-growing data pool. WTS provides you with application development services that will enable you to resourcefully store your data and make it easier to access, share, and collaborate. We cater to app development needs for:

1. Web Content Management.
2. Document Management.
3. Enterprise Knowledge.

WTS Supply Chain Management (SCM)

The performance of your business is entirely dependent on the efficiency of your supply chain. Supply chain management can be made much easier with a smart Supply Chain Management solution. We at WTS can provide you with custom made application software that will ensure that your supply chain functions smoothly without any disturbances whatsoever. We at WTS map the workflow of SCM through:

1. Procurement.
2. Warehouse Management.
3. Distribution.
4. Product Flow & Delivery.
5. Collaboration with Partners and Suppliers.

WTS Interactive Learning

Lately, there has been an enhancement in the trend of employing efficient Learning Management Systems as a part of the organization where neither the employees nor knowledge are constant. In order to enable you to introduce an environment of interactive learning and knowledge sharing, we provide you with influential learning applications:

1. Information Systems.
2. Course-ware Management.
3. Test-ware Management.
4. Interactive Learning, etc.

WTS Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

A properly streamlined CRM system necessarily means having an efficiently integrated customer information that completes the value chain of customer relationship that is all-inclusive. We cater to app development needs for:

1. Tracking Leads.
2. Contact Management.
3. Planning of Marketing Campaigns.
4. Sales Process Management, etc.

Other popular applications that we have developed in the past:

1. Project management Software.
2. Inventory Software.
3. Accounting Software.
4. Management Information Systems.
5. Retail Management Systems.

Not just that, in case you have got any business application development and maintenance requirements that are unique and entirely different from the ones stated above, we are and will be more than willing to develop it for you from scratch.

WTS Business Application Development Lifecycle at Wethink

We have been in the industry for the past 10 years and gained enormous expertise in business application development. We have a tried, tested, and proven application development lifecycle at WTS. Our application development process goes through the following phases:

✓ Analysis of Requirements.
✓ Conceptualization.
✓ Detailed Planning.
✓ Designing the App.
✓ Business Application Development and coding.
✓ Implementation and Deployment of the Application.
✓ Software Testing.

✓ QA.
✓ Change Management.
✓ Security Management.
✓ User Acceptance Testing.
✓ Release Management.
✓ Maintenance and Support Services.

We cater to app development needs and services across all chief verticals that include the following:

✓ Healthcare.
✓ E-business & e-commerce.
✓ IT Managed Services.
✓ Manufacturing & Engineering.
✓ Telecommunications.
✓ Education.

✓ Software Publishing.
✓ Mass Media.
✓ Advertising.
✓ Real Estate.
✓ Travel and Entertainment.
✓ Finance.

WTS for Agile and Efficient Business Application Development

  • Agility | Ability | Affordability

By choosing WTS for your Business Application services, you can rest assured about:

✓ Attaining business applications that possess the ability to perform with aggressiveness and agility for your present and future needs.
✓ Getting capable and inventive minds to work on your projects.
✓ Getting the best solution at the most cost-effective rates.

Having been in the app development industry and working with various customers in the software space, we have gained a strong customer base. This comes with our perseverance on:

✓ Keeping our clients informed about the project planning and scope entirely.
✓ Defining our deliverables clearly and keeping our word.
✓ Ensuring we maintain an absolute transparent relationship with our customers.
✓ Providing committed and legally binding confidentiality of the shared information.