The part of Software integration service that deals with testing and reporting of discrete changes that are added in the larger code base is called Continuous Integration (CI). The primary goal here is the identification of the presence of defects in the newly introduced code into the code base, so as to facilitate the rectification of the same at the earliest. The use of software tools for continuous integration facilitates the automation of the entire testing process and develop a clear document trail.

Continuous integration primarily aims at a reduction in the total time that is required for integration and also the time required to carry out the marketing of the updated software. The incessant cycle of coding, building, testing, and deployment is pursued to create high-quality and bug-free product releases. Wethink Solutions is a leading software integration service provider offering quality continuous integration testing services to global clients. Our software testing professionals rigorously test, identify, and resolve errors to avoid any last-minute complications or project delays.

Continuous Integration Testing Services We Offer

We at WTS offer our clients an all-inclusive range of continuous integration testing services and software integration services in a completely SLA-driven model. All our continuous testing methodologies are in complete compliance with lean processes, and we ensure effective testing services. The following are some of the key CI testing services we offer –

1. Fully Automated Continuous Regression Testing

It is a known fact that Regression defects are the most difficult ones to fix if they are not identified and isolated during the early stages of software development. Hence we at WTS employ a fully automated testing procedure that runs regression tests in the background to identify any kind of defects in the product and thus ensuring we test the code exhaustively to see that the cumulative defects are aptly reduced.

2. Continuous Performance Testing

The performance of the software app is usually neglected even though the functionality aspect of the app is tested on a periodic basis, and that would, in turn, lead to failure of the app post-deployment. For this very reason, we carry out continuous performance testing of the software app as a part of software integration service, which is then studied for speed and reaction time variations, consistency, and response time.

3. Continuous Load Testing

In order to make the software applications ready-to-use, one of the key tests that are carried out is load testing. WTS regular processes of planning, testing, analyzing, and fixing will help in efficiently change and tune the app. This variant of testing would also assist us in reusing the test cases, and the type of testing helps to reuse the test cases and create some distinct performance-related objectives. We initially start the load testing with miniature incremental steps and eventually finish it overall.

4. Continuous Scalability Testing

WTS is a pioneering and highly professional continuous integration testing company, and we believe that creating a bridge and then testing the application for extension is not a productive and viable option. Hence we offer our clients high-quality continuous scalability testing services, which assist them in enhancing network usage, throughput, and CPU memory usage of their software application. Through our services, we also assist our clients in achieving the reduction of business risks and swiftly analyze the performance of their application.

The Continuous Integration Testing Process Followed by us

When aptly implemented, continuous integration offers plenty of benefits. By detecting the errors at an early stage of development, CI facilitates the solving of minor errors in minimal time. We at WTS follow an organized 4-step process that ensures the software testing process remains smooth and glitch-free. The steps include –

The Continuous Integration Testing Process Followed by us

When aptly implemented, continuous integration offers plenty of benefits. By detecting the errors at an early stage of development, CI facilitates the solving of minor errors in minimal time. We at WTS follow an organized 4-step process that ensures the software testing process remains smooth and glitch-free. The steps include -

✓ Commit Code.
✓ Build.
✓ Automated Tests.
✓ Deploy.

Why Choose Wethink Solutions for Continuous Integration Testing Services?

WTS has been in this domain of software testing services for over a decade now, and we have catered to the unique needs of our global clients. With enormous experience and having worked with diverse types of software has enabled us to successfully handle the varied testing needs of our clients. The following are a few reasons for you to choose us over other service providers-

1. Certification

WTS is an certified software integration service provider, and this speaks volumes of our level of services. All the integration testing solutions offered by WTS adhere to the quality benchmark of the international standard organization and thus assure you of software offers you flawless results in real-time conditions.

2. Data Security

We at WTS understand the importance of data security, and we ensure the software that you share with us remains completely secure. We ensure that all our employees sign the confidentiality agreements and adhere to our data security policies in letter and spirit.

3. Highly accurate and Quality Service

WTS is known for its expert services that are highly customized to suit your testing needs. At WTS, we practice and follow a customized test plan that enables comprehensive testing of your software in an integrated environment. The test parameters against which the software is tested are set by experienced professionals who will sign off the properly tested software after ensuring it is free from errors and glitches and capable of seamless operations while handling mission-critical tasks.

4. Swift Turnaround Time

WTS team understands the importance of time in business parameters, and thus we ensure a swift turn around time with all our CI testing services, thereby ensuring that we don’t impact the project deadlines.

5. Easily Scalable

We understand that the software testing projects get resized based on the needs and times. The presence of multiple delivery centers across the globe and a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals enable us to meet your demands related to both up-scaling or down-scaling the projects with utmost ease when you collaborate with us.

6. Affordable Pricing Structure

WTS is well known for the cost-effective pricing structure for the CI testing services for the clients, without any compromise on the quality.

7. Enormously Experienced Team

The team of software testers at WTS is highly proficient and adept in the testing niche and can handle any kind of CI testing needs of the clients. With enormous experience of about 10 years, the team at WTS can assist you in handling complex operations and fulfill your needs with the utmost ease.

8. Easy to Setup

We can assist you in setting up a custom CI server for your firm with ease and handle all the associated tasks, which is otherwise an expensive and time-consuming task.

9. Contemporary Infrastructure

We at WTS possess a clear and in-depth understanding of the testing horizon and offer our services to the clients in an efficient manner where all their needs are fulfilled. We have contemporary testing tools and high-performance computing hardware housed in the access-controlled facility that enables us to provide seamless services to our clients.

10. State-of-the-art Testing Tools

The team at WTS is highly adept at using the contemporary and state-of-the-art testing tools such as Selenium, Codeship, Jenkins, etc. and is aptly also backed by industry best infrastructure to provide world-class testing services to our clients who are renowned globally.

11. Protected File Sharing

Having been in the industry for over a decade, we understand the importance of secured file sharing, documents, etc. through insecure channels. The incorporation of FTP and VPN facilitates the complete end-to-end movement of data between our facility and the clients and, in turn, enables you to achieve cost-saving and complete the project within the agreed time.

12. 24 X 7 Availability

We ensure that our team is always available round the clock through various modes of access like phone, email, or live chat to extend our best support to your team because we understand and value your concern and it is highly important for us to make sure that we make you satisfied with our services.