It is a known fact that Mainframe computers are still playing a predominant role in the regular operations of numerous Fortune 500 companies that include banks, financial powerhouses, automobile companies, insurance companies, government and state departments, etc. However, it is also important to note that Mainframe app testing is a niche skill, and this is due to the fact that the task is quite challenging, and training on the same is not easily available in the market. Besides, with more and more organizations moving towards client/server applications leaving behind mainframe apps, the same task becomes quite complex to be handled.

We at WTS offer a range of IT testing services for our global client base, and the mainframe is one of them. We assist our clients in managing their app development costs and offering the best in class testing services for them. We offer the most top quality mainframe app testing services across a range of varied industries and domains, and can aptly customize it according to their needs.

Our Mainframe Testing Services

The team of WTS mainframe testers is highly skilled and proficient at testing mainframe applications and possess an in-depth knowledge of TSO and ISPF commands and menus and can perform QA testing for all your mainframe applications with ease.

  • Mainframe QA- We primarily focus on all-inclusive QA services for all your mainframe and other AS 400 based systems. With a competent QA team, we ensure that all your mainframe applications run without any glitch and rigorously test them at the instance where they get updated.
  • Performance Testing and Engineering – the presence of an adept test engineers team, enables us to carry out performance testing, and conduction improved storage optimization, complete reduction of MIPS (million instructions per second) and batch optimization for all your mainframe applications.
  • Management of Test Environment – the team of test engineers, will assist you totally, and very aptly, the app release management is starting from the initial build phase to the deployment phase while adhering to the agreed QA schedules as aptly as possible.

In addition to the above, we also offer the following services -

✓ Improvement of Application Performance.
✓ Development of Assembler.
✓ Product Development.
✓ Legacy Modernization.
✓ System Reengineering.

✓ Web-enabled Legacy Systems.
✓ Application Migration and Testing.
✓ Mainframe Application Support.
✓ PL/1-based Development.
✓ Complete Lifecycle App Development and Maintenance.

WTS Mainframe Testing Concepts

It is a known fact that the majority of the firms/companies prefer client/server architecture over the legacy of mainframes, as the latter has few downsides such as the requirement of modifications for regular OS, so it plays well with other applications, security issues, and frequency code installations, etc. As there are more variables that need to be considered besides client/server architecture testing that requires more people while presenting more frequent usability issues because of a prevalent GUI. Having a complete understanding of the above facts has enabled us to single out the precise testing pattern for your mainframe applications, and some of the ways we carry it forward include -

✓ In order to check the integrity feature of your mainframe application, we carry out varied tests that include performance tests, volume tests, stress tests, regression tests, etc.
✓  We leverage contemporary tools and techniques for mainframe testing. A few of the tools are Strobe, Ecomp, File Aid, DB2, Sort, zOS, CA7, etc.
✓  We have enormous experience in testing varied apps such as COBOL, Peoplesoft, CICS on platforms such as DB2 database, Oracle database, and QA Hiperstation which assists us to automate the testing process.

Mainframe Testing Technologies and Tools we Leverage

The requirement of specific skills for Mainframe testing necessitates a high amount of training and experience that is difficult to pursue in this day and age. The WTS team of mainframe testers have an unmatched experience of around 5 years and are highly proficient in tools and technologies related to mainframe testing while having the necessary skillset. Listed below are few of the technologies and tools we are proficient in include -

Advantages of Partnering with WTS for Mainframe Application Testing

The team of WTS mainframe application testers is highly comfortable with a variety of test scenarios, and that enables us to deliver a comprehensively tested mainframe app with enhanced app reliability and security and ultimately results in enhanced performance. We carry out the automation of almost all the time-consuming procedures to enable us to deliver high-quality results in the shortest turnaround times. Listed below are the benefits you can experience y partnering with WTS-

✓ Improved access to proprietary and open-source accelerators and automation frameworks for a streamlined mainframe testing process.
✓ Integration of QA for MQ and EDI series.
✓ Ability to create automated testing rules for regression analysis and application performance testing.
✓ Capability to simulate server application responses in an interface test while carrying out testing of changes to OS, language environment, and various subsystems.
✓ Accurately documented results for mainframe app testing.
✓ By outsourcing your testing needs to WTS we allow you to increase your focus on the task on hand by reducing the dependency on external mainframe interfaces.
✓ Enhanced access to test and development interface during the production time period with the help of batch job processing.
✓ We perform better programming with the help of well-known IDEs that include eclipse or visual studio which simplify the testing process.

Outsource your Mainframe Testing Service needs to WTS

Are you looking for a partner with high experience and can assist you with your mainframe app testing service needs? You are at the right place. We at WTS assist are highly proficient and experienced to cater to all your requirements and can enable you to achieve cutting down costs by a whopping 20% and also enhance the productivity at operation. Although with an increase in firms that are looking for client/server environments, legacy modernization would remain a risky proposal for those firms who cannot immediately shift to modern systems. Hence for such firms, WTS comprehensive suite of testing services that include SAP testing, Automation testing, etc. are highly ideal as they can boost up productivity and benefit from better testing practices while laying the future roadmap for modernization.