Numerous companies and firms invest a significant amount in Software testing that is one of the most important steps in SDLC while developing and maintaining error-free software applications. Software testing ensures that the product being developed is completely compliant with the technical requirements and meets all the business needs of the client. The process in which the software is tested to check whether it performs the same way as it used to do with the previous version when it is interfaced with other software is called Regression testing.

The primary reason behind the malfunctioning or non-compatibility of the new software version is the failure to check the compatibility of the new version with the old one, and RT is exactly in this domain, which can be of great use. We at WTS can provide reliable, efficient, and completely automated RT in India to all other global clients. We ensure that the software is meticulously tested, and new test scenarios are developed to examine the complete functionality of the new or modified code. We run all the test cases to check and confirm the overall functionality of the software application.

Services WTS Offers

WTS team of software testers at employs an iterative method to carry out the testing of various aspects of the modified or updated software application. By introducing this method very early in the software development process, we can achieve a reduction in time and costs to handle any discrepancies that may arise. Listed below are some of the key RT services that we offer-

1. Regression Testing of Applications

We at WTS follow a streamlined approach to carry out application RT. Hence we primarily focus on understanding the previous functions that were performed by the app are also done by the updated or modified version in a similar way.

2. System Integration Regression Testing

In this variant of RT, our team of software professionals’ tests, whether the changes or the new features added has negatively affected the existing features. This may include unit testing, integration testing as well as full system testing.

3. Automated Regression Testing

Primarily involves automatic testing of numerous software applications that would help businesses develop better apps with the most minimal efforts. Automated RT can be carried out throughout the day, thereby ensuring quicker turnaround time.

4. End-to-end Regression Testing

WTS has got a well-defined and streamlined process that evaluates and examines the software application right from the start to end. This aids us to test the application at every phase of development and enables us to reduce the costs and time associated with the software development and testing.

5. Corrective Regression Testing

This type of software testing can be carried out when there is no change in the previous and updated specifications, and the old test cases can be reused.WTS has been providing corrective regression testing services to multiple apps.

6. Progressive Regression Testing

This is also called as incremental testing and is usually carried out to examine multiple modules, one after the other. This type of testing is primarily used to test applications that have a hierarchy./p>

Automated Regression Testing Tools We Use

Having been in the software testing services industry for over a decade, WTS has gained a valuable RT experience by working with numerous global clients. The extensive industry experience has enabled us to master diverse software testing tools and provide our customers with qualitative services. The following are some of the main and key testing tools we harness –

✓ LoadRunner.
✓ QF Test.
✓ Visual Studio Team System.
✓ Empirix Tools.
✓ WiMax.
✓ L2/L3 Test Lab.

✓ Mercury Win Runner.
✓ Rational RTRT.
✓ Microsoft Application Center Test.
✓ Test Complete.
✓ Selenium.
✓ ANTS Load.
✓ SoapUI.

6 Reasons to Choose Us for Automated Testing Services

The team of software testers of WTS is rigorously trained from the top-most institutions and possesses the required skills to handle any kind of testing requests. The following are some of the key reasons for you to choose us-

1. Highly Experienced Testing Team

WTS has an enormously experienced and dedicated team of software testers who are trained adequately to work on various testing tools.

2. Affordable Pricing Options

The pricing for WTS RT services is extremely affordable.

3. Quick Turnaround Time

The availability of multiple delivery centers enables us to provide accurate and highly reliable software testing services with swift turnaround time.

4. Data Security

Be assured of the confidentiality of the data you share with us as we ensure that no other person other than those authorized will have access to the same.

5. State-of-the-Art Infrastructure

With seamless access to contemporary tools and technologies and access to state-of-the-art infrastructure allows us to provide our clients with superior RT services.

6. Uncompromised Quality

We ensure that all the software applications either modified or developed are error-free and function smoothly, without any glitches whatsoever.

Outsource your Regression Testing Service needs to Us

WTS is a leading software RT provider in India and has been offering high-quality and efficient services to various global clients. We at WTS follow a well-defined methodology and test the software system and also provides a comprehensive report of the tests conducted. We have multiple delivery centers that are spread across the globe that help us to provide quick services without any delay. We always ensure that we follow the industry best practices and quality standards to precisely cater to all your business needs.